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Thursday 24 April

Here's today's Loose Change update!

Sorry again about the missing Way Back Home update, I ain't forgot about it and I will find time to catch up on it! Rawr!

Wednesday 23 April

Uh... sorry! I ended up... family shenanigans all evening. So there wasn't enough time to get any comics done. So uh, for now, here's another Loose Change comic. There'll be another one tomorrow, of course. And sometime this week I will update Way Back Home! I would like to say tomorrow, but I can't promise that. But there will be at least a page by Sunday!

My apologies again.

Also yesssss I am having far too much fun colouring Jacques's tail, what of it? :3

Tuesday 22 April

Here's today's Loose Change update! Mwaha, with all these tablet shenanigans I didn't actually get as many comics done this weekend as I was hoping. Mainly because... well I had nothin much else to do Friday but play video games! How convenient. But it did mean I finally got into playing the Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton game and definitely had to then continue playing it all weekend.

You know how these things are.

That and Don't Starve.... ack why do I have so many games for the playing?!

I mainly want to get more Loose Change done! I'm so close to.... if not the end, then more excitingly the parts of it that Speedball helped me write and that's gonna be hecka fun! For me! Mwaha! There will be a double-update Thursday, though. So that'll be a thing.

Monday 21 April

OK!! The latest Random Encounter comic is finally actually finished! What wonders a working tablet can achieve, huh? More than a broken one, apparently. Who could'a thunk it.

Weirdly enough, despite missing two days of updates I still had seven pages of updates last week?? Totally unintentional. But hopefully I'll have some extra pages of updates this week too. Mainly probably Loose Change, though more Way Back Home I guess would also be good if I could wrangle it. We'll see!

Sunday 20 April

Well! I got a new tablet, so here's a new Daisy update!

...Still working out a few bugs with the new tablet. I might need to beat up my computer again tomorrow to fix the last little annoying things, but ehhhh close enough.

Saturday 19 April

As promised:

Happy easter??

shortly after this photo was taken, the chicken turned around and started trying to eat Darkling's face while he was still on her back

Friday 18 April

Wwwwwwelp. My tablet just done gave up. On this, a public holiday that I was planning to go comic-drawing-nuts on, and more importantly, all the shops are closed so there's no way to source a replacement!

Hmmm. Well played, tablet. Well played.

So! All's I've got is all I've got! Which... man, c'mon tablet. Can't even finish a thing.

I fully intend to post a picture of Darkling riding a chicken tomorrow, and hopefully after that I'll be able to get me a new tablet and actually finish this comic and draw more comics and something something comics.

Thursday 17 April

Here's today's Loose Change update! I... don't have much to say about that :B My bad!

Wednesday 16 April

Toot toot! Here comes the double-update train again for... pretty much no reason but 'why not?'! I've got the first page and the second page of today's Way Back Home update, and as usual, you can click the image-link up above to view 'em both at once! Why not? Why not.

I should actually have gotten more comics done today but my tablet is continuing to be a butttttttttt. Oh well, if I can keep it plugged in enough to charge the wireless battery then everything will be OK.

Tuesday 15 April

Double update?? WHY THE HECK NOT THO. Here's the first page and the second page of today's Loose Change update! Or you can click the 'latest' link above to view both at once! Wooooooooohy not. Why not.

Good thing I already wrote a script for showing both on the latest page for Way Back Home otherwise I might have *gasp* had a buffer instead. AND WE CAN'T HAVE THAT, NO SIR. All comics, all the time. Anyway! There's Red. She wasn't born under, so she ain't tattooed. She's just got scars up one arm from fighting a jellyfish. Lesson learned: don't fight a jellyfish.

Chances are good the next Loose Change update will not be a double-update. But it's prepared so at least it won't be late! Unless something drastic happens...

Monday 14 April

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Things this volume needs: more scene changes. Yes??? Well it's either that or more panels of Neil freaking out.

Buttttt apparently this volume is meant to be about Nettle and it's been like 7 pages or something since he last appeared. How about that.

Sunday 13 April

Daisy update! Let's never draw crowds again.

Saturday 12 April

Here's today's New Game+ update! Rainbows for everyone, that's how we roll. Though... now I'm questioning if light powers shouldn't be able to throw rainbow parties, too. I mean... light magic, it only follows, right?? Then again, none of the light powers who have appeared in any of my comics so far really seem the type to toss rainbows around.

Hmm, maybe Tella..... if he wasn't so dead :V

Friday 11 April

Here's an actual Random Encounter update! Here we have Neil, displaying the incorrect emotions for somebody who just saw their boss violently dismembered. AMIRITE??

Sorry it has been such a while since the last proper Random Encounter, huh? I was having some trouble writing this volume, actually! I think I've got it mostly sorted now, though. I blame the fact that this volume is full of jerks. Random Encounter is mostly jerks. Pretty happy that I finally got enough in the swing of things to get a real page done, though! Aw yessss.

Thursday 10 April

Here's today's Loose Change update! The most rainbow cover yet??? Well, there is tough competition...

Wednesday 9 April

And here we are with the latest Way Back Home update! Still definitely not forgetting how to draw various guys I ain't drawn in a month. Definitely did not draw the wrong version of Mana in any sketches for this page. OK. Definitely! And... Unintentional title drop! ...No really, that just kind of happened, I dunno man. You know me and planning don't get along.

Tuesday 8 April

Back to regular updates with today's Loose Change update! I... may have forgotten how to draw Silphy and had to check, it has been a while! And... ooh! How about that! 50 Loose Change updates! And also the last page of volume 4! There should only be one volume left after this... so I fully intend to get this done before my birthday, and consider that my birthday present to myself!

...I say that, but actually don't know how long the final volume is. Less than 3 months though, I bet.

Monday 7 April

Mwaha! That was fun! But I guess I'll get back to real updates this week, eh?