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Thursday 29 January

Here's today's new Way Back Home update! Hey look who's back! That's right, it's that cat! Most important, yesss... Though I guess we're back to Elle and the others, too. That'll be a nice change.

Aaaand... tomorrow I will update Random Encounter! This is also most important. I know it's a Friday so that should be a given but I'm trying to psych myself up for it anyway, haha.

Wednesday 28 January

Right! Site update day, so here's an entirely new entry for people!

Yeah there's finally a page for Weres so there!

Tuesday 27 January

Tuesday means... new Way Back Home comic! Matthias seems like a cool guy. It's a pity about all the... um... yeah...

Anyway! This is the last page of the current volume, so Thursday we'll have a bit of a title page thingy. Huzzah! Today would have been an excellent day to build up that Way Back Home buffer. But instead I spent it doing other things. Like colouring yesterday's Random Encounter update! Huzzah also!

Monday 26 January

Oof, took a bit of doing, but I managed to mostly get today's Random Encounter comic done on time! ...Well, I was working on everybody else's comics and lost track of time a wee bit, heheh. Totally worth it, but also... whoops! So, colour will be up tomorrow or the next day! I think I tried to draw too many comics in general this weekend. I need to dial it back just a teensy bit.

Sunday 25 January

It's Sunday, so here's this week's The Breaking! Should've brought Deimi. Deimi would have solved everything, forever. Though I guess she's probably busy "solving" things at Lav's old forest. Things like "who will be the new owner of this jewellery" and possibly something slightly more important.

Mwahaaaa the buffer-counter keeps building! But... really these comics have been easy so far. I dread building even 6 pages of a Random Encounter buffer before June. Or ever, really. I will seeeeee what I have time for. Hopefully I have time for all the comics, yesssss.

Saturday 24 January

Here's this week's New Game+ update! This Claw is Ceraph clan as all hell. Well... less Ceraph clan than Talon. Talon would have just like, refused Darkling's invitation to play pacifist, tried to murder everyone on account of they might be tricksters, totally derailed the story, and been a general jerklord. Ceraph Talon is significantly less chillax than Phoenix Talon.

Also saying "hey I'm definitely not a trickster" is all part and parcel of being a trickster. It's like, tradition and stuff. Well, they do follow the god of lies, even if being a trickster wasn't forbidden he'd still be cool with that. But hey anyway, Zack's finally expanding on the thing that made Dark + Break ditch him in chapter 5. Claw's clearly smarter than Zack though, backing off before she says something that'll get Break off-side.

So! This comic is a teensy bit later than usual, but it's still pretty much on-time. Why is that? Because HECK YEAH I got an extra page done today! I finally caught one for the buffer! This is like the first time I've had a real buffer, so forgive me if I'm overexcited about it. Now I just need to keep it up! ...for the next while. I'm glad I put up that buffer-tracker though. Filling progress bars always makes goals more fun, mwahaha.

Friday 23 January

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! Politics! Blagh.

Also... Drake and Mana are kind of a much better team than Dharfi and Mana. Good thing Mana didn't fire Drake (yet). Anyway. Feels good to not be missing updates. Little sleepy, little sleepy-grumpy, mostly good. UMMM I think I was going to say something else but I can't remember. Oh well. Tomorrow there will be a New Game+ update! And that will be good. I've gotten almost the whole of the current volume of that laid out proper, so hopefully I can get that done right quick, build a bit of buffer, have a good time. We shall seeeeeeee but at any rate that'll be up tomorrow, after I have a good long sleep. Or a good sleep, anyway.

Thursday 22 January

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Talon makes a friend, probably. Aaand... since I've been doing so well somehow not missing updates (and also finally getting organised :V) I've put a thing under the shoutbox! What is this thing...? Well! I've mentioned it before but I'm going on holiday June-July. What I'd really like to do (but doubt my ability to do so) is to build up a big enough buffer that I'll have something to run while I'm gone. So like... that's my totally visible counter for how far along I am to having a sufficient buffer to cover every update that would be missed while I'm on holiday! And a little bit more, for good measure.

I really doubt I'll be able to cover that many comics. It's rather a lot. But if I can manage like 3-6 per comic that would be amazeballs. So! Starting... probably Saturday, I'm going to try to add at least one page to one of those counters per week. WE'LL SEE... oh and yeah if you're using an older browser like IE8 that counter will look weird because older browsers don't like to render pngs with multiple transparencies real good. Sorry!

Wednesday 21 January

Today's update goes up a few hours early! Because it is not a site update. Because I decided to draw a comic instead. Because that comic is completely irrelevant and that's OK.

I have snuck it into the Random Encounter archives as a bonus comic for volume 35, mwaha.

And of course, for reference: DMFA, Project Future

Tuesday 20 January

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Heyyyyyy it's that guy. Y'know. That guy. Talon! Yeah, that's the guy.

Aaaaand the schedule for this week is already perilous, with me taking like three times as long to get that finished as I really ought to've. That's OK. It's still early, we can still fix things and draw allllll the comics.

Well, I mean early in the week. It's definitely not early in the night. Early in the morning? Dang I'd better get some sleep haha.

Monday 19 January

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! And here's to the start of another week that is with any luck better than last week, yessss. I sense the plot is afoot in this comic though. Yes, I'm sure of it. I can just tell these things. Mmmmaybe because I wrote it.

Anyway! Friday's update's all proper shaded 'n stuff now. And I have a great piece of fanart what I can distract you with next time I fumble an update too, mohoho.

Sunday 18 January

Hey it's Sunday and that means an update of The Breaking! With a new guardian! ...I was originally going to make him white with spotty orange markings because dang do I love spotty orange rabbits BUT... that's a bit too similar to Saffron's design. I will have spotty orange rabbit later, then.

Saturday 17 January

Here's this week's New Game+ comic! Zack you dummy. You're not meant to answer that, it is clearly a trap. Oi. I think we are beginning to see how exactly he got strung to that tree a hunded pages ago. Total lack of subtlety, even for a trickster...

Friday 16 January

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Drake was going to say "big jerk". All of this sudden forced politeness is killing her. And that's why she's an excellent Ettiquette teacher. Oh wait...

Anyway! They're not in Mana's office today, that's a change. Mainly because there's not enough chairs so it's not a nice meeting spot really. She should do something about that. And... proper colour will be up Monday, along with the next update! Which is the second half of this page (though since it's all done digital this whole 'page' business is a bit arbitrary, huh?). But it's kind of a busy week at work this week, and I am super tired, oof. Better to post a shorter update than usual than miss an update, yessss. Even if in the end it evens out either way.... I just want to make it one month without totally missing an update.

Thursday 15 January

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Hmmm. Seems Zamil knows Yasir. The plot thickens! Or something like that.

Wednesday 14 January

Guess who gets a profile page in today's site update! It's Mia.

Should I have given you a longer chance to guess?? Anyway, I intended to do her one back when I was doing everybody else's. Then I got distracted by the species page updates! ...which I still have more to do of. So thee you have it.

Tuesday 13 January

Here's the first of this week's Way Back Home! Of course, we all already knew where Mana Ahmad is. Y'know, with that exceedingly non-shady fellow, Yasir. What a swell guy. I'm sure Zamil will be very happy now that he's seen the two of them together. Problem solved, story over.

Nowww I'm tossing up what to update tomorrow... I have so many options with site updates this week, it's all too much so I suppose I'll decide at the absolute last-moment. Yes, this sounds good.

Monday 12 January

A new week! Here's today's Random Encounter update! I do like drawing Lore and Darl. They are super fun! I've got to use them a lot over the past few years, they're doing real well for characters I made up for a Yang Child contest and then set of fan comics. Mwaha. It is a pity that comic does not update any more, Tealya's art went through an amazing period of growth and was really, really good lately. Ah, old webcomics.

Anyway! I'm pretty happy that I haven't missed any updates so far this year. Oof, this is probably the most consistently on-schedule I've been in months and months and mooonnnnttths. That's a worry. On the one hand, yeah I guess since I'm doing 9 updates a week it's kind of understandable if I miss some. But on the other hand why aren't I doing 14 updates a week?? Yeah I could easily think of 5 other comics I want to do. Actually more than that. I just want to draw all the comics, guys. What I really need to do is start building up a buffer or other contingency plan for my holidays in June-July but... for now I'll just keep up. Though... gosh I need to start prepping comics for April soon so I don't do it all last minute again huhhhh

Sunday 11 January

Here's today's update for The Breaking! Dyaris begins to regret ditching Deimi. Though I guess she's more the one who ditched him. Well... it was kind of mutual?

Shouldn't be much longer to that other guardian! Mwaha! But for now... I need to sleep, so I can work up enough energy to draw Random Encounter tomorrow! Which, yeah, the last page is fully-coloured now. Woooo

Saturday 10 January

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Every character in New Game+ is just plain rude. Except for Darkling. But he's not in this page, so-!

Alistair makes this page bright and colourful, awww yeah! Light Powers represent, or something. Though, I've really enjoyed doing the pages with Claw lately, green's my favourite colour and having more of it just softens up a page's colour scheme nicely. Also Claw is fun to draw! That's always a bonus. I should ditch Alistair and draw more of her, confirmed.

Friday 9 January

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! Colour'll be up a bit later. You know I'm good for it! Just need a sneetch more time. We've reached that time of year that I like to call "oh god I'm melting why did I stay on this hellscape of a continent". It is a little difficult to work on my lappy when it's over 30 degrees celsius. So things are a little slow! And I'm a bit busy with work. But I'll keep up as best I can!

And... thanks to everyone's incredible generosity I removed the tip jar from the front page. Because... we've got enough in the jar to cover hosting for the year! Donations are still very much appreciated, because it sits in my account until the hosting bills come in. There's always another year's hosting to pay.

Seriously, thanks so much guys. You're great and I'm lucky to know you!