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Today's comic, New Game+, for Thursday 25th of August 2016

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Thursday 25 August

Thursday! Time for a New Game+ update! Sorry there has only been the one this week, but we're nearing the end of this volume so I'll catch up with a bonus update fairly soon - cover pages being a little quicker to draw, sometimes. We'll see!

Wednesday 24 August

It's time! For this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update!

*leans forward* *theatrical whisper* Krova's still the best sister

Tuesday 23 August

Hey guess what!! I updated Random Encounter and also The Breaking! Though admittedly... only flat-colour for Random Encounter right now, that page took too long :V too many characters...

ANYWHO... Mysteries of the Obscured is the rag that Col and Nils write for (and that also publishes trick tracts). It's based on two things. The main one is an old, extremely terrible/great collection of, er... "articles", published by Reader's Digest and called "Mysteries of the Unexplained". Truly an amazing piece of literature. I loved reading that doofy thing as a kid, it took me a decade to find a copy for myself. It'll learn you all the facts about aliens, spontaneous human combustion, psychics, ghosts... you know, the usual suspects (full disclosure I am a sceptic, I just find reading about that whole bag to be extremely interesting). The other thing it's based on is the venerable Weekly World News, which I assure you was a paper of real repute. Well... it was actually pretty hard to find that paper around here when it was still in print, but it was always exciting to find one. Mysteries of the Obscured is printed in that sort of format, and is probably essentially the same thing.

Anyway... I was also whingeing on twitter because "Mysteries of the Unexplained" is just the perfect dang name for that sort of collection of articles and I couldn't think of anything better. A few people suggested alternatives, and I ended up using a mashup of that title and one that Puyon suggested.

Monday 22 August

Still getting knocked around by this cold, urgh! What I might try and do is update Random Encounter tomorrow, because New Game+ is much easier to catch up on than it is... but then, I'll have to see what is going on with my car as well, if that takes up too much time then welp won't have much time for comics neither. Sorry for all the missed updates! Zzzzz

Sunday 21 August

Apart from all the flat-colours, I was having a good run of drawing comics this week! ...but I have been sick for the entire week also, blargh. So no comic right now... It's kind of been a productive day for doing comics, but not productive enough!! ...And I had to take in my car in for repairs today and found out it's worse than I thought so I have been spending undue amounts of time grumbling on the couch instead of drawing comics (or sleeping :V), so that didn't help.

This week's page is sketched, but not any further than that. If I get time I will try to do it tomorrow, otherwise... I'll add it to my to-do list for getting caught up later!

Saturday 20 August

Bwah... still sick, so still more flat-colour, but here's this week's Death's Door update! ...oof. I hope I am better when I wake up because I need to get up early and I have so much colouring of comics to get done this weekend now, huh. And I still need to finish off the last little bit of Random Encounter volume 0...

(late update) Shaded version's up! You might need to refresh to see it. Still working on Random Encounter!

(later update) Random Encounter shading's done, too! Yaaaay

(latest update) Random Encounter volume 0 is now also finished!! Just a simple redo of the end of volume wrap-up thing so that it's actually current. ....if I ever move the navigation then I'll have to redo it again though, haha

Friday 19 August

here's today's Random Encounter comic! Once again starting with flat colours, and will upload a shaded version a little later. I am still pretty sick at the moment, it's not great for productivity. But hey! Oddly familiar white scaler... (psst, volume 12) It's been a little while since I had him in a comic! Which goes to show I've been planning new students for way too long, because Mason here was originally designed as a new student and I just plopped him into volume 12 anyway :V

...Of course, even after that many years of planning I didn't come up with very many new students, haha. Puyon came to the rescue by pitching me a bunch of awesome characters, and I ended up subbing in a few characters from much much older comics too. Aw yus, more characters.

definitely not already planning even more new students, sssh

Thursday 18 August

Time for another New Game+ update! I think Claw is tired of Grain's shenanigans (if such a thing were possible!). Now, to never discuss exactly what kind of weirdo Grain is again....

Psssh oh ok fine, maybe in the penultimate volume or something :V

Wednesday 17 August

Here's another New Game+ update! Y'alls are lucky drawing Grain's stupid face is the funnest thing, otherwise I would have gone to bed instead of drawing this comic.

So! There should be a New Game+ update tomorrow as well (as scheduled), but umm I haven't done it yet, still a little behind because I am sick and also have been donking around all week so far. Good times, good times. And now... Merlin, awayyyyy

Tuesday 16 August

It's time for today's New Game+ update! Place your bets now on what ridiculousness Grain will come up with!

So for a change I'll be running New Game+ (hopefully) on-schedule this week, and we will have a second update on Thursday! I still need to finagle one last little page for Random Encounter volume 0, but it's the end-of-volume bonus/explanation page so it shouldn't take long... theoretically... so I should theoretically be able to get it done for Saturday or Sunday :V

Dhark's Hero Stories will likely not update this week, an mmmmmaybe New Game+ will update instead? I've been working on it but also been distracted. Something shall certainly go up tomorrow, so I guess it will be a surprise as to what it is. Hrmm that reminds me, I still need to find time to shade that Fall page...

Monday 15 August

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Well.. flat-colour for now, shading to follow! Too many new characters, they're allllll over the place :B Also I am sick. Making everything take longer!!

edit: full-colour's up now! If you can't see it, you might need to refresh!

Sunday 14 August

Time for this week's The Breaking update! And also apparently time for me to catch a cold, blargh. Always everything at once, huh

Saturday 13 August

...Delays, you say? Agh, but my wrist is very sore today, so I'm going to call it an early night. I did do some work around the site in the meantime, though! I've recoded the Death's Door archives - you may need to hit f5 for it to display properly, if it's working then everything should align to the left. Umm. I think that's it, though. I will endeavour to update Death's Door tomorrow! ...but I cannot promise that for sure, I have a lot on my plate this week and my wrist is all blarghy

Late edit: Sorry for the delay! Death's Door has now updated! Poor Raffles, he's just too easy to make fun of.

Friday 12 August

OK! Sorry for the many delays on this particular page, but finally it is time for a proper Random Encounter update! Did somebody say new students??? Only... not on this page. Next page?? Next page new students??

It is also highly likely that once I have to start drawing all these buggers and also then a bunch of new buggers on a single page that it will slow things down more. Too many characters, too little time. But I will do my best!

I would also like to say... it has been another very peculiar week. But really that's not new, things have been very strange for the past entire month and I'm not totally sure why. But oh well I guess it keeps things interesting...?

Thursday 11 August

I couldn't decide what comic to update today so I updated two!!

There's the very-very-VERY-belated final page of Random Encounter volume 0! ...Well. I still need to re-do the end-of-volume wrap-up page, because now it is thoroughly out of date. But apart from that!! Donezo finally

And then every day is a good day for drawing Jakes, so I drew the next page of Fall, except it's now like 1am and I haven't had time to shade it and I am going to bed. It shall be shaded at some point! For now... just a bonus comic because whynot.

Wednesday 10 August

It's time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! I will take any opportunity to nick an update of somebody else's comic, also, to draw a catface. MWA HA HAAAAAAAA

Still haven't decided what tomorrow's update will be, also mwa ha haaaaa

Tuesday 9 August

Here's today's New Game+ update! Grain confirmed for tremendous weirdo.... again.

I haven't decided yet what will update on Thursday - it'll be either New Game+ (as per schedule) or the last of Random Encounter volume 0 (to finally get that out of the way). I suspect I will decide at the absolute last minute, so... it'll be a surprise for everyone! :V

Monday 8 August

Time for today's Random Encounter update! I don't think Peony understands a religion where you don't get something out of it :V

Sorry for the filler again! Been playing videogames like mad. It's a change from usual, like a mini-vacation! But I guess I'll get back to drawing comics now.

Sunday 7 August

And here's today's The Breaking update, to cap off another week! March is short, but he's alllllllright. Travis does seem to have dropped us into the middle of things though, I suppose he is not actually a better storyteller than Devi.

Saturday 6 August

It's time for this week's Death's Door update! Tish is back! And turns out she has way more tatts on that one arm, and that's probably the only important thing this page, right?

Friday 5 August

Sorry! Didn't get home until pretty late tonight - helping my twin who was having car troubles. So I really really ran out of time to get a comic done tonight! Been a busy week, anyway... super tired, blargh. I've added this missed page to my to-do list so hopefully I can catch up at some point, but tonight! zzzz

Thursday 4 August

Right! Time for today's update and it is a page of Random Encounter volume 0! Just one page away from being done with that one, so I might do this next week too, just to get it ALL OUT OF THE WAAAAAY because I am terrible at getting extra updates done

i keep slipping and playing fallout new vegas instead of drawing comics, mea culpa

Wednesday 3 August

Here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Wow, Krova is quite possibly the Best Sister

Tuesday 2 August

Time for today's New Game+ update! And sorry, but just a reminder this is the only one for the week, Thursday will be me trying to catch up on the last of Random Encounter volume 0

Monday 1 August

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Wrath does have lovely lovely hair~

I didn't manage a page of volume 0 and that is a bummer!! So I tell you what I am going to do, is to update it on Thursday in lieu of a New Game+ update. Because if I don't give it a scheduled day it seems like it's not happening, and it's just a few pages left so that is what I will do!!

Sunday 31 July

OK! Here's this week's The Breaking update, give me a few hours more and Death's Door will hopefully be up..

Edit: Hey look there's also this week's Death's Door update! And now time for sleep zzzz