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Today's comic, New Game+, for Thursday 27th of October 2016

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Thursday 27 October

Here we are, it's time for a New Game+ update! Lots of scaler hugs, yes.

Ummm oh! Look at the time. Guess what hey it's nearly Halloween! What I really wanted to do was to draw up a Halloween volume over the weekend and get it all posted on Monday, but since I've been so unwell, that really doesn't seem like something that will work. So my new plan is... Halloween volume starts tomorrow and will run until Tuesday! Surprise!!

Wednesday 26 October

Here's today's Dhark's Hero School comic! ...oh dear. Things are looking even worse for Puyon than last week D:

Tuesday 25 October

Feeling sick in new and terrible ways, ugh. I hate this month. I've got more scans ahead so... woo. I'm taking tonight off to lie on the couch and feel terrible. Thankfully Keej was kind enough to send me a bunch of really nice fanart to post while I'm feeling under the weather!

Monday 24 October

It's time for a Random Encounter update! Feels like it's been a while since I drew a page for that. UMMM you know the drill, partial colour for now because everything goes so dang slow while I am ill, urghhhh. Hopefully I'll be able to colour it tomorrow, if not then the day after. Idk, doctor's appointment tomorrow so hopefully everything goes well, then more comics I guess

Sunday 23 October

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Another partial colour for now. But I've gotten Death's Door and New Game+ coloured proper now, so that's good! Slowly catching up. I'll get this one coloured tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to update Random Encounter tomorrow too

Saturday 22 October

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Well, just flat-colour for now. I'm hoping to shade this one and finish colouring Thursday's NG+ update some time in the morning... I'll see how it goes.

Lots of cameos this week, mwaha. First panel's a touch obvious, second panel's got a few familiar faces from The Dragon Doctors and third panel's got a swell fellow from The Epsilon Project! And now I'm to bed zzz i hate this week

Friday 21 October

Taking it very slowly at the moment! No comic update for today, and I'm listing the missed updates on my little post-it there. Not sure that I'll be able to catch up on all of them, but I'd like to keep track regardless. Anyway! I've got some lovely fanart today to tide things over. And umm oh yeah! I'm also trying to catch up on Random Encounter character art, since I didn't manage to get all the new characters drawn out before the current volume. So I've of course still got the page of all of them at this place, and the newest one is just below!

Thursday 20 October

Well, I managed to colour last week's NG+ update, and I also managed to get a partial colour done for today's New Game+ update! I'll try to get it coloured before the end of the week, but I am going to be taking it slowly for a while. I doubt there will be a Random Encounter page tomorrow, but there will be something (probably fanart).

Wednesday 19 October

Totally spaced while I was writing Monday's update, forgot that of course we've got a Wednesday update, because it's time for this week's Dhark's Hero School comic! Things... aren't looking great for Puyons D: oh nooo

Not sure if I'll update tomorrow with a comic, but I'll have something to put up. Fanart or comic, we'll see (more likely not a comic)

(late) Monday 17 October

OK. So. Here is a very late Random Encounter update! It's a delightful guest strip by the ever delightful Puyon!

So... the reason why this comic is late. I've been in hospital since Sunday morning. I'm not sure when I'll be able to update next, but it certainly won't be tomorrow. I've been released now, but I still feel rather ill. Really ill. It'll probably take me 5-6 weeks to heal fully, but hopefully I will soon start feeling much less ill, enough to draw comics instead of just grumbling loudly.

Anyway that was my weekend, woo. Some really nice friends have drawn me fanart to tide me over on missed updates, but I don't think I'll put anything up tomorrow since I've updated so late today (it's only 6 hours until my normal Tuesday update time). I'll keep y'all updated on my progress and do my best to get better and draw comics :V wanna draw more comics

Sunday 16 October

Ugh. Very annoyed with how sick I continue to be. It's been two weeks, that's not cool. Back to the doctor's with me next week... but for now, uhh, not a comic update today. This is all less than ideal, blargh. At this rate I'm going to have trouble doing the traditional Halloween comic at the end of the month and that's not ok??? C'MON BODY GET IT TOGETHER.

Today being an election day didn't help either, meant I had considerably less time to get everything done in, which would have been fine if I wasn't also so sick. Tch. Hopefully tomorrow is better! Got a lot of comics! I want to draw them!!

Saturday 15 October

A day late, but here's a Random Encounter update! Sorry I was too sick yesterday to finish it, I was also too sick to write a news post to explain that which was most unlike me. It was pretty bad. But I'm a little better today. I think. I'll see about catching up on Death's Door, not totally sure if I'll be able to do that this week or not. And still need to colour Thursday's comic, yes.

Thursday 13 October

I'm still trying to feel less sick, but in the meantime here's a New Game+ update! Well, partial colour for now, as that's all I've managed to get done so far. I should have full colour up before the end of the week!

Tomorrow: hopefully a dang Random Encounter update!

Wednesday 12 October

It's time! For this week's Dhark's Hero School comic! What is the probably of this going well...? Place your bets!!

Not sure if I'll be able to update tomorrow or not, I'm actually quite annoyed about this, I feel like I am becoming sick again in a different way. SUPER ANNOYING. Hopefully it is not so bad. Me, I'm cranky

Tuesday 11 October

...I may have pushed it too hard, going back to work right away. But it'll be ok. Right now I need to sleep more and then I can work harder! So I'm taking today off drawing any comics. Well. I got the next two pages sketched but I'm not sure when I can work on them (hopefully at least one in time for Thursday, ha ha...) so! For now I've put today's page on the ol' IOU list, so I will catch up a bit later as I sleep noww zzzz

Monday 10 October

Time for today's Random Encounter update! Loki... still not sure why she should be fighting Colfer. And... though I managed to keep up last week there's more possibility of me falling behind this week! Feeling pretty well, which is a good start. But I'm behind on layouts since I was so sick last week, and this weekend's an election weekend so I'll be pretty busy then... well... I'll see what I can do!

Sunday 9 October

End of a week, means it's time for an update of The Breaking! Not sure how I managed to keep all the updates ticking over here this week, considering how garbage I have felt all week. Probably kept upright by a burning desire to not fall behind so soon after getting caught up... Anyway! Hopefully the rest of the month goes by more smoothly..

Saturday 8 October

What's that? It's time for this week's Death's Door update! And after pretty much an entire week of being ill I think I might be feeling better. Well. Still achey but I can sit upright for upwards of an hour without being sick, so everything is coming good imo.

Friday 7 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Well, partial partial colour for now... I still am too sick to stay upright for long periods of time. Tomorrow! Better be better...

And hey, Mana knows what's up. Loki... uh... less so. She'll figure it out eventually... or have it spelled out for her

Edit: colour's up now, might need to refresh to see it

Thursday 6 October

Here's today's New Game+ update! More rainbows, more rainbows...

There is a very good chance there will be no update tomorrow. I'm still very sick. Like, can't-sit-upright-for-more-than-a-few-minutes-at-a-stretch sick. Which is making it impossible to really comic. Luckily New Game+ was all inked on Monday, but now I'm fresh out of prepared things, so... we'll see. Maybe I'll be well tomorrow.

Wednesday 5 October

It's time for this week's Dhark's Hero School update! ...ouch

Yesterday's New Game+ is now in colour, too. Not sure yet if tomorrow's will be in colour or not, I'm much sicker today. Maybe that means tomorrow I'll be better though and all the comics will be done, yes

(normal time) Tuesday 4 October

And now New Game+ is up! But.. no colour for now. I'm still feeling very ill. But comics. something something. Umm.. I'll try to get this coloured tomorrow, or the day after. Whatever happens, Dhark's Hero Stories will definitely update tomorrow, and I have more non-coloured New Game+ for Thursday (hopefully I feel better and can colour that before then, we'll see). For now... blurgh

(early) Tuesday 4 October

Hey guess what it's time for an early surprise extra Random Encounter update! I wanted to try to get this page done yesterday for a double-update, since I've owed that extra page that I missed two months ago, but hey now works just fine as well!

...I have been very ill today though, so I'm not sure yet whether I'll manage today's New Game+ update. But I will try my best!

Monday 3 October

A new week, a new Random Encounter comic! Wrath confirmed for sneakiest so-and-so at DHS.

Sunday 2 October

It is time for this week's The Breaking update! And time for things to go wrong. No boring journeys allowed!

Saturday 1 October

Comic is sketched, and for once I am not egregiously behind on pages, so it will certainly update in the morning! ...But I've got horrendous cramps today so I am going to bed early and taking it slow. Tomorrow! Comic!!

Comic is now up!! Sorry for the delay!

Friday 30 September

Here I am with today's Random Encounter comic! I know, I know. There's one very important question that needs to be answered here. Are Saturn's arms tired from carrying Mogki for so long?? Yes. They have been tired since halfway to DHS but Mogki is clingier than a cat

Thursday 29 September

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Hey Alyssa! Finally!! It has been a long while since she last appeared, huh?

Wednesday 28 September

It's time for this week's Dhark's Hero School update! If anything Puyon should probably yell louder.

Tuesday 27 September

Here's today's New Game+ update! Either Grain's not a morning person, or he's really not happy about being back in this neck of the woods, hrmmmm

Monday 26 September

All caught up, so here's today's Random Encounter comic! Well regardless of whatever else is going on, Mort is having a great time.

(late) Sunday 25 September

OK!! Time for this week's The Breaking update! Now I just... gotta buckle down and hopefully update Random Encounter in time for tomorrow! 6 hours to go! Woo!

Sunday 25 September

Bwoop! Aimed for the stars today (the stars in this instance is... catching up on older missed comics), and managed a double-update for Death's Door! ...only.... now I'm behind on The Breaking :V

Ah, that's OK... it's sketched, so I'll aim to have it up later today/tomorrow...