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Friday 19 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Chilling out on the grass and working out all the problems. Saturn's kind of the best friend around in that way. Colour'll be up at some point, sorry it's been a weird week irl. What can ya do? Probably nothing.

I'm trying to think of how many pages I got left in this volume, but uhhhh it's going to be probably more than I have scheduled days for which isn't what I want psssh. I'll be starting ~holidays updates~ at some point next week so I need to decide when that will be, too. It'll be a Random Encounter volume that takes over all the update days, as usual. I should probably like... finish writing it. Make some schedule decisions. Figure out what I'm doing. Psssh.

Thursday 18 December

Here's today's Way Back Home update.

Wednesday 17 December

Hey guess what new Random Encounter comic! See? I can sometimes occassionally catch up. Achievement get! We've reached peak awkward. This page is a shout out to the angsty teenage me that wrote the original outline for this arc. Further shout outs to my fellow "bad kids".

Pffft anyway! It's Wednesday so site update!! Time for mimics!

Whichhhh I think the old image was only like 3 years old? Anyway this is pretty much a straight redraw of that so hooray! I took screenshots of this while it was in-progress and put them on my tumblr for funsies.

Tuesday 16 December

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Oh man, we gotta go see those guys again? Bogus.

Also guess what? More delays. Sorry. I was playing netball and managed to do a number on my arm. It refuses unbend, or even really move at all, so that's a thing. It's my bad arm anyway, so this isn't entirely unusual. It hasn't been this bad since the surgery, though. But it doesn't take much to set it off so hopefully it won't take much for it to get over it. Because dangit, I neeeeed to finish this Random Encounter volume this year, rargh!

Monday 15 December

Here is the current state of the comics: Random Encounter will be delayed one day, New Game+ is inked and right here!! And colour will come tomorrow. Sorry, sorry! I feel absolutely terrible. Due to a series of annoying circumstances I had a delightful nap between 5am and 8am and haven't slept at all apart from that. Turns out I'm unable to work real hard when I'm just running on fumes, fancy that.

Now I really must sleep, it'll be great, omg I love sleeeeep. Serious man, comics are my life, sleeping is my #1 hobby. So sleep first, comics after yessss. Three comics, tomorrow. That's including this one finished in that count. I need to sleep. Bye.

Sunday 14 December

Here's today's The Breaking update! Travis time, apparently!

Aaaand I haven't been able to catch up on New Game+ yet. Sketch is done, working on the rest. Planning to have a hella busy day getting the comics done tomorrow! Yeah! That would be good.

Saturday 13 December

Random Encounter colour's up! And New Game+ will be up tomorrow with The Breaking. Sorry, both my arm and my computer were giving me grief today, so I ran out of time on that one. So, tomorrow! Two comics! Tomorrow!!

Friday 12 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Colour version'll be up sometime tomorrow, I had a sudden allergic reaction that slowed me down a bit on this one. But we're still rolling along! In this part: things get awkward. Things will get a whole heap more awkward before they start getting better, but we're committed to this now and we'll get through it together. I'm not sure what that last sentence was meant to mean, but it's like 1am cut me some slack I'ma be asleep and then back to comicking at another time, yesss

Still ain't forgotten that I owe a Random Encounter update that I missed! Oof, really wanna get this volume done before it's time for the holiday volume... I will see what I can do!

Thursday 11 December

Here's today's Way Back Home comic! For reals though Mana should totally do that. Bring the crew back together. Some sort of death-comeback-tour.

Wednesday 10 December

Site update time! Today's revamp is Homunculus, one of the more recent images but hey while I'm here I may as well make everything look the same before it next gets outdated.

The grey lady is called Xelyos and I haven't drawn her since 2006 ahahaha. Old art is hilarious. OH no wait, she was probably one of the 101 pixel art mugshots I did in 2008. Yeah there she is. ...Old art is still hilarious wow a lot of characters I wasn't using at the time have since had their surnames changed. Sorry Azure, Zamil, Scope, Teara and probably some others. Oh and I re-used Ricki's design for Ke'tc. There's a few guys in there I'd like to use soon... so I should probably cut short this trip down memory lane and draw more comics! Yes, this is true.

Tueday 9 December

Here I am with today's Way Back Home update! Back to my main fellas. And the technicolour nightmare that is purgatory, because dang if that isn't the most fun to draw.

Mmmmostly over my sickness now, which is great! One of my eyeballs is giving me grief though soooo hopefully that chills out soon. Feels a bit sore, I decided since flushing it with water didn't work I'd try to stimulate tears. And what better way to do that then to eat a ton of chillis??

Anyway turns out that's not a method I'd recommend. Maybe sleeping will be a better option.

Monday 8 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! They actually have a number of prelims and then a few semifinals and then the finals, of course. Then they move on to another city! And Joel pulls smugface, forever.

I still owe one extra Random Encounter update to catch up on, and I hope I'll be able to do so soon!! But I'm actually behind on a lot of comics since I was so sick last week. Gonna be a rush until the end of the year, it looks like. Ack, and I haven't even started Christmas shopping...

Sunday 7 December

Here's this week's The Breaking comic! Sounds like Devi has heard of Dharfi and has Strong Opinions about that. Excellent.

Saturday 6 December

Here's today's New Game+ update time for sleep zzzzz

Friday 5 December

This is proving to be a very terrible first week back in the country. This cold is not good at all, the main symptom is that I can't see very well because my eyes are constantly watering from my head being so blocked up. Not cool, cold.

So I will catch up this Random Encounter update because I don't think I can spare any if I want to get this volume done this year (WHICH I DO). But for right now, here is an adorable Peony picture by Keetah Spacecat

I've got a work function today but hopefully I'll be able to be fully recovered and draw New Game+ for tomorrow. It'll just be a title page, so I'm sure I can manage! Otherwise: photos of cats with my Darkling stuffed toy.

Thursday 4 December

Sorry, no update today. I managed to catch a cold, it is less than spectacular. Hopefully it passes quick, because I must get tomorrow's update done!!

Wednesday 3 December

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Yeah, still slipping back into updates, feels like it's been aaaaages since I've drawn these comics! So let's get into it!

Tuesday 2 December

Yep, catching up, slowly! Here's yeterday's Random Encounter update! Back to the races, been a little while :P

Today's comic features a cameo by a watermelon-coloured slug-badger-'cubi of mine called Marigold, who's a member of Keetah Spacecat's fan 'cubi clan ('cubi of course being from Amber's DMFA). Aaaaand I only pointed that out so I could post the comics Keets did with Mari in 'em, one and two although I'm certain I posted them back when they were first drawn because I love them so much, mwahaha.

Monday 1 December

Er, happy December! Still recovering from holidays, I think I might have caught a bug BUT I HOPE NOT. Anyway, today's scheduled Random Encounter update is delayed and will hopefully go up tomorrow, if not then Wednesday! For now, I'll post Wednesday's update instead!

Because... it's an easier way to ease back into comics, yesssss. I still have so much to catch up on, oof. And now that it's the final month of the year BLARGH now I realise how little time I have left to do things in...

I will get the current Random Encounter volume done by the end of the year, though. That and another holiday volume because those are fun to do. And that would take us up to 40 volumes, which is an excellent milestone to end the year on, methinks. STEP 1 THO: finish the current late page! Which... blargh crowdshots

Friday 28 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update, and the last of the volume! Thanks a million to Keetah Spacecat for drawing it! I would highly recommend commissioning her, all of the time.

There's a cameo by Jakob of Project Future in here! Since I already used him as a cameo in last year's Christmassy volume, and it's about time he got at least one line, mwaha.

Oh, and apparently all Keetah volumes need those wanted posters. That's a weird coincidence, but hey they look fantastic!

Soooooo here's hoping all those auto-updates worked, and I am back from China now! At some point in the future: regular updates a'coming.

Wednesday 26 November

Here we are, today's Random Encounter update! Col is terrible at posing valid questions. He is the worst -'*~mystery crew~*'- member. He's surely excellent at getting kicked out of schools though. Getting thrown out that fast is definitely skillful.

Ah, and there's a nice chance to point out another thing that's considered fictional in DHSland: unicorns. Despite having like dragons and griffons and various other ridiculous monsters, unicorns are just straight-up mythical. I might go into that more at a later point, there's plenty of stuff that's mythical in this setting that may or may not 'exist', like unicorns, ghosts (though those obviously do, mwaha), vampires, god's mercy, y'know, that sort of thing :3