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Today's comic, The Breaking, for Sunday 26th of March 2017

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Sunday 24 March

Aaand finally, here's this week's The Breaking update! Shale continuing to be uncooperative.

My plan is to get two pages of Random Encounter up tomorrow to make up for Friday's missed update! ...we'll see how that goes. I also need to update the buffer because I have burned through things this week, oof. Oh well.

Saturday 25 March

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Leo: resident vampire expert.

Friday 24 March

Random Encounter is going to update a bit late this week - I might make it a double-update on Monday instead - but here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Featuring Mort being extremely punchable. Last week's page is now coloured too!

Still feeling a bit sick, which is the main reason Random Encounter'll be a bit late. Hrrngh body get better already

Thursday 23 March

So, for today's update I decided on a bonus page of New Game+! Because I'm at a point in the story where it would be nice to get some pages out a bit quicker, and it's really all I've got prepared right now since I spent most of last week being a sadsack and not keeping up my buffer (while I've got a spare Random Encounter page I could run early, it's a filler page so I'd rather not run it just yet). ANYWAY. Um... the non-triumphant return of Jinx.

Anyway, hopefully Random Encounter updates tomorrow, but I'm a bit crazy busy right now so um I might switch around updates even more for the latter part of the week. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday 22 March

Dhark's Hero Stories is going to be a bit late again this week, but that's OK because there's plenty of New Game+ updates to go around!

I actually went through a lot of rewrites with the previous volume and this one until I got something that I was happy with. Kind of wavered back and forth on who should die and even whether anyone besides Talon would, but... well here we are.

Also totally spaced on saying so in yesterday's newspost, but I finally finally got around to shading the last page of Fall. I really gotta get around to drawing more of that. Hoping I can add it to the schedule and get it properly started sometime later this year, but we'll see. I always got lots of plans for comics, but they always seem to change...

Tuesday 21 March

Time for the next New Game+ update. New volume, new title page. Nothing terribly exciting, means you have to wait another update to find out what happened in the cabin.

Monday 20 March

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Feels like it's been a while since I drew a lot of Claw, so this is a nice change!

Buffer's dropped a bit too again today. UMMM it was kind of a rough weekend and the next month or so will probably be a bit not great but I'll try to keep up with updates as best I can! And on top of that I'm still sick, what the heck... oh well, it'll go away soon I think.

Sunday 19 March

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Yeah Shale, I'm pretty sure you live in the world too.

Updated the buffer image again today too. Been a busy week of being busy and being sick, so I missed a few this week, whoops. Gotta try to get that back up...

Saturday 18 March

Sorry for the delay, here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Raj has a bad luck curse, but Mort's just an idiot. And Nova's great, just great!

Also super apologies for messing up yesterday's update, I sort of broke the script being an idiot so it didn't appear properly on the front page... it should all be cleaned up now! You can definitely see yesterday's Death's Door update here! Hopefully I will be less of an idiot tomorrow :V

Friday 17 March

Edit: whoops I'm an idiot who only half-updated the comic, sorry! The archive link below worked but yeah, home page did not. Fixed now :X

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Yeah, still more shuffled updates, but hey there's plenty of comics to go around! So it's an anti-vampire campout in the shop, huh? I'm sure that'll go perfectly.

Pfhaha oh yeah, things remind me of things... So last weekend I went to Melbourne for a musical, which was great apart from me getting an awful cold that I'm just now getting rid of. Anyway, today I'm going to a different state for a different musical, then tomorrow: another musical in another state! Well, I guess territories don't count as states, but you know, close enough. Anyway I was going somewhere with this... right! Tonight I'm going to see the Addams Family musical, and yeah Tish in Death's Door, totally named after Morticia Addams. When I first started writing Death's Door her name was going to be Ngaire Fisher, but then I got a song stuck in my head and was like "hrmmm Tish would be a way more fitting name". And that's how come every person in Death's Door has a way-too-fitting name.

...Even Leo, who wasn't a were until sometime around page 40, when I was like "hey why come everybody else gets fitting names, what about Leo he could be a cool lion".

Thursday 16 March

Right! Updates are still a little moved around this week, so tody there's a Random Encounter update! Cover page for the new volume, and one - as I've said - that I'm quite excited for! Puyon came up with the story for this one, so it's gonna be a whole lot of fun! (But maybe not a whole lot of fun for Claw, mwa ha haaaaa)

There's also a new Random Enconter background! This one's got the teachers:

That also means there's a new twitter poll up for the next background image, for those who are interested in such things. It's over here!

Wednesday 15 March

Shuffling the updates a touch this week, Dhark's Hero Stories will update a little later (though last week's page is now coloured). For today, there's another New Game+ update. And thaaaaat's the last page of this volume, so next update will be a title page *awkward cough*.

Tuesday 14 March

Time for today's New Game+ update. Alastair has thoroughly cracked it, whoops.

Also managed to get re-caught up today, so the buffer stays! Lots of comics in the buffer, but that will probably come down a bit this week. I am also quite sick, which is never helpful. Been all ugh for two days now, hopefully it doesn't last much longer...

Monday 13 March

Right, I'm back from my sojourn, so here's today's Random Encounter update! Last page of the current volume, so Friday we'll start something new that I am quite excited for! The next volume!!

Glad the auto-updates worked without any hiccups. It's not like it's complicated code or anything, but I always expect these sort of things to go wrong, heheh. Guess it's because in my day job I fix broken code, so I got a nice distrust of it :V

Anywho, this week's going to be quite Jinx-heavy, so I apologise in advance. And I'll get the buffer image updated tomorrow, since I used a page up of The Breaking and Death's Door... but I want to try to get those back up, so we'll seeeeee

Sunday 12 March

Time for another The Breaking update! Shale and Saffron: Still not BFFs. Even though he brought her soup?? Not good enough, Saff.

Hopefully these auto-updates are working (I tested them locally but uhhh never really 100% certain on these things), and if I'm back in town today there'll be the last page of the current Random Encounter volume going up then, otherwise... something else!

Saturday 11 March

Right! Here's today's Death's Door update! Tish, you're just going to have to learn to deal with being corrected by a librarian... also probably don't bite a vampire, it's probably bad for your health.

Friday 10 March

Friday again, so here's a Random Encounter update! Only one more page left of this volume, which may or may not go up on Monday... er, need to figure out when I'm actually getting back from Melbourne this weekend, hrmmm.... At any rate, I'll write some auto-update scripts and hopefully the next few days' comics will update by themself, and after that we'll see what happens. See ya!

Thursday 9 March

Here's today's New Game+ update! Alastair's dealt with tricksters before I think... while illusions can be tricky, usually they try to line up the hands wherever possible, to stop things from being super weird when people pick things up.

Wednesday 8 March

Wednesday means new Dhark's Hero Stories update! Just inks for now, colour will follow later in the week. Also, Mort and Colfer: BFFs? The answer may surprise Mort

Tuesday 7 March

Here's today's New Game+ update! Arthur continues to be bad at this. He's certainly no trickster.

Monday 6 March

Right, here's today's Random Encounter update! Getting close to the end of the volume! Oh and I forgot to post so, but the previous two pages are now coloured as well.

Nowwww this weekend I'll be out of town, so I'll need to do something about updates. I've built up a nice buffer so far, which is going to help a lot! So I'll either write an automatic update script, or if I can't get that working quickly, I'll dump all the comics that I'd miss up on Friday afternoon. Well! Depends on what I can get done. At any rate, hey there's a buffer so I shouldn't miss updates. Probably...

Sunday 5 March

End of another week, so I suppose it's time for a The Breaking update! I get the feeling Shale is not so keen on Saffron :V maybe she... does not like him at all

Saturday 4 March

Yes, it's time for this week's Death's Door update! Yeah Leo was always going to say that, regardless of whether or not he was actually attacked by a vampire.

Friday 3 March

Hey it's Friday, that means it is time for a Random Encounter update! Double-update today - starring Dharfi as the world's least reassuring person - to make up for that page I missed last month. And er, didn't quite have enough time to pull that all off today so it's not quite fully-coloured yet, I'm hoping to have time to get the proper coloured version done before Monday!

Thursday 2 March

Here's today's New Game+ update! Um.. Arthur is really bad at this.

Wednesday 1 March

Time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Mort pretty much became my favourite character in the RE volume he was introduced. MORT TIME ALL THE TIME

Tuesday 28 February

Here's um, yesterday's Random Encounter update! Sorry for the shuffled schedule this week. Let's forge ahead... with more comics!

I also added another pic to the Random Encounter backgrounds! This one is of Saturn and Jinx and some weird dogs. I've been taking votes on twitter polls for what these backgrounds should be, so there's that!

Monday 27 February

Er yeah, it is indeed Monday so there should be a Random Encounter update, but I'm running a little behind on getting that one done, so instead I'm doing an early New Game+ update!

Random Encounter should update tomorrow. Sorry for shuffling the update days around this week! Gotta get more comics done... but today my arm was being terrible, ugh. Some days I just can't use my hand properly, it gets all pins-and-needlesy. Luckily it's not very often, but it's rather distracting for getting anything done. So shoo, shoo, bad arm feelings, and hopefully tomorrow is a much more productive day!

And... eheh... Arthur... you did a terrible job.

Sunday 26 February

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Hey it's the first Chaos Power I think I ever drawn in-comic! Oh wait there was sort of two in the old New Game ehhhh that probably doesn't count. Anything from like 10 years ago doesn't count. Anyway!! Her colour scheme was inspired by the colour scheme Tapewolf used for a lion monk in Project Future! What can I say? I got a weakness for red lionthings. Here's the ref sketch of her I did. She's grumpy.

Mainly been working on the buffer this week!! Slowly trying to pull things together... There is a page done for Random Encounter, and I do owe a missed page for that, but I won't be netting those off at the moment. The buffer page is a filler page, so I'll save that for a rainier day (or post it at the end of the current volume), and hopefully catch up some other way! ...We'll see.

Saturday 25 February

Things still crazy, oh well, so it is. But there's comics! Here's yesterday's delayed Random Encounter update! And today's Death's Door update!