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Comic for Monday, 11th December 2017 will be delayed

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Monday 11 December

Ughh... didn't really want to have another delayed update, but I'm feeling very sick and got another hospital trip to look forward to today so didn't quite manage an update yet, sorry! Assuming I don't have to stay overnight I'll try to get today's page finished for tomorrow! It should be doable...

Sunday 10 December

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Just one problem with that whole thing, Deimi... or more than one problem.

Saturday 9 December

Just flats for now on this week's Fall comic! I'm hoping to get it shaded in the morning! Feeling really sick today, ugh.

Edit: shading's up now!

Friday 8 December

Here I am with today's Random Encounter update! Azure continues to be terrible at this. That can happen.

Thursday 7 December

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Well.... it is Col, he had to do that eventually

Wednesday 6 December

Time for this week's Darkness Falls! And making it a double-update because... why not. Hi Saturn! Bye Saturn...

Tuesday 5 December

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Bug-people. Yeah I definitely need to update that part of the site. I've got plans for that next year... so many plans :V

Monday 4 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Got some good work done on the next page, but didn't quite get it finished so no double-update today. Another day, then! Gotta catch up at some point, running out of days in the year I think...

Sunday 3 December

Time to cap off another week with an update of The Breaking! I think this begins the point where I diverge the story far from what my initial notes are... but that's OK! Most people won't notice anyway, mwa ha haaaaa.

Saturday 2 December

Just on time! ...or like half an hour late. Close enough?? At any rate, here's this week's page of Fall! Sure has been a while since the last page, heh. I forgot how much fun young-Jake and Lia are to draw!

Friday 1 December

Hey! I finally managed to get a Friday update done on time for a change! Here's today's Random Encounter update! Now with 100% more Jake!

M....maybe I can do a double-update again on Monday even though I didn't miss an update today. Then I would finally be all caught up for the first time since I started getting really sick?? Who knows! Guess I'll see how the weekend goes.

Also might be getting ahead of myself, I still gotta get Fall updated tomorrow, and hoo that is a comic that I haven't drawn for a while so we'll see how that goes! Hopefully well, but we'll see

Thursday 30 November

More new comics! ...Though I already posted the first three of these as a teaser in August, it's time for this comic to start updating properly! Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Got the site all set up for the new comics, adjusted the schedule properly, so... Hopefully I can keep updating on time! I'm still really sick, so I'll have to see what I can manage. Hopefully I can manage Random Encounter tomorrow, and then the day after Fall will finally start getting proper updates!

Wednesday 29 November

Time for a new comic!! And that new comic is... Darkness Falls!

This was a story idea I've had for the past year... mashed in with some familiar faces. And some new ones! It takes place a few years after Random Encounter, when Danni is a full-fledged hero! As is Mez, who is one of the newer students, and Niles, who isn't a student at DHS yet (as of Random Encounter) but would be one of the next lot of new kids.

Anyway! I could go on, but it would be better to show instead of tell, so you'll just have to wait!

Tuesday 28 November

I can't believe the day has finally come... but this is it, the final volume of New Game+. The comic is finally over...

I hope you enjoyed reading this comic as much as I enjoyed making it!

I could wax nostalgic for ages. About the old New Game and the decision to reboot it into something more focussed... staying up late in a little hotel room in Vancouver when I was briefly er, between leases, shall we say, and writing the outline for what would become New Game+. Ah! So many memories. I'm gonna miss all these characters...

...but! More comics shall come. Tomorrow: a new comic!

Monday 27 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Once again catching up on missed Friday updates... Hopefully this week is better for comic-making and I don't miss any!

That said, tomorrow will be the last pages of New Game+, then Wednesday will be a new comic to replace Death's Door, and I'll reshuffle the updates at that point to put in the replacements for New Game+'s update days (which will be Mysteries of the Obscured on Tuesday/Thursday and Fall on Saturdays... probably). So! Now I rest, and tomorrow, comics

Sunday 26 November

Catching up today with two updates! First we've got the regular update for The Breaking!

Then I decided I'd better catch up on the update I missed yesterday, with a New Game+ update!

So! I did update just one New Game+ page today to make up for yesterday's update, even though I said the next page is done and I'd post them together... Well! I sat down today and finished all of the remainder of New Game+! This page is the last page of the current volume, so I thought it would be better to have a breakpoint here and on Tuesday I will post the remaining pages. And then... new comics!

Saturday 25 November

More delays... but at least in this case I can confidently say when New Game+ next updates it will be with a double-page update because I got the page after this one already prepared, haha... But I think that will be Tuesday, I'm still quite tired and sick. So I will sleep... and get to drawing tomorrow. MORE DRAWING LESS BEING ILL

Friday 24 November

Rrrreally feeling sick today. I sure would like to be able to drink some water but no I am just all queasy at the moment again/still. And tired... so I'm going to take a rest, and unfortunately today's comic will be delayed! I do want to get it done though, I am sick but I am also sick of missed updates. I will try to have this one caught up on by Monday, might end up being a bit like last week... but I've got this one sketched and it's not a particularly difficult page (unless I just jinxed it) so hopefully I will get it done over the next few days!

There was probably some other stuff I was going to say but I'm a bit tired and seem to have forgotten it. I'm sure if I remember what it was it can wait until tomorrow's newspost.

Thursday 23 November

Here's today's New Game+ update! Getting perilously close to the end of this volume... and after that there's just a little bit of epilogue. I'm not totally sure, depends on if I can catch up on that missed update, not miss any more updates and make sure the epilogue is just a little bit... but New Game+ might be finishing next week!

Wednesday 22 November

Here's this week's Death's Door update! 100 pages and... we're done! Comic's done!! Yep, that's the last page of Death's Door. I did say earlier there would be a sequel, and I certainly have one planned... but I think I will take a little break from these three's shenanigans for a little while instead of starting the sequel immediately. Instead, starting next week there will be a new comic. Once that's done... maybe more Death's Door!

What comic will that be??? I'll let you know next week, but it probably won't be the one you're expecting. At the moment I'm thinking once New Game+ ends I'll run Fall on Saturdays and Mysteries of the Obscured on Tuesday/Thursday, so what does that leave for Wednesday....?

Of course, I do change my mind often. So whatever updates next Wednesday might even be a surprise to me

Tuesday 21 November

Somehow keeping the double-update train rolling??? Here's a double New Game+ comic! Getting perilously close to like, being caught up on missed updates. But I keep staying up late to get comics done so errr I might get all tuckered out and miss updates a bit later in the week, haha. It's a delicate balance that I'm not sure I'm quite managing. But! For now there's lots of comics hey

Monday 20 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Caught up on Friday's update finally and now I sleep zzzzz

Sunday 19 November

Didn't quite manage to do a Random Encounter update, but I did manage to do a double The Breaking update! Err... gonna try really hard to do a double Random Encounter update tomorrow!! Not sure if I'll mange but I will try.

Saturday 18 November

Here's today's New Game+ comic!

And I'm hoping to update Random Encounter tomorrow, hopefully alongside The Breaking!! Just gotta have a day of good health, that will help.

Friday 17 November

Another late update today, sorry! I haven't been feeling quite as sick as usual these past two days which is nice, but still not really feeling great. And super busy, oof. And tired! I don't want to push it too hard, so I'm going to put tonight's comic off for a little while. It'll definitely be done before the end of the week! It's just not done tonight. Sorry for the continued delays! Man I cannot wait to be not sick, then I'm gonna be able to draw so many comics...

Thursday 16 November

Here's today's New Game+ comic!

Wednesday 15 November

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Poor Pix, he's not a terrible cop at all.

Tuesday 14 November

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Go on, what's the worst that could happen?

Monday 13 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! I also got around to colouring the previous page finally. And also if you missed it, Death's Door updated super late yesterday. Comics!! Hopefully I can draw more of 'em this week! (probably I will continue to miss a lot of updates, stupid sick body)

(late) Sunday 12 November

Here's a late Death's Door update! The Breaking... won't update this week, but hopefully next week??

Sunday 12 November

Still bein sick in lieu of doing comics. Also had to work this weekend so all the time in the world is not mine. But! Gonna try to do two comics tomorrow to try to make up for at least one of the updates I missed lately! Gonna do my best!!

Saturday 11 November

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Well, we didn't miss Grain for very long. But I still missed drawing him. Choo choo all aboard the grain train

Friday 10 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! But just lines for now. Still doing pretty poorly health-wise this week, so moving extra slowly. Hoping to get this coloured before Monday though!

Thursday 9 November

Here's today's New Game+ comic!

Wednesday 8 November

More being sick today. Cannot recommend! I'll be happy when this lets up a bit, that'll make it easier to focus on drawing... Anyway! The next Death's Door page is well on the way, but definitely won't be done tonight. I'm getting really close to the end of this one though, so I'm going to do my best to get this page up by the end of the week! For now I gotta rest up, this illness is really knocking me around lately

Tuesday 7 November

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Got a bunch of sketches done today so hopefully I don't miss any New Game+ updates this week!

Monday 6 November

Haha... I had so many plans for all the comics I wanted to get done this weekend! But alas my terrible body had other plans. Anyway... Hopefully this week will be better!!! But in the meantime, here's a Random Encounter update! ..Well, just a little bit of a filler page today, bad form to start a volume with filler but also lol not the first time I done that. Darius is always fun to write as a big dope so there's that! Aaaand yeah. Already said hopefully this week is better, but YEAH THAT. Got lots of comics I want to do, yessss

Sunday 5 November

Home now, but really not feeling too flash hot. Going to try to get some sleep and see if I can get this comic done in the morning...

Comic's up! Sorry for the delay!

Saturday 4 November

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Yeah, of course it's those two. Don't have that many other golems we know! And ummm gonna try to get those two missed New Game+ updates caught up this month! Not sure if I'll manage but I'll do my best!

Wish me luck in hospital today tooooo hopefully I am only there for a few hours this time and then I'm re-energised to DRAW STUFF :P

Friday 3 November

Still feeling pretty atrocious, but ehhhh whatever. Here's today's Random Encounter update! Time for a new volume, yesss. I'm thinking this one will be fairly short?? But I'm often bad at estimating these things. It's also like, probably one of the first 3 Random Encounter stories I came up with?? Kickin' it old school.

Thursday 2 November

Calling this one early tonight, I'm too sick to manage this update, sorry! Gonna be going into hospital for a bit this weekend too so I might miss more updates, but we'll see. Should be OK, just moving slowly. Tomorrow's update is a title page so I should get that done, at least! See yaaaa tomorrow!

Wednesday 1 November

Welcome to November! Hopefully this rubbish year is almost over and also next year is much much better. Here's this week's Death's Door update! Pix is the best policeman ever and I'm sure whatever he is about to say isn't completely ridiculous.

Tuesday 31 October

Happy Halloween! Here's a completely non-Halloweeny New Game+ comic! Who will the volunteers be?? That's right, it's going to be two copies of Xelyos, the time-travelling golem who I have never actually drawn in a comic or named on-site but I feel I have probably drawn her at least twice. That seems likely.

Monday 30 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! And capping off the last of the Halloween volume, just before Halloween. While I'm sure I could stretch it out further... I think it's about time to start the next volume instead!

Sunday 29 October

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Guess that clears that up, so I suppppppose we can go back to some of the other characters next week :P

Still feeling really sick, blargh. Feeling sicker than I have been since last time I ended up having to stay in hospital so that's not a whole lot of fun. Hopefully things get better over the coming week, so I can focus on drawing comics and not on being sick!

Saturday 28 October

Alllmost faltered on today's update, but hey I'm here with a New Game+ comic! And now I'm going to bed zzzz

Friday 27 October

Time for today's Random Encounter update! Oscar isn't going to sneak into the main cast, I just really liked drawing bats this week. DRAWING BATS, YEAH

It seems hiiiiighly likely that I'll miss tomorrow's update. I'll do my best, but... we'll see. Super busy, and very sick this week.

Thursday 26 October

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Er, just lines for now, ran out of time to finish it up properly. Working late and being sick: two great tastes that taste great together. Well... today should be a short day, so hopefully I'll get this one coloured after work! And also catch up on some other things and also get Random Encounter done for tomorrow. Hopefully! ...unless I'm wrong and end up working super late again, haha. WELL um. We'll see!

Edit: Colour's up now!

Wednesday 25 October

Here I am with this week's Death's Door update! The triumphant return of Pix and Mina, who are great and I missed drawing them!