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Friday 4 September

Woo Friday! Here's the Random Encounter update for today!

I don't know why I'm excited it's Friday. I have to work this weekend anyway. Ummm oh yeah heads up some comics might be late over the weekend :V

Thursday 3 September

Here's today's Way Back Home comic! 2/3 ghosts cluey on the "hey hang on we don't have bodies maybe we can shenanigans" thing. Wonder how that'll work out for them...

Wednesday 2 September

Here's today's Peony update! ...No, Daze. Smile. It's the opposite of what you're doing.

Tuesday 1 September

Happy start of September! The year's flying past... Here's today's Way Back Home update! Ben where did you goooooooooo

Monday 31 August

Happy end of August! Here's today's Random Encounter update! ...Sorry, I was a bit too tired for a proper page. So this instead, yaaaay.

Snatch knows he's not supposed to do that, but Wrath egged him on. Wrath got banned from the kitchens the same day Reis got independence. His wife has to pack him lunch every day.

Wrath is a bad influence.

Sunday 30 August

OK! Friday's Random Encounter is now coloured, and also here's today's The Breaking update! A day I get to draw Marcy is a good day, yesss. Lavender however, not having a good day. Still having a series of bad days... Well, maybe things will turn around yet!

Saturday 29 August

Here's this week's New Game+ comic! Well, that solves that. Kkkind of?

I'm apparently going to be flat-out at work until October. I'm very tired. Sorry if comic updates continue to be affected :B I'm going to try my best to do everything! But we'll see how that goes.

Friday 28 August

Hi! Sorry! Yes, crazy busy week at work again... I do have a new Random Encounter update for you! ...but colour will have to wait a few days, I think. Busy busy busy!

Thursday 27 August

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Tal you dummy, quit dying!

Wednesday 26 August

Here's this week's Peony update! Daisy has a long way to go to be intentionally hilarious, alas.

Tuesday 25 August

Here's today's Way Back Home update! It's OK Tal, we all hate Zamil's brother.

There was an old DOS game I used to play that had these single-pixel tripwires that gruesomely killed you if you missed them. Only on some screens, where there were about 12 other screens that were otherwise identical. Waxworks: great game. Very gory for a VGA game. Actually I seem to recall it being very frustrating, so probably not a great game. I can't imagine it's aged well either.

Monday 24 August

Let's start the week with a Random Encounter update! Bye Sofox! And whoah. Milla's hair is even nicer than Silphy's was. Now I want to be drawing comics about people with fabulous hair instead of everybody else I'm currently drawing comics of. HRMMMM.

Sunday 23 August

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Lavender is the life of the party. Maybe they should've brought the food out already. That probably would have made things better.

Saturday 22 August

Hey so this week's New Game+ comic updated on time somehow! Wooo! Alistair I think is just looking for reasons to attack people, I mean Lil's brother gave him a pretty big clue that Art might be alive earlier, he's just too negative to really consider things might be okay sometimes.

Also, generally a liar. Or at least hugely misleading...

Friday 21 August

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Positive things?? Happening to my characters??? Weird.

Let's see... cameos! Well, firstly I think Sofox makes a great welcoming committee, both in-comic and in real life. He is assisted by Enoch, a minor Epsilon Project character! But that's quite a crowd toooooo. Including several derggggs! Keleth, Turnsky and Therony again, mwaha. There's also Brady as a guard (though a bit hard to see against the crowd in panel 1 :P), and Nargis and Dume who are Puyon's!

anyway... it's like 2am so chances are very strong that tomorrow's update will be delayed due to bein' super sleepy. Just a heads up!

Thursday 20 August

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Scene changes?? Good things about to happen??? oh no wait scratch one of those things

Now I must sleeeeeeep and hopefully gain enough energy through sleep to get hype for drawing tomorrow's Random Encounter page! I want it done. But some of the panels will be... time-consuming. Rrghhh.

Wednesday 19 August

Ok, Wednesday-catch-up-day, how is that? Well, let's start with this week's Peony update! Yeah sure, Click's the idiot here. That leopard is totally nicked from Heads, you Lose by the way. Maybe he will survive this comic better than he did that one??

And did I say catch-up?? I got yesterday's Way Back Home page done toooooo. And tomorrow's will be on-time. Hooray!