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Wednesday 26 November

Here we are, today's Random Encounter update! Col is terrible at posing valid questions. He is the worst -'*~mystery crew~*'- member. He's surely excellent at getting kicked out of schools though. Getting thrown out that fast is definitely skillful.

Ah, and there's a nice chance to point out another thing that's considered fictional in DHSland: unicorns. Despite having like dragons and griffons and various other ridiculous monsters, unicorns are just straight-up mythical. I might go into that more at a later point, there's plenty of stuff that's mythical in this setting that may or may not 'exist', like unicorns, ghosts (though those obviously do, mwaha), vampires, god's mercy, y'know, that sort of thing :3

Monday 24 November

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! Back to school, back to school! What sort of a Random Encounter comic would it be without some of these nerds, huh?

Col: allegedly not a shapeshifter

Mana: weird and unnatural

Col's arm markings sure are snazzy for somebody who ain't a shapeshifter, though. Love how they turned out in Keetah's lovely art!

Friday 21 November

If the auto-updater's still truckin' along, this'll be today's Random Encounter update! Featuring chicken-hugging. Hugging the chickens. Really, there should be more of that going on. Keetah is fantastic at drawing chickens and I am jealous. For as much as I love chickens, I find them incredibly difficult to draw...

Oh yeah also I guess Sierra's here, along with his freakish legs. And some other familiar faces, yesssss. I am glad that after doing these comics for so long I have a decent stable of characters living in and around DHS to trot out at any provocation. :3

Wednesday 19 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Out of the woods and back to Mylenor, aww yeah. And a feathry that appeared in volume 2, but probably not since then. Doesn't matter, check out those adorable animals!! Awww yeah.

And there it is, guys. Col: definitely a mimic.

col: definitely not a mimic

Monday 17 November

Here's the first page of of the current Random Encounter volume! Featuring dragons, because hey they're mysterious (or something) and it's been a while since we've seen these particular ones! And a proper introduction to our mysterious protagonists for this chapter.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with this Reader's Digest book called 'Mysteries of the Unexplained'. Still am a bit, actually, that thing is freakin hilarious. Full of all sorts of 'mysteries', from alien abduction and past-life regression to spontaneous human combustion and, of course, g-g-g-g-ghosts. That and the X-Files man, just fantastic. But hey, here we are, we can see a little bit of what passes for that sort of mystery around LaRaGa!

Friday 14 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Yep, it's a nice little volume drawn by Keetah Spacecat who is, as always, simply wonderful! This is also a nice little test of the auto-update system! And... who is that white-furred guy on the front cover there? I will leave you all guessing, as I head off for China today! I think I set everything up right for the site. I hope I did....

Anyway! That makes today the first test of the new auto-update system! Which... I will only be using to post stuff while I'm on holiday, because it's a bit of a pain to set up, haha. And I mean, I always finish comics at the last minute anyway so it's easier to just post 'em right away, yeah? Yeah. Ummmm, hopefully this all works fine, I did test it on my local server but y'know, things can always go wrong. I expect the next few updates to post around the same time they usually do... but I can't promise they won't post at some US time instead.

So then! I'll be back near the end of the month, and until then, there'll be thrice-weekly Random Encounter updates of this particular volume!

Oh, and I'm moving the shoutbox off the main page for now, it'll return when I do!

Thursday 13 November

Oof, sorry, I know I said there'd be a Way Back Home update today, but it's been a very busy day for me. I've still got a bunch of random junk to get organised before I go away tomorrow, so... um.... tomorrow! There will be Random Encounter updates! And it will be good.

Wednesday 12 November

Hey guess what! It's site update day and I do intend to update the site with a new peoples! And I do mean new instead of redraw, because I finished sketching Griffs (which are next on the block) and then decided I wanted to draw Dryads instead and so I did!

Tomorrow I'll get a Way Back Home page done, then the schedule will get mixed up for the rest of the month while I'm on holidays, OK? I finished testing the auto-update script today, so all's that's left is for me to go on holiday, mwaha.

Tuesday 11 November

In the interest of getting the current New Game+ volume done before I head off, I've got a New Game+ comic for you today! No Way Back Home today, though.

I've also finally coloured Friday's Random Encounter update. Huzzah!

Monday 10 November

I'm back! But very exhausted... I'll see what updates I can get done this week. As I said, I'm out of the country come Friday (but I do have stuff prepared for that), but until then I hope to have plenty of stuff up. Just not right now, since I just got off a plane...

For now, another Nix picture! Because I went crazy commissioning a few of them a little while ago, mwaha. This one's by UltraSourNerd on FA!

Friday 7 November

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! The triumphant return of Jinx's pyjamas! ...I'll try to get the colour done by Tuesday. Something important's come up and I'm going to be spending the next few days interstate soooooo I'll be a bit low on the update front for the next couple days.

I'm also going to China in a week from now so during that updates will be a bit low, too! I'll be updating with a special Random Encounter volume that whole time (2 weeks-ish) so there's that to look forward to, at least. Before I go I definitely want to catch up on tomorrow's New Game+ update since it'll be the last page of the volume. Not sure about anything else though, but I'll let you know when I know!

So to make things up a tiny bit, here's a picture of Nix from Keetah Spacecat! I'll be back... Tuesday for sure, if you're lucky before then.

Oh and I will definitely get this current Random Encounter volume done before the end of the year... one way or another >:C

Thursday 6 November

Here I am with today's Way Back Home update! Don't accept clothes from that goatman Tal, I don't think he has any to spare...

Wednesday 5 November

Site update! This replaces the very last of the old old batch of art! Still more old art to replace, but nothing as old as that. Here's 'taurs!

Silphy and Hesh! Because those guys are fun.

Tuesday 4 November

Here's today's Way Back Home update! This actually wasn't meant to be today's update, it was meant to be next Monday's update. But due to a series of mistakes I skipped two pages when I started drawing today's comic, and then I realised that two extra pages of Mana and Talon faffing around on the road were kind of pointless so it all worked out for the best. So here's a fey-dryad and a ripped heart-butt-marking'd half-taur, because why not? The Academy thinks it's so la-di-dah, probably because it is in fact 10x more fancy than Hero High or Dhark's.

But yeah, down on the gate from the linked path there they tend to have one physically capable person and one magically capable person, just in case of shenanigans. That and other similarly sensible policies also contribute to them being 10x better than the other hero schools, but well, what can you do.

Monday 3 November

Well, after drawing nothing but it for a week, I'm sick of Random Encounter. Who could've guessed it? Haha nah, actually I spent all day catching up on the comics I didn't do last week because I was working on super-fun Halloween comics, and now I'm all tuckered out so although I'd love to work on more Random Encounter comics, right now I needa nap.

So here's a site redraw instead!

There's only one piece of the extremely old art left :O

Sunday 2 November

Here we are! The end of this year's Random Encounter Halloween volume! Featuring the rad hat brigade, and as usual, a happy end. Or... uh.... good enough.

Back to normal updates next week!

Saturday 1 November

Happy November! I may have partied for Halloween instead of working on comics, so... the next page of the Halloween comics will be up a lot later today, at the very least both it and the last page will be done tomorrow!

Friday 31 October

Happy Halloween! And I haven't fallen behind on updates yet! Mwaha, it's a Halloween miracle! Here's today's Random Encounter Halloween update! Just when things start to get spooky. Or spoopy. Anyway... I think I've got two more of these suckers left! Or three. I think it's two, though. Then back to normal updates for a bit, hopefully! Then mid-next-month there's gonna be more Random Encounter only updates, but as a lesser frequency as that's all I got prepped for when I go on holiday next but we'll get to that when we get to that!


Thursday 30 October

Here's today's Random Encounter Halloweeny update! So now we see who else is in this volume apart from Delta! We've got Loki, and... Azure? Yes Azure! Because... when do I ever get to draw Az? Never, is when. Or now. Anyway, she and Loki would probably not be friends. Since she's an out trickster and Loki hates tricksters. Or...

OH DANG I could totally have used Orianna instead of Az. Now there's somebody I want to draw more of... oh well there's always next time, MWA HA HA HA HAAAAA

Wednesday 29 October

wwelllll I might have been too tired to get a site update done BUT I did get today's Halloween Random Encounter update done and that's even better! Delta = right about ghosts. Loki = also right about ghosts. But never mind. Now I'm in for the long haul colouring cell after cell of tartan. And that's OK. Wait no it's not. Hmmmmmm back when I was deciding on the setting for this I should definitely have gone 'random Japanese school' instead of 'random Australian school' if only because uniforms would be easier to colour. Then again everything else would be more difficult SO


Tuesday 28 October

Halloween rolls closer, so here's the first real page of this year's Halloween Random Encounter volume!! I've actually been sitting on this story for over a year. I mean, I've posted an earlier version of yesterday's title page before for one, and this page was originally drawn last September for another. And thaaaaat's actually all I got prepared, mwaha. It's going to be a busy week but Halloween volumes are super fun so it's going to be totally worth it!

Monday 27 October

Wooo! Usually for Halloween I would update something on the 31st and that's it, but I'm so busy this year... so instead I'm doing this week is Halloween updates!! Here's the title page for this year's Halloween volume!!! Something spooky, because dangit ever since I lived in Canada I can't not draw Halloween volumes, they're so much fun, mwaha!

Now.... I can't promise this is actually volume 36 because I might re-number things once I'm done with volume 35 depending on how things go so there's that. Just because the first page of this volume will have everybody at school acting normal don't mean nothing~ mwaha.

If I can find the time I'll try to get other updates done too but at the moment I expect that'll only be a site update on Wednesday. Apart from that it's spookytimes all the times! Happy October!!