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Today's comic, Death's Door, for Saturday 28th of May 2016

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Saturday 28 May

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Ra's back, hooray. And looking considerably less pale...

Friday 27 May

I felt like slacking today, so I did slack today! Ah, sorry, though. No comic, but I shall endeavour to catch it up at some point... tch! Just feels like a sleepy day imo

Anyway, slowly getting through doing some new character designs. Very slowly. Puyon's been helping significantly by also doing character designs! Half of those up there are Puyon's, yes. I'm slowly gettin reference pics done and putting them up here, but yes very slowly.

Hmm I also need to do character pages for Wrath and Darius at some point. UM. Not tonight! Another time.

Thursday 26 May

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Yeah, seems like it's time we caught back up with these guys. Had enough of the main, mainly-feathered crew. Time to hassle Grain/Zack/Lachlan/Marcus!

Wednesday 25 May

Here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Yes this all sounds true. And like it won't have any negative repurcussions.

Tuesday 24 May

Here I am with today's New Game+ comic! Alastair is... not actually cool. Or a great guy. Or even really a good guy. All that stuff isn't really that bad. Heeeeeee's done worse.

Monday 23 May

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Zombie gods, the worst kind of gods probably

Sunday 22 May

Still sick and running behind again - sorry about that! I'll try to get the comic up in the morning, though there's a chance I won't be able to in which case I'll catch up next week. We'll see.. fingers crossed though Comic's up!!

(late)Saturday 21 May

OK! Comic's up! Sorry for the delay!

Saturday 21 May

Sorry about this! But I'm still sick, and I have been sick all week.. .so right now I need more sleep, and will endeavour to update Death's Door in the morning! I did have a doctor's appointment earlier which went pretty well so hopefully I will be on the mend and less sick in future. But right now it's all... blarghy

What else... Ah! Here is a picture I posted on twitter and tumblr earlier in the week:

And this week I was also answering OC questions on tumblr so if you haven't seen those already then huzzah, distraction!

Umm... yes. So! I sleep. I hope to feel less sick. And then to finish this comic! And then to finish the many other comics I am behind on from being sick all week.

Friday 20 May

Here's today's Random Encounter update! That's right. Jake used to... have hair.

Pretty impressive that Shauni recites all her lessons from memory, actually. She's well prepared! She also clearly hasn't met Col though :P

And now I go to bed, because I am still very sick and need to go back to the doctor's tomorrow. zzzzz

Thursday 19 May

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Alastair is not, nor has ever been, cool. Sorry Art ya big dork.

Wednesday 18 May

Puyon's running a bit behind this week, pretty understandable! But it occurred to me that it was going to be a while before I got to draw any of the not-yet-shown Dhark's Hero Stories cahracters so I took my chance and stole the comic. So here's a comic with a bunch of other nerds in it!

Tuesday 17 May

Here's today's New Game+ comic! How many times do you think I've forgotten young Arthur's bruise? It's every page except the first, actually :V I kept realising just before upload that it was missing and quickly fixing it

Anyway, ummmmm... I'm sick again! It's been a bad year for this. My ears are all junky again so I'm going to lie down a lot and hopefully feel better soon. Fingers crossed there won't be any missed updates... I'm actually lucky I got a bit of a buffer for New Game+ done last week! I need to update that image, because I used that buffer today. I'll see if I can catch up tomorrow, and update it accordingly...

Monday 16 May

Here I am with today's Random Encounter update! When Shauni says "overdue" it, uh.... I originally scoped this story for volume 12, bwaha. In which case Shauni wouldn't even have been the one stuck telling it! But um... hey! Lots of other stories to tell, I got kind of distracted. But here we are. It's time!!! To smear Jake's name thoroughly. I'm too nice to him, really :V

Sunday 15 May

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Travis knows what's up. Sometimes you can't not be an idiot, but at least you can try. Anyway, that'll do for this interlude, so next week! Dharfi, maybe?? It feels like it's been a very long time since I've had her in a comic!

Saturday 14 May

Oh! Thank goodness it is the weekend, and also time for a page of Death's Door update! It's been a verrrrry long week here. But hey, things are maybe starting to look up?? Bound to turn around eventually.

As for the comic.... oh, it's fine! Leo's a librarian. Librarians are trustworthy librarians are not trustworthy

Friday 13 May

Wheee!! I got one page done for today, so that's some. I did want two, but tchyyaaaa my wrist is sore from this dang tablet, it's not great. Anyway! Random Encounter update! Or something??

Haha, every Friday the 13th I think "oh man it's Friday the 13th I should do something special for it?!?!" but usually at the point I realise that it's Friday the 13th it's like... late afternoon, and well past time to do something. So this time!! I seized the day! Timing works out pretty well because doing a smaller comic with my sore wrist is a better idea :B

Thursday 12 May

It's time for today's New Game+ comic! Art knows there ain't no shame in crying in that sort of situation. Maaan. I'm just thinking, I never got around to using Art in the original New Game and that was a pity because I think he's nearly my favourite New Game+ character. :V

Alsoooo! Working with the new tablet at the moment, slowly getting used to it. I said on Monday that I wanted to try for an extra Random Encounter page, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do that now. New tablets have a certain stiffness that makes them kind of aggravating to use imo... So I'm a bit slow with it at the moment! But I will see what I can do.

Wednesday 11 May

Here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Mmm... yeah pretty sure this is all still 100% to "plan", mwahahaaaa

Tuesday 10 May

Here's today's New Game+ update! Back to Art's backstory, yess. Totally not crying. You believe him, right??

Ummm! Also I seem to be having a run of bad luck right now. My tablet's just died. It had enough left in it for two pages of New Game+ so that is good! Updates shouldn't be affected. But there's a possibility I'll be a mite late on Friday, we'll see how it goes getting the new tablet and breaking it in :V

Monday 9 May

Start of another week, so here's a Random Encounter update! ...Wrath has a secret plan? Surprise~ and Shauni is... maybe good at pranks?

I'm going to try to shoot for an extra Random Encounter update this week for reasons, but we'll seeeeee if I actually manage or not. i just want to do more comics, aaaa