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Sunday 26 April

Here's today's The Breaking comic! Considering nobody in Random Encounter got kicked out so far, Dyaris must either have gone to a much better hero school or been much worse than any of those guys, hmmmm... oh well! I'm sure we'll find out eventually*

*in a very very long time

Saturday 25 April

Saturrrrdaaaaay! Yes, good! Here's today's New Game+ update! Yeah yeah, back to our actually-are-main-character crew! Or several of them, at least. And Grain being totes inappropes, as usual.

Friday 24 April

Well it is Friday. This is good! There is also a new Random Encounter update! This is... hmm. Claw, what did I say? You should have stuck with the plan...Um. I do seem to enjoy being mean to my characters sometimes. That's just the way it is.


Bet Mana would be mad about that too...

Oh, I know what I can post that would be nice! Puyon gave me some very nice fan art that I've been hanging onto for just this occasion!


Thursday 23 April

Here's today's Way Back Home comic! Y'know, I've thought about it, and actually that doesn't seem like a problem at all, so settle down Matti (ya jerk).

Poor Talon just can't seem to catch a break though.

Wednesday 22 April

Here's this week's Peony update! Giving the grey fox a name, and failing to give Daisy a new name. OK I know we all know what Daisy's new name is but it's like a journey or something. Haha.

Tuesday 21 April

Tuesday means newwww Way Back Home comic! WELL. Those two held it together for as long as they could. At least they won't keep Zamil waiting much longer. Always look on the bright side of... yeah!

Manticores have two rows of teeth. Manticores are rad as hell and I should draw more of them.

Monday 20 April

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Claw started off with a sort of OK plan. It did not last. Claw, this is not going to end well. Claw you should have stuck with the plan.

Sunday 19 April

Ok, Ok! Comics time! I got yesterday's New Game+ update done! Cameos and that one light power feathry (no the other one). Mainly fun with cameos though, mwahaaaa. These ones of course are from The Epsilon Project! And I got another page done for the buffer so this comic won't be late next week, at least.

Anyway, there's also today's The Breaking update! Lavender's getting all weird. Weirder...? Anyway, not sure what I'm waiting for most in this comic y'know. It's either the return of Deimi or the entrance of the cat guardian. Neither of which are super relevant just yet but.... comics

Saturday 18 April

sorry to have to do this, but due to tablet woes today's New Game+ comic will be delayed until tomorrow! It's well under way, but... tablets! Bunch of jerks. I seem to have terrible luck with them, I swear... can't get a single one to last through a year (but hey at least this one lasted better than the single month the one prior to it held up to).

Hooray for extended warranties. Boo for brand-new tablets, because that new surface is such a butt to draw on and now I need to like, break it in and stuff?? Pshaw.

New Game+! Updates tomorrow. Sorry again!

Friday 17 April

Here's today's Random Encounter update! OK so I might not own a dog, but I'm pretty sure that's what they do. They get all wiggly and there's nothing you can do about it. Am I thinking of dogs, or something else... hmm... I'm pretty sure everything goes all wiggly. Dogs, cats, small children... yeah. Sounds correct.

Anyway... what? Oh. Well. Things aren't really looking perfect for Paige. Claw should really do something heroic about that or... hmm. WELL. Something. We'll seeeeeeeeee.... And I should really... work on tomorrow's New Game+ update!

Thursday 16 April

Woo, Thursday means new Way Back Home comic! Another title page! Well, there's only one more title page left after that, actually... breeeezing through these last chapters, I tell ya! Penultimate chapter time, time for Matthias to continue being... Matthias. Sheesh Matthias, there's stiff competition for 'worst guy in this comic' but you're elevating yourself up there buddy.

Well, he's no Elle's racist dad so... I guess he gets a pass.

Wednesday 15 April

Here's today's Peony comic! (ex-) Princess Daisy is such a nice friend sometimes (all the times). And also... the introduction of the lady from the cover! Because well she's kind of important, I suppose! And grey foxes are fun to draw: FACT

Tuesday 14 April

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Things are about to go down? Things are about to go downnnnn. Sheesh, Matti, you're not even being subtle about it...

Anywayyyyy welcome to everybody who clicked through from DMFA! Site's a bit messy at the moment, but up along the top is allllll the comics I draws here. They're all set in the same world, but they're all separate stories. And for those of you who didn't come from DMFA, I do love drawin' fancomics, yessss.

Monday 13 April

Another week, another set of comics! So let's start with another page of Random Encounter, in which things are happening! Good things? Bad things? Uh... seems to be mostly the latter at the moment...

Drew a lot of comics over the weekend, it was pretty good! But... didn't get everything I wanted done. Bwah, it keeps happening. I make so many plans, and then the video games, they call to me... that and just plain procrastinating. Two excellent hobbies. But I'm caught up, so that's at least a start. I just want to try to get some more bits and pieces done for the buffers, June does keep getting closer! And I want to draw some more comics for friends. Always, forever!

Sunday 12 April

Here I am with today's The Breaking comic! Bit of a break from the action. Sometimes rabbits are jerks, that is for sure. And I would have called the rabbit guardian "Heath" except that name was already taken by Daisy's brother, d'oh! Too many cool plant names my friends. Too many cool plant names. Also I do sometimes find it a bit hard to keep track of so many characters, haha. Not doing too badly though, apart from Mana Ryushin and Mana Ahmad (which was obviously intentional) I've only got two other dudes who share a name at the moment. That could change as I continue to add a million characters, yessss.

or I could be wrong and have missed some other shared names, that's always a possibility :P

Saturday 11 April

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Hooray, these guys are alive and mostly well! ...ah, no wait, none of these are the person we're waiting to see if he's OK. Well. Nevermind then. I'm sure Art will show up eventually.

Friday 10 April

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Sorry, the colour will be a bit delayed - very busy this week! But I figured a full-page which slightly delayed colour would be better than another half-page, yessss. Colour should be up sometime over the weekend!

And... well hey after all that I can't let these guys go through town without hitting any snags, can I? Mwaha

Thursday 9 April

Welll guess it's time for another Way Back Home update! Back to these people. Mana is the smartest person in this scene. Fact. Merlin is the sleepiest person in this room. Fact. Also the only person, but that's neither here nor there. Time for a sleep! And then a Random Encounter update tomorrow!