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Today's comic, The Breaking, for Sunday 11th of December 2016

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Sunday 11 December

And now it's time for this week's The Breaking update! Get on with it?? Oh I guess so

Saturday 10 December

Here's this week's Death's Door update! ...Tish. Please.... put the flowers on the floor so I don't have to draw them

Friday 9 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! A double-update, for ummm pretty much no real reason. Except I would like to try to get this volume finished before the end of the year, which is a bit of a stretch but if I just manage a few extra updates here and there, mayyyybe possible. So I'll try that rather than do anything sensible like building a buffer or what have you.

Thursday 8 December

Here's today's New Game+ update! Another cat out of the bag...

There's also been an update to Mariam's cast page art for Dhark's Hero Stories! Puyon's done a lovely piece for it, check it out:

Wednesday 7 December

Dhark's Hero Stories will not be updating this week, but in lieu of that there is a new page of Random Encounter! Monday's page is also now fully-coloured.

Also, as it is Wednesday, there's a new cast page update for Dhark's Hero Stories! This week we've got the lovely Martelle and his lovely wings!

Tuesday 6 December

Time for today's New Game+ update! This place looks familiar. Good thing it's in a very dry climate, helps stop things from deteriorating too far.

Monday 5 December

Right, here's today's Random Encounter update! Just flat-colour for now, shading to follow. Which I know I've been saying a lot lately! But hopefully now that I'm all caught up there will be less of this. Hopefully things are settling down now. We'll see...

Anyway, there's Mwali. She doesn't care about the whole light power/dark power thing per se, she just hates that the curse killed Loki's mum and messed up her face. And she hates Tella, but that's sort of related to that whole shebang. She is also, a jerk, but I have been saying that for a while I think.

Sunday 4 December

All caught up, with today's The Breaking double-update! Er.... or that is, after I've had a nap and come back and coloured that properly I'll be 100% caught up, just flat-colour for now! Got home too late and ummm it's like 1.30am and I probably shouldn't stay up too late on top of that. So.... zzzz see you in the proper morning with proper colours.

Edit: Shading's done! If you can't see it, you may need to refresh

Saturday 3 December

Death's Door is... well it has updated! Two pages, in fact! But uhh... as seems to be a bit common Saturday mornings, there's no colour just yet. Still sick, been a very busy week, and I'm working this weekend too so... little hard to find time for everything. But hey! Double-update, so once I get the colour up - hopefully a little later today - then I'll be all caught up on Death's Door. And then... there's just The Breaking left to catch up on! Which is not too bad, considering last month I was an entire week behind. Mwahahaaaa comics

edit: coloured now! You may need to refresh to see it.

Friday 2 December

OK!!!! To make up for missed updates, today's Random Encounter update is three pages!!

now i sleep zzzz

Thursday 1 December

A new month, and a new New Game+ volume! I feel like we're getting close to the end of this one, but... really there's still quite a bit left to go! Anyway... onwards we go! I intend to get caught up on missed comics this week, and then the rest of the month... well, we'll see! What I'd really like is to finish the current Random Encounter volume this month, but mmm that is not very likely, haha. Oh well!

Anyway! There's also a fantastic new pic for Puyon's bio page, as drawn by... Puyon!

Wednesday 30 November

Hey, look! Puyon's hand is on the mend, so this week there's a new page of Dhark's Hero Stories! Things still looking a bit dire for comic-Puyon though, hey?

There's also a new character bio page, this week it's time for Mariam!

So that's all excellent news! Me I'm still sick but I think updates should continue fine for the rest of the week. Tomorrow's New Game+ update is the title page for the next volume, so it'll be a little ... less exciting. But after that I want to try to do some double-page updates to round out the week, so I can finally get caught up on the comics I missed. So, definitely Friday will have a double-update.

Tuesday 29 November

Time for today's New Game+ update! Just shoot magic everywhere in the sky, people don't like that.

Monday 28 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Oh Colfer, you scamp. ...of course, as she says, being scattered there's a lot of different opinions in light/dark powers. But... Colfer might not actually know more about that than Loki, who was of course actually raised by light powers. Colfer just had a different point of view. The Kiborns were very warlike, but then so were the dark powers who retaliated against 'em.

And as Mort's initial reaction to Loki's last name shows, the first thought normally is immediate violence. Colfer doesn't advertise being a dark power though, and if it never comes up then violence can't really follow.

Sunday 27 November (late)

It's late but it's here! Today's The Breaking update! Why did it take me so long to draw a Syrras, she's one of my fave characters? HRMMMMMmmmm

I'm also sick again, so that is great/not great. Just a cold this time, I think. Still waiting to find out what is wrong with my lungs though, since it's been a while since my xray I'm guesssssing it's nothing major? IDK man this year sucks

Saturday 26 November

Mmmmm here's the inks for this week's Death's Door update! Looks like tomorrow is once again going to be a day for catching up on colour, huh? Ah well...

Edit: colour's up now, refresh if you can't see it

Edit2: Random Encounter's now coloured as well!

Friday 25 November

Well! I got yesterday's New Game+ coloured, and Monday's Random Encounter coloured, then I had a little bit of time and I really don't want to fall much farther behind on pages than I am now, so I did get another page of Random Encounter updated! Though, once again, no colour yet as it is 1am and I should really go to bed, work in about 7 hours now, ha ha. Anyway! Things continue to be busy, so busy. But I'm hopeful I'll be able to not fall behind any further on comics, and maybe even catch up on some pages. Maybe~

Thursday 24 November

Here's today's New Game+ update! ...no colour for now, super busy day. Busy week, really. I'm thinking tomorrow is going to be much busier though, so probably instead of a new Random Encounter page I'm going to play catchup and get this page coloured and Monday's page coloured and catch up on some other things... busy, busy, busy!

Wednesday 23 November

Hey it's Wednesday!! Time for things!

First up there's a surprise Fall update! Why not, Jake is fun to drawwww. Will shade this at some point P: not sure when...

Second of all it is Wednesday so it's time for another fab Dhark's Hero Stories character page! This week we've got Anna! Once again, yeah feathries!!

Puyon's hand is healing nicely so that is also awesome news!

Tuesday 22 November

It's time for today's New Game+ update! Well. Hrmmm.... that's very bad breakfast manners imo

Monday 21 November

Here I am with today's Random Encounter update! No colour, for now, sorry. Getting there slowlyyyyy. I'll try to get it coloured sometime in the next two days. Hoping this week goes well!

Sunday 20 November

It's time for an update of The Breaking! Dyaris is still sort of slowly piecing things together. He'll get there in the end... maybe.

Saturday 19 November

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Unfortunately at this time I only got the inks done, no colour yet but I'm working on it! Hope to have it all up tomorrow. For now... hey it's Ra!

Edit: Colour's up! Refresh if you can't see it

Friday 18 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! M8 tricksters are just outing themselves all over the place this week, huh?

Thursday 17 November

OK!! Here I am with today's New Game+ update! Zack. Zack... I mean Grain. That was probably The Wrong Thing To Say.

Wednesday 16 November

The slow month continues, because I haven't been able to finish colouring these but at least I did get inks done for a double-update for New Game+! Bit slower than I'd like (today was a day for another exciting hospital adventure), but there will be an update tomorrow as well so hopefully I can get all this mess coloured in the meantime toooo. And then!! I'll be all caught up on missed New Game+ pages! Then it's just... the rest of them

As well as that, it's Wednesday!! That means there's also a new Dhark's Hero Stories cast page, and this week it is Ember! Heck yes to feathry characters, all the times

Tuesday 15 November

Sorry! As I'm back in for tests todayyyy I was too busy fussing around to draw a comic update. I did get Random Encounter coloured though, if you can't see it you'll need to refresh. But I think tomorrow I will be able to finish a New Game+ update (or two?? I want to try to do a double-update to make up for it!). Until then!

Monday 14 November

It's time for today's Random Encounter update! The triumphant arrival of Az and co, finally! And Loki is not a very accurate purveyor of information, but she's got all the important details probably. And... just in black-and-white for now, sorry! Colour tomorrow, I hope! This week I expect is not going to be much fun, though at least it's kind of a short week for me since I've got a day off work sometime?? But it's a day to go to the hospital for more tests so not that great really. But hopefully it'll be the last of things, to find out if I got a lung problem that is nothing really at all, or a lung problem that is...something else... hoping for one of those far more than the other ;V

But anyway! I want to focus on comics more for the rest of the month, and stop having to post these half-coloured things. If everything works out, my goal is definitely to get this particular volume done before the end of the year! We'll see how possible that is, but it would definitely be good, yesss.

Sunday 13 November

Well ah, yesterday's comic's fully shaded now, but today's The Breaking update is flats now and will be fully coloured in the morning. Some day I will be all caught up and not have to do this to get updates up on time, but today is not that day! Anyway I'd rather have something up than nothing, and I'll certainly get shading done in the morning!

edit: colour's done now! Sorry about the delay!

Saturday 12 November

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Just flats for now, shading I hope to get done a little later... anyway! Fox-ears is probably the most common Jake curse. The dude likes fox ears, what can I say? It also occurs to me... yeah Leo live here, if/when I ever do a volume where Jinx visits home it's likely we'll see lots of these people again, he probably knows a lot of them.

And what else? Very important! More cameos! We've got Ruse and Marina, who belong to Puyon and are fantastic fun to draw. True facts.

Friday 11 November

It has been, uh... very very busy at work of late. So I am quite exhausted, so unfortunately today's Random Encounter update is a little small compared to usual! Very busy. Much tired. Wow. But I'm keeping on ticking, trying to get what I can done. Next page is very in-progress, and might even feature certain those same three guys, hrmmmm! And I'm hoping over the coming weeks I can get some more good headway on catching up on more missed updates, yep yep yep.

By this time next week I'm hoping to get the last "merlin ur healthy go home" from the various extra medical stuff I got to get done, and then I can also spend the next few weeks healing up the last of my medical woes. That will be good. And it seems like Puyon's hand is healing well, which is also an excellent start! Of course we don't want to push it, more important to heal than to get back into things and re-injure a bad hand injury like that, so Dhark's Hero Stories hiatus will continue as we've said, but there will be plenty of nice goodies in the form of character bios, yes.

Thursday 10 November

Sorry if the wording in yesterday's newspost was a little unclear, Wednesday's regular Dhark's Hero Stories updates are on hiatus right now, the other DHSComix will continue to update as usual (mostly). So, today it is time for a New Game+ update! Featuring Ceraph Talon being not a total genius. Talon. Talon no that is inappropriate behaviour.

ANYWAY!! As well as that there is a sort of placeholder page to tide over Dhark's Hero Stories for the next few weeks, see?

This is by Anyssa who is open for commissions *wink wink*!

Wednesday 9 November

Alas, as the big words above today's comic (and today's comic not being Dhark's Hero Stories) are indicating, Dhark's Hero Stories is currently on hiatus! Puyon's got a really badly injured hand, it's all splinted up and will be for a while, so no comics and plenty of rest! Here give Puyon lots of good vibes.

However! In lieu of Dhark's Hero Stories comics, Puyon's been kind enough to prepare character bios for the next few weeks, and what better place to start than with Puyon!!

Anyway, on my end, I'm going to try to also get some more comics up for Wednesdays, but no promises at alllll I'm still behind. I thought today might be a nice day to try though, so I've got a surprise update for Fall, which of course is a comic that still doesn't have a schedule yet, sssh. I'm not sure what I'll plan for other Wednesdays, more Fall, or catching up on my list of things I missed already (down to four pages, at least... for now). Or nothing! Because character bios is good too.