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Tuesday 21 October

Still a bit sick, mostly fine. Fighting the sickness with comics, bwah. So here's today's Way Back Home update! Hrmmmm detective work. Or planning for, anyway.

And huzzahhhh I am not behind on comics this week yet so Thursday's update will definitely not be missed! This is always something to celebrate, I think. And now to think about tomorrow's update... oh we're up to Mermaids... I should probably write a comic with those guys in it at some point, ahaha

Monday 20 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Joel's still cool, apparently. I can't remember if I said it, but yeah this was the second real Random Encounter story I ever wrote, the first being volume 1 of course, mwahaha. Actually the original was of course very different. I mean for one thing I didn't have characters like Shauni or Val, but the main difference is the original had Dharfi appear in it a lot. Which... yeah. The gist of the story is pretty much the same, but written a million times better than I could have in 2006, hahaha. But most of my story ideas are rough plans anyway, so I can move them around in the bigger storyline depending on what else is going on, and tweak them as I draw them.

Oh yeah, I'm doing a bit of reprogramming to the site so it'll be easier for my twin to update while I'm away next month, so let me know if anything looks awry :x I'm not a big fan of PHP so it's nothing great, as long as it's simple and works everything's aces.

Hmmm and while I remember! Thursday I'm getting a another decent-sized tattoo done on my drawing arm so there's a possibly Friday's update will be wonky.

Sunday 19 October

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Guardians, man, psssh.

Ah, I couldn't quite catch up on Random Encounter, but that just means since I've got so much prep done there's no chance of me missing tomorrow's update! Anyway... I really need to work on some other stuff too, so we can have nice bonus comics at the end of the month, mwahaha

Saturday 18 October

Comics time!

Here's today's New Game+ update! Cliffhangers, fun for the whole family!

And here's Thursday's belated Way Back Home update! Yeah though what are those leads, you guys should quit squabbling and follow them huhhhh

Still recovering a bit, but I hope to catch up on Friday's missed update too if possible...

Friday 17 October

Welllllll sleeping it off didn't help. I also regret trying to go to work today, hahaha. But hopefully this sickness will pass quickly, then. At any rate, in lieu of an update here is some adorable fanart of Jinx by Scarletfoxtales/Devilkittfox!

If this illness does go away quick I'll try to play some catch up on at least one of the update pages I've missed :X

Thursday 16 October

oof, sorry! I'm starting to feel a bit sick, so instead of staying up late and catching up on comics I'm going to go to bed early and see if that helps stave off this illness :S

Wednesday 15 October

Site update day!! Two for you today!

I also did some minor rewrites on their pages (and renamed the half-monster race halfie because it makes more sense and it's what I tend to use in-comic anyway), but I generally do a few real minor updates when I do the new art anywayyyy.

I'll try to have tomorrow's Way Back Home done on-time for tomorrow! I'm a little behind on that since I've been busy with some other things, but it should be OK.

Tuesday 14 October

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Yeah the dead guys are a way funner crew than these guys, huh? I guess it is expected that these guys are kind of a bummer.

Monday 13 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Joel's a follower of Phoenix. He roams the stables, looking for people to burn. Mwaha.

Sunday 12 October

Here I am with this week's The Breaking comic! Don't worry, Deimi'll be back. Eventually. Probably in two years haha. She'll definitely be back though, she's my favourite character in this story except for Jake

Also whoaahhhh it's been a full week of not-missed updates. Admittedly Monday's comic's colour was a little late, but still! That barely ever happens lately, it's nice to finally not be behind on things. Hope I can continue to keep up!

Oh yeah, and before I forget, the site will be down later today for <1 hour for some scheduled updates to the server. This shouldn't affect comic updates, but just fyi!

Saturday 11 October

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Time for honestly? That's unusual.

Friday 10 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Because cameos are fun, that's why. And literally no other reason. Well OK, and bird pyjamas. We could all do with more of those.

Thursday 9 October

Here's today's Way Back Home update! It is a pity Arc is polite enough to remove his hat indoors sometimes, because I much prefer drawing him wearing it :B

Wednesday 8 October

It's another Wednesday, so here's another site update!

...Drawing Missy E again makes me wish I had another short, easy comic like Free Turn or Loose Change going at the moment :<. I haven't got one like that written at the moment though. All I've got is one the size of Way Back Home (300-400 pages?) about the weird lady from Saturn's dreams. And the short sequel to Daisy. Which are both fun, but not that. Then again, Loose Change was written on a post-it like the week before it went online, so that could change. LE SIGH if only there was more days in the week I could work on all the comics I want to. Which is all the comics, ever. ...I guess I also have ~Jake's backstory~ but I want to sit on that one a bit longer.

For now, I have site updates and that is fun! Also the manly looking fey is Deimi's dad. Since she's half-fey. Will he ever appear in a comic??? I do not expect him to, but I am rather short on fey characters huh

Tuesday 7 October

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Starting the next chapter, though yeah the last one was a little short compared to the others. Still, though! Back to Elle and those peeps. And a cameo of a very lovely cat.

The current Random Encounter page is now coloured, too. Wooooo crowds. O boy.

Monday 6 October

Let's start with Sunday's belated The Breaking update! At least somebody's putting out those fires...

And here's today's Random Encounter update! Just in black-and-white for now, sorry! I didn't get home until hecka late last night and then I had to catch up on Breaking and then.... bwargh crowds. I'll get the colours up tomorrow!

Saturday 4 October

Right! Here's this week's New Game+ update!

And there's also a Random Encounter update! Because why not see what Val's been up to??

Also I have been cultivating an obsession with drawing traditional art on real tiny paper so if that looks weird it's because IRL it's about the width of my palm. These are the things that amuse me... anyway! The next proper page of Random Encounter has a few more big crowd shots, because I am a dummy. So I'll have that up Monday, and I'll try to do it up spiffy, yeah! ...But as a reminder, tomorrow's update will be delayed as I'm out of town and wow it is like 1am I should go to bed so I can get moving in the morning huhhhh