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Today's comic, The Breaking, for Sunday 24th of July 2016

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Sunday 24 July

Here's this week's The Breaking! And with that I've managed to have all this week's comics done on time for a change. That is good, I would like to try to keep that up, only... oh what when did it get so late in the month! I wanted to have Random Encounter volume 0 finished this month but ummmmm whoops what is happening. Well. UMMM. Comics will continue, anyway! I'll do my best!

...Though, next week on Thursday I will be skipping the regular New Game+ update to do something dumb instead. It will still be a comic though!

Saturday 23 July

Time for this week's Death's Door comic! I guess librarians know all the goss. Also, Leo still remains ridiculously fun to draw for some reason.

Friday 22 July

IT'S TIME!!! FOR MORE RANDOM ENCOUNTER CHARACTERS!!! Though, I must admit these guys will for the most part be relegated to background characters, because we already have enough "main" characters. We just need people to fill the backgrounds and make Mana feel less embarrassed about the state of her Hero School! And, also, many of them are fun to draw! Many of them are Puyon's characters! Coincidence?? I THINK NOT

Thursday 21 July

Here's today's New Game+ update! Art, quit being a dummy, you dummy!

Sory of finding it a struggle to get comics done this week, low on time and moving slowly. Doing my best, though! Just moving at what seems like a snail's pace and falling slightly behind again. Hopefully that won't impact tomorrow's update, though!

Wednesday 20 July

It's time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Murder always seems like the easiest solution to one's problems, but then there's always this whole mess with like the police and... sheesh! Such a hassle

Tuesday 19 July

Ah, time for a New Game+ update! It uh, it is a little one today! I thought I had enough time to do Tuesday and Thursday's update tonight, but I got home rather late from work and did Thursday's page first... and then realised there was no way I had time for both. So, Nils to the rescue!

Monday 18 July

Another week, another Random Encounter update! Well, the second half of Friday's page, to start with. Ah, so O'Reilly's not that different to Zachary ater all... in some ways... kinda... Anyway! Mana has passed through this dude's school at least twice in recent memory, and he missed her both times. GG O'Reilly.

I'm starting a new job this week (sort of?? I sort of started last week but hopefully I'm going to find out what's like... going on... this week) so things might be more hectic here than before! I hope to not miss updates, but I promise nothing :V I'll do my best, though!

Sunday 17 July

Been a very crazy week. I spent most of the day sleeping instead of drawing comics, so I'm going to try to go to bed early and then be full of energy and get today's update done first thing in the morning! Here we go!!! A little late, but it's up! A double-update of The Breaking!

...with some familiar characters from The Dragon Doctors!

Saturday 16 July

It is time or this week's Death's Door update! Leo's back! Awww yeah, Leo.

Friday 15 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Just a half-page today - it's being a very peculiar week, which is leaving me very low on time.

Headmaster "Daniel O'Reilly" is considerably less fun to be around than "Zachary Dune", apparently. I'm just putting them quotation marks in to confuse the matter, don't worry. If I remember, I might make a bonus page for this volume about what the country around this school is like - briefly - as to how they manage to keep it (mostly) safe for tricksters. It mainly involves being run by followers of Jude and Altair... and maybe a few tricksters in high places too :V

Thursday 14 July

Wwwwelll it ended up being an extremely hectic day today, but I still managed to get both of this week's New Game+ pages up!

Bringing the crew back together! ...again.

And I totally spaced on linking it yesterday but I put up a DHS Wiki if you want to write anything for it. Me? I am a little behind on everything else to do much with it at the moment, but you're welcome to putter around

Wednesday 13 July

OK! Wednesday means it's time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Good person, or trickster?? J/k it's both

Also can confirm that barring any terrible equipment failure (always a possibility), New Game+ will update with the two pages tomorrow to catch up yesterday's missed update! I've got them inked, anyway, so it should be fair quick to get 'em done from there :B

Tuesday 12 July

Phew... first day back at work after holidaying in a different timezone. Along with other things going on, I'm much more exhausted than I thought I would be. So... today's update will be late, sorry!! I will try to have this page done for Thursday, so that day will be a double-update. I hope!! Just super tired, blargh.

At the very least, I got yesterday's Random Encounter page fully shaded now, so we're getting there!

Monday 11 July

Right!! Here's today's Random Encounter update!! I forgot that I had a family do on today, so I sort of ran out of time on this one. So, flat colours for now!! I want to get it shaded tomorrow, but I'll see how it goes... Anyway! More cameotimes. Kel again, and also a Turnsky. Because why not?? Yes why not.

Also an... oddly familiar... headmaster. Hrmmmmm

Sunday 10 July

Sorry! Ran out of time this week, so I'm skipping today's The Breaking update for now. Hopefully next week I'm all back in gear to keep schedule. Sorry again for all the delays this week!

Saturday 9 July

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Still moving slow on the comics front. I'm falling behind on a number of things now, so I hope that tomorrow I'm doing a bit better. Then I can try for volume 0 again, and some other things...

Also I am a doof, I forgot to mention it yesterday, but July 8 is/was* Puyon's birthday!!! Happy birthday Puyon!! Can recommend sending Puyon birthday messages on twitter and/or tumblr!!!

*We're on different timezones so that's mostly correct

Friday 8 July

It's time for today's Random Encounter update! So I guess I'm taking a break from volume 0 to work on this more current volume, but also before that I took a break from this volume to work on volume 0 so uh... ummmmm... at some point before the end of the month I hope to finish off volume 0. Sorry again for the delays! It's really not being the best month so far, bwaaagh....

Anyway, back to the comic at hand! Is the headmaster's name O'Reilly because I wrote this while sitting at an Irish bar? ...maybe. But I've had his design down for a long time so I'm looking forward to drawing him, mwahaha. And... Cameooooos! There's two on this page and they've both appeared previously. The cat belongs to Tempest, she used her in a guest volume a long time ago and I don't think she has a name but I dig her design! And the other is Keleth is Keleth is a cool Keleth.

I guess I should point out that the trick to getting a cameo in a DHS comic is to have a reference picture and bug me on twitter. That's not how come these two got cameos, but it's a trick that seems to work.

Thursday 7 July

Here's today's New Game+ update! Luckily an easy page for me to draw tonight, when it's just one character it certainly goes by quick. I'll try to return to a normal schedule from today, but I'm moving very slowly so no promises things will be timely.

Not totally sure what I'll do with tomorrow's Random Encounter update either, I did want to finish volume 0 before I moved on with the actual current volume, but... I did want to carry on with the actual current volume. I'll see what I can do.

Current owed pages: still just the last 3-ish pages of RE volume 0

Wednesday 6 July

OK, I am home now from holiday so here is a late Random Encounter update! There are only twoooo pages and a redo of the wrap-up volume left for this thing, so once those are done I will be all caught up on missed updates. I am not sure what will update tomorrow, maybe more volume 0, maybe return to normal updates, or maybe umm nothing. Depends. If I miss NG+ I'll catch up on it later. It's just. Well. I did just get home from flying all over the place. Very tired, quite jetlagged, and I came home to very sad news about one of my pets so also generally very sad. I will see what I can do though, sorry about the delays

Monday 4 July

I am within a stone's throw of being done with the next page. However!! Nearly done is not actually done, so really I have nothing. Except!! Puyon was wonderful enough to draw me this filler art to tide us over while we waiiiit... for me to return home on Wednesday! If I am not totally wrecked from 30 hours of travel again I will endeavour to get the next RE page up then. Otherwise, I will update it on Thursday, and either way then I will update the counter of which pages I've missed that will need updating at some point.

And so... Merlin, awayyyy

Sunday 3 July

And I guess it's time for yet another Random Encounter update! And time to intro... horselegs- I mean Delta!!

Still haven't gotten that next page done, but errrrr something will go up tomorrow. Probably!! Hopefully that comic, but otherwise something else....

Saturday 2 July

Right! Time for another Random Encounter update! Time to intro... Jinx! And his very nice ears.

Still on holiday!! Having a ball. Very nice to be away and with friends. Tomorrow!! More Random Encounter. The day after that!! Well I don't have a page finished just yet, but hopefully, more Random Encounter

Friday 1 July

OK!! I don't know what day it is but my computer tells me it's Friday so that means it's time for a Random Encounter update!! Yes, it's time to go finish the last little bits of volume 0! And I guess that means it's time to shift to Danni!

I have not actually finished all the pages I hope to run while I'm on holiday, but it is a start. I'll keep trying to update roughly this time every day until I run out :P and then I will be home and attempt to return to normal updates next Wednesday-ish! And as usual I will catch up any missed updates

And ummmmm haha actually however many years ago when I started reworking volume 0 the first page I tried to get done was a Danni page. This is the third time I've tried to do her section, so third time's te charm I suppose!

Thursday 30 June (early)

It's very cold, and very early, here's tomorrow's New Game+ update!

Friday's update will be at... some time. Probably in two or three days. Because timezones :V