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Monday 25 May

Right, here's today's Random Encounter update! Just a silly little extra page for the end of the volume! Featuring Peony and an increasingly disgrunted Jakob from Project Future! I admit, I did think of including some other characters in there, but after I drew the first Yak I found it far too much fun and couldn't stop after that.

Peony didn't really say it, but it's fairly rare Jake would give ears and a tail to a halfie. Because he seldom gives out ears, and they're less fun than say, a feathry or a human.

Anyway... Friday! Will be the start of the next volume finally! Yesss. And I did catch up a little bit today so that's good. Unfortunately I fell a bit behind on New Game+, but I got extra pages in the buffer for Random Encounter and Way Back Home so... swings and roundabouts. I'll just have to work extra hard on New Game+ this week! Get less distracted, and just keep at it! I've only got until June 7th to get those buffers rounded out, so it's getting there :B

Sunday 24 May

So! Let's end the week with an update for The Breaking! Featuring a little cameo, Sarin from The Dragon Doctors! Because why not? I do draw blue-haired Sarin rather a lot, but mainly because I do the art for Crystal Baby, which is a Dragon Doctors sidestory featuring Sarin and Mori that's available on Patreon.

UMMMMM but then I spent all day and also yesterday not working on comics and instead donking around. Mainly my problem today was... I draw comics on the couch generally, with my laptop. Directly in front of me is a rather large number of video game systems (OK that picture is a bit old and there are many more than that at the moment) so sometimes I get DISTRACTED. Oh no. And that's the story of how Merlin spent all day playing nintendos instead of drawing comics. Except for in the morning. When she went on a magical adventure to the op shops instead. And the day before that?? I think I ended up drawing random gift art instead. And grumping around the house because I was feeling sick. Hrmmm.

So I'm very a little much behind on comics right now. But I'll go nuts tomorrow catching up, then I'll update the buffer image to show whatever it is I get up to. Hopefully everything?? Well I don't want to play Terranigma tomorrow I am too underleveled for that one jerk boss... and I only have one extra bit of gift art to do... So I guess I could stand to draw comics instead, heheh.

Saturday 23 May

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Grain continues to be incredibly helpful. He's just that kind of guy. And suppose I will have to draw Arthur again at some point, hrmm.... oh and then I just now notice how close I am to 150 pages again. How about that!

Anyway... Grain = most unsubtle trickster everrr. Well except for Peony. And all the others. Still ranks though.

Friday 22 May

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! The last page of this volume! I will have a little bonus/fillery page on Monday though, and then on to volume 41. Thanks for being patient while I work on the buffer for that one, I think it will be worth the wait! And... it will be good to have things to run while I am in the US, I am glad that I won't have to put any comics on hold while I'm on holidays (for a change!).

My hand is much better today! And I have learned a valuable lesson about using caution around boiling water. Actually that's probably a lie, I'm too clumsy to have learned anything permanent from that encounter.

Anyway, in other news I have found my fellow Random Encounter-name-using artists of the music world! And they are wonderful! My comic might have been named as such because I loved Final Fantasy far too much in high school (OK, and now), but these folks actually do a lot of cool videogame-related music and it's great! And that's all for toooodaaaaayy. Tomorrow: New Game+ updates and maybe a 100% better hand? OK probably only one of those things.

Thursday 21 May

It's Thurday, so it's time for a Way Back Home update! In which mysteries are not solved. Because where's the fun in that?

Ummm but yeah Tella is a great guy now he's dead, but was not really that great when he was alive. The rest of these guys are great at all times, yes.

aaaaand I have just geniusly managed to mismanage a nice fresh cup of tea all over my drawing hand. So that is burnt and it is not good. Naturally only managed to do painful injury to the parts I need most for drawing... As I've only just burnt it I'm not sure how bad it is and how well/quickly it will heal. HOPEFULLY IT'S GOOD/FAST. Hopefully. As it is I can't use a pen with any real pressure so that's not good. Tommorrow better???? Maybe?

Although I have an OK buffer for Random Encounter at the moment I do not actually have tomorrow's page finished, eheh... so hopefully it's OK tomorrow and I can draw with it, otherwise there will be a filler page. Either way there will be some sort of update! For now, more cold water, and rest.

Wednesday 20 May

Here's this week's Daisy comic! Click is probably way less weird than a certain white mouse, so maybe the pot should not be calling the kettle a weirdo.

Tuesday 19 May

And here's today's Way Back Home update! Back to purgatory! Yeah, Zamil pretty much gave up his religion for love. Awww. To be fair it was a pretty crummy religion.

Monday 18 May

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Well! Those two have patched things up, finally! No more cranky Nettle. For now. And... shush Bluff, no matter what you say you're still the weirdo here, mwaha.

Sunday 17 May

Well, end of the week, so that means it's time for a The Breaking comic! Yes, I've had far too much fun drawing hills, I guess I'd better start drawing town scenery instead.

And it's been a productive day for me! I still need to stay up very late and get a bunch more comics done... but I've gotten the buffer totally filled for both The Breaking and Peony finally! Now to just work on the others a bit, hehe.

Saturday 16 May

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Ceraph Claw is not at all a morning person. I can understand that. Especially since these guys don't seem to have packed any coffee. Now that's an egregious oversight.

Friday 15 May

Here's today's Random Encounter update! A week in which I get to draw Saffron and Jinx's uncle and Jake?? A good week. But yeah there you go, short bits of both Nettle's and Jinx's backstories in a comic, because really I should do more of that... There's I think two more pages left of this volume and then... volume 41! Which I think will be one people are looking forward too, will tie up a few loose ends and have some characters who are currently absent from Dhark's.

That's right, next volume has Snatch in it. BUT THAT WILL BE ANOTHER WEEK. I'm quite enjoying having a little break from drawing massive pages, though I haven't been building the buffer quite as well as I might have liked. At any rate, having a number greater than zero is definitely a bonus. If I can just get it up to 6 that would be nice. Then it will at least be one a week. OK even 5 would be good. Technically I'm only on holiday for 5 weeks, but I don't expect to be real productive the first week I get back. Jetlag and hatred of long flights and all, haha. I've got just over three weeks until I leave so... it should be doable!

Anyway, thanks to everybody who posted in the forum so far! It has been much busier than I had envisioned. It's nice!

I'll be back tomorrow with a New Game+ update!

Thurday 14 May

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Um yeah. So. If Elle had been in the first page of this comic... it would have all been over very quickly, haha. Moral of the story: don't mess with Ceraph priestesses.

Alsooooo it's true, we do have a forum again so... that's the news! I'll be back tomorrow with a Random Encounter update!

Wednesday 13 May

Here's today's Peony update! Click's totally right about Ceraph followers being crazy. And she's definitely not just sweeter on Phoenix followers because she used to be one. That part is just a coincidence.

AT ANY RATE. UMMM. Hm... Tomorrow: MORE COMIC! I'm pretty happy Peony's getting so close to having enough comics to fill the buffer-meter for covering updates next monthhhhh aaaaa that's getting so close!

Tuesday 12 May

Here's today's Way Back Home update! It's been a while since Arc got all up in somebody's face. He's pretty good at that. People don't tend to react well to a cranky old scaler in their face though, wonder why that is...

At any rate, this is either going to go very well, or very poorly. Or... both??

Monday 11 May

New week, kind of starting to feel less sick, so hey Random Encounter update! I got to draw Jinx's uncle and I got to draw Jake: a good comic. UMMM pssh I was going to say something else but I forgot.

Welllll buffer's looking better than I expected after being stuck in bed all weekend, so that's a bonus. I would rather it were looking much much better, but... well it is what it is.

Because I really doubt I will be able to get all those progress bars full before this time next month (well technically... I think I'm leaving on the 8th) I would also very much appreciate fancomics and fanart to use during my long vacation. If anybody would be so kind, my email is:

aaaand now I toddle back to bed and probably feel well enough to work JUST IN TIME FOR MONDAY yayyy what a great weekend

Sunday 10 May

Here's today's The Breaking comic! Drawing hills is fun, much much more fun then drawing like... fussy building interiors. This is relevant because... umm. Hmm. ANYWAY.. um. I'm still sick, but heyyyy having a buffer means that won't mean I miss updates? whoah. Well except that Random Encounter one... all the pages in that are actually for the next volume. So I suppose I had better get better and get more drawn of that! And um, draw other comics too, generally, all the time.

Saturday 9 May

Woo, weekend! Here's today's New Game+ update! This is the last one of the scene, so wooo getting to non-nighttime scenes next week!

I'm a little sick right now so I don't have a lot to say, sorry! Woo headcolds

Friday 8 May

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! Ouch Nettle is good at backhanded compliments.