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Wednesday 1 October

Right! Another site update, here's an updated image for the page about humans!

It's Devi and Eon! I know I say this every week, but these are a lot of fun. I mean those pics have needed updates for aaaaages, and hey it's an excuse to draw characters from older comics that I don't really get to draw anymore! Aw yeah.

Tuesday 30 September

Here's today's scheduled Way Back Home update! 100 pages, and we're back to Mana Ahmad again. For a few pages, at least. Then... I need to check my notes to see what the go is, I think after this scene it's gonna be a new chapter.

Anddddd finally as promised I've got the newest page of The Breaking that I missed on Sunday! Lavender and Deimi already don't get along. To be fair Lavender is having a really, really bad day.

Monday 29 September

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! Jinx: Hates hugs, is not really heroic. Crumpets: overrated. And Danni's already voiced skepticism about Jinxy's curse before... she should really push him harder on that, mwaha.

Breaking'll be up tomorrow with the Way Back Home update!

Sunday 28 September

The bad news: I am sick and cannot update today's Breaking update just now.

The good news: I don't want to skip two weeks' worth of updates on this one in a row so the comic will be up later today, Monday, or Tuesday at the latest (woo long weekends)

Saturday 27 September

Here's this week's New Game+ update! ...up until I did the inks for this I wasn't sure which way Grain would go with it. Actually had two sketches, heheh. In the end t was just as it was in my initial draft layouts, so I guess that turned out fine.

Friday 26 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Everybody loves Joel, it's true. He's just such a swell guy. We all know that, though.

Thursday 25 September

Here's today's Way Back Home comic! Further emphasising how bad Firstly is at her job. That's her name, by the way. It has been mentioned a few times. Like by whoever this jerk was. Oh, and we're perilously close to 100 pages. Also about probably a quarter of the way through the storyline. Well... My notes have an estimate of 400 pages for this comic, but that's probably not accurate. At this point it's looking like a little of an overestimate, but that could change.

Hmm, while I'm pondering how far comics are through, New Game+ is just under a third of the way done (by volume count). No idea how The Breaking's tracking though, it's way too new and I am still scrapping my notes into a coherent pile. And Random Encounter is... special. Since it's got a bunch of longer, underlying storylines that can be arranged in any number of orders, it doesn't have much of an "end" point. And since I like to switch who I'm focussing on it's hard to tell how soon I can get to the important points of any of those storylines either. I'm generally looking forward to whatever I get to do next though, MWAHAHAHA. It's always way more exciting to my dumb brain than what I'm currently working on :V

Wednesday 24 September

Here's today's site update! Some new scalers for the species page.

Alyssa and Gabe. Or as I was calling them while doing the inks, scaler-who-is-named-after-a-power-ranger and guy-who-definitely-has-a-name. I am excellent with names, by the way. Alysaa is another person I haven't drawn in a long long time. I do intend to have her in the new New Game at some point, but probably not for another long long time.

Tuesday 23 September

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Living folk can't see the reaper when she's out to actually do her job. If she's off the clock and is just tooling around she can be seen, but that's extremely rare. She's also not supposed to appear in anything other than her bird form, but...... between you and me, I don't think she's very good at her job.

Oh yeah! Since Sunday was Tapewolf's birthday, there's a ton of extra comics up this week at Project Future (scroll down to the newspost) that I can highly recommend in my usual COMPELTELY UNBIASED way. Mwaha

Monday 22 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Alas, not as exciting as the last two updates, but hey we're back to normal schedule this week so there's that!

Saturday 20 September

Happy Saturday!!! Here's that awesome piece of fanart Puyon did for me!!


Friday 19 September

So! The somewhat special update I promised? Whatís that all about? Well first of all it is RIGHT HERE and second of all HOORAY

DHS Comix is 10 years old today!!

Yes, 10 years ago today I posted the very first page of Random Encounter! ...It might look like the title page of volume 1 of Random Encounter was posted in 2005, but before that there was... the old comics and they were not very good and the whole thing got rebooted in 2005 so theyíre not in the current archives (but are accessible from the very very bottom of the archives page, ssh). I do not regret rebooting that old stuff! After more than 50 pages of a fight scene it occurred to me I should probably like, plan things more better and have valid ideas of where things is going and here we are!

Thereís been quite a few comics here over the years, starting with Random Encounter OF COURSE, which was joined by New Game a few months later (which also was not very good or well planned and was rebooted more recently), which was all that was here for many years until I slowly became more nuts for drawing comics all of the times and added Free Turn, Daisy, Loose Change, Way Back Home and The Breaking (possibly not in that order). Things have slowly been building up since about... 2006? When I sat down and realised that at the current amazing(ly terrible) speed of updates it would take 100 years to reach volume 50 of Random Encounter. Now I think I should be up to volume 40 by the end of the year! Pretty good change haha.

Did I think Iíd last 10 years when I first started these comics? Hah I think I established that I did not plan at all, which absolutely did not extend to ďhow long will I do this?Ē. Still ainít got that part figured out!

10 years seemed to pass awful quick. Well, some years more than others. Tons of stuff has changed in 10 years, most happily my art, writing and programming skills have improved, haha. Iíd like to thank everybody who reads these things though, I definitely donít say that enough! As fun as it is drawing comics, itís way more fun to know that people are reading, and I really have made some wonderful friends doing this so THANKS EVERYBODY mwah <3.

Hereís to some number of more years!

And to taking the weekend off to work on other stuff (spoiler alert: itís more comics. Just not these ones)

Oh! but I will be back tomorrow to post a wonderful piece of fanart from Puyon!

Thursday 18 September

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Aw, Zamil. You big sap.

And just a reminder, tomorrow I'll be updating a somewhat special Random Encounter update, for somewhat special reasons WHICH WE SHALL SEEEeeee I guess. After that, I'm taking the weekend off though to work on some other random junk. And then hopefully be back next week.

Wednesday 17 September

So! Wednesdays continue to be site-housekeeping-day! Which I am happy with for now, because I still do have rather a lot of old art to replace, huh? Let's move onto... the various pages here! While I'm at it, I also did a slight restructure of the setting pages to make them be slightly more relevant (or at least slightly less dumb in their layout. Or at least slightly easier to access).

I've only done the one update so far, here's the new Feathry image!

Featuring Raley (who I have not drawn in YEARS and who I am sure not everybody will recognise since she is only in discontinued comics) and uh... concerned Mylenor citizen guy.

My plan is to replace all the peoples images first, with stuff like that - two characters who have appeared in some comics per pic. Andddddddddd also I need to add some guys that I never got around to, like Dryads. And maybe others. Then I'll move to the monsters, add Felimara there and probably that's it. Maybe add another section for Undead guys (ghosts, mainly. Maybe also zombies, hhhhhrrm), maybe not. DEPENDS ON HOW I FEEL.

At some point I might add more god pages too??? But for now my plan of attack is "remove all the horribly outdated art and get some consistency in what those things look like here".

My other plan of attack is to go to sleep. Zzzzz

Tuesday 16 September

Here's today's Way Back Home update! We might see that other path sometime, in the future, in a different comic. Maybe. For now, this!

Monday 15 September

Starting off the week right, with an on-time Random Encounter update! Loki and Tella have the same dreams. That makes sense.

UMMM and this week's updates will be rather special! Personally I will enjoy them very much! Mainly because I will be skipping the weekend's updates, sorry! Got some junk to catch up on, and after Friday it seems like the perfect time to have a little break. I've got something different planned for Friday, so you'll see that when it comes >:3

Sunday 14 September

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Conclusion reached: this is the worst festival ever. Probably the last way you want your celebration to go.