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Dhark's Hero Stories

Students at Dhark's Hero School tell tales of how they got to be there, exactly.

Dhark's Hero Stories volume 1

Dhark's Hero Stories Volume 1

Puyon    .     Download as pdf (size:39.34M)

Puyon, who's out and loud about being a trickster at DHS, talks about her first time tricking people... wait, she should be talking about why she wants to be a hero, shouldn't she? (Written by Puyon!)

Dhark's Hero Stories volume 2

Dhark's Hero Stories Volume 2

Mortimer    .     Download as pdf (size:5.85M)

Mortimer, not the worst Dark Power at DHS somehow (Written by Merlin, edited (and drawn, of course) by Puyon!)

Dhark's Hero Stories volume 3

Dhark's Hero Stories Volume 3

Annaliese & Ember

Anna and Em try to explain to Puyon why Anna was a jerk. It could be that she's an Elementalist (jerks), or came from a town full of elitist feathries (super jerks), but there's gotta be more to it than that...(Written by Puyon)