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Today's comic, Dhark's Hero Stories, for Wednesday 1st of March 2017

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Wednesday 1 March

Time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Mort pretty much became my favourite character in the RE volume he was introduced. MORT TIME ALL THE TIME

Tuesday 28 February

Here's um, yesterday's Random Encounter update! Sorry for the shuffled schedule this week. Let's forge ahead... with more comics!

I also added another pic to the Random Encounter backgrounds! This one is of Saturn and Jinx and some weird dogs. I've been taking votes on twitter polls for what these backgrounds should be, so there's that!

Monday 27 February

Er yeah, it is indeed Monday so there should be a Random Encounter update, but I'm running a little behind on getting that one done, so instead I'm doing an early New Game+ update!

Random Encounter should update tomorrow. Sorry for shuffling the update days around this week! Gotta get more comics done... but today my arm was being terrible, ugh. Some days I just can't use my hand properly, it gets all pins-and-needlesy. Luckily it's not very often, but it's rather distracting for getting anything done. So shoo, shoo, bad arm feelings, and hopefully tomorrow is a much more productive day!

And... eheh... Arthur... you did a terrible job.

Sunday 26 February

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Hey it's the first Chaos Power I think I ever drawn in-comic! Oh wait there was sort of two in the old New Game ehhhh that probably doesn't count. Anything from like 10 years ago doesn't count. Anyway!! Her colour scheme was inspired by the colour scheme Tapewolf used for a lion monk in Project Future! What can I say? I got a weakness for red lionthings. Here's the ref sketch of her I did. She's grumpy.

Mainly been working on the buffer this week!! Slowly trying to pull things together... There is a page done for Random Encounter, and I do owe a missed page for that, but I won't be netting those off at the moment. The buffer page is a filler page, so I'll save that for a rainier day (or post it at the end of the current volume), and hopefully catch up some other way! ...We'll see.

Saturday 25 February

Things still crazy, oh well, so it is. But there's comics! Here's yesterday's delayed Random Encounter update! And today's Death's Door update!

Friday 24 February

Work has been suuuuuper crazy this week. Got home late, got home tired, so though I've done some work on today's comic it is not quite near done! Well, halfway inked... I'll get it done tomorrow, sorry for the delay! Hopefully today will not be crazy at work and then I will also have time and energy to update Death's Door tomorrow as well...

Thursday 23 February

Time for today's New Game+ update! Tal it's not appropriate to get all handsy with some guy you just met. No, not even if you think they're wearing an illusion. Maybe especially not then.

Wednesday 22 February

OK! Last week's Dhark's Hero Stories page is now all coloured, fully capping off the first volume! Yes, volume 1 is finished, and glorious! Thanks again to Puyon for drawing these, and writing volume 1, I certainly enjoyed it a lot! So for today, we're starting volume 2! Here's today's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Featuring a big tall dorkus!

Also updated the little Hero Stories link up the top of the page, but it probably won't appear until you refresh the page.

Tuesday 21 February

Oh hey it's Tuesday, that means it's time for a New Game+ update! I have a huge buffer for New Game+ at the moment because I'm trying to power through to the end of the volume, but really it just makes me want to post it all at once, even though I clearly need be saving that buffer for holidays. BUT COMICS. Anyway! Three big boofhead feathries in one scene, pretty much a powderkeg. Who's going to explode first-?

Monday 20 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! I still need to get that page I missed done at some point, but besides that I've slowly been working on getting a buffer built back up. More comics, more comics! Gotta get on that.

Sunday 19 February

Here I am with this week's The Breaking update! I guessss we'd better find out what's up with Saffron, huh? Well it was either that or skip back to Syrras for no reason, haha.

Friday's Random Encounter update is now coloured as well! You might need to refresh that page to see it though.

Saturday 18 February

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Um. Well. I don't think Raff was expecting that.

Friday 17 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Uncoloured for now, my computer DECIDED TO BE A BUTT AGAIN and switch off just as I hit my colouring stride and then refuse to start up for half an hour because ~updates~. Pfh. Computers, man. ANYWAY! Now you know the terrible secret. The shadow slayer does not have names themed after planets.

There's also this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Also uncoloured for now. These pages will both get colour sometime within the next week. Computers, tchhhh

Thursday 16 February

Here's today's New Game+ update! Well. I guess I solved the mystery of how to get Alastair to look sane- stick him next to Ceraph Talon.

Right oh yeah I guess I should say why there is another New Game+ update today. Three in a week is one more than usual! Well hey I got my laptop back from the shop today. All fixed, new hard drive. So uh, new hard drive... meant I had to spend a while getting everything back in order. By the time I got everything together it was a bit late to work on anything large (like Random Encounter) and I had this NG+ page partially done since I wanted to start working on a buffer again... so this seemed the fastest way to get a comic up! Bonus New Game+ update. Because why not and I do like posting at least one comic page every day.

Hopefully now things around here calm down for a little while and I can get more comics done and build up that buffer...

Wednesday 15 February

Bit of a shuffle with this week's updates! Today there's a New Game+ update! I forgot how much fun it is to draw Alastair's dumb head. He's great. Also generally, drawing a bunch of feathries on one page, pretty fun!

Tuesday 14 February

Time for today's New Game+ update! Place your bets! Will things go wrong? Or will things somehow go right for a change??

Monday 13 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Just in time for book week! ... ...that's a lie. I have no idea when book week is.

Thursday's New Game+ update is also coloured now, too. Sorry for the delay on that one!

Sunday 12 February

Bit of a heatwave here, so moving very slowly. But I managed to get caught up on one of the missed pages! Here's today's The Breaking update! A two-pager for the catch-up, yessss.

Saturday 11 February

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Yeah looks fine. I'm sure he'll be fine.

Friday 10 February

Yikes, this past week has been totally dreadful for getting comics done... last week's Random Encounter is now coloured at least, but I don't quite have the time to get the next page done today. Ummmm I've added this missed update to the to-do list though, I will catch up!! Super cross though, I really need to start building a buffer again and none of these shenanigans are helping!

Thursday 9 February

Here's today's New Game+ update! Uhm. Not quite coloured yet. Things are going very slowly! I miss my regular computer a lot! Dangit. I got a lot of colouring to catch up on this weekend...

Wednesday 8 February

Hey it's Wednesday! That means it's time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Hey, just make them neon green with the words "I AM" on one wing in pink and "A JERK" on the other

Tuesday 7 February

Time for today's New Game+ update! This I think is something that's been waiting for a while to come out, mwa ha haaa... There is another page that showed his true form earlier, and I think there was at least one in the old old comics, but hey, it's Grain!

Monday 6 February

Mmmph... weekend ending up being well busier than I expected, so sorry there's no update for The Breaking for last week! I've added that to the IOU's because I definitely will have to get caught up on that... temporarily removed the buffer image too, because I do not have a buffer right now... though I need to build that badly, clearly!

At any rate, Random Encounter updated! Though... only partial colour for now. Hectic around here! I'll get it finished as soon as I can... and get caught up... on everything... laptop where are you I miss you... and constant real-life shenanigans get lost I only want time for frivolities

Sunday 5 February

Monday's Random Encounter comic is now finally coloured, but still running super behind on things... too much going on this week, gah. The Breaking isn't updating just yet, but I am hoping that I will have time to do it sometime before Monday...

(late update) Saturday 4 February

Super tired. Comic's sketched but no way I'm going to be able to get it done tonight, zzz. I'm going to try to get it done tomorrow, sorry!

OK! Death's Door has now updated! Sorry for the delay

Friday 3 February

Well! Still getting used to my temp setup while my laptop is off hopefully getting fixed... so instead of a regular update, here's a new little comic! Because I thought... Well I did one story about how Peony became a trickster... then another about her getting the name Peony... so hey why not complete the set, here's one about how she got her surname.

Yeah that's the whole story of how it happened, haha. Handy that it ended up being three pages including the title, because I just missed two updates and hey today's an update day.

I'm hoping to return to normal updates tomorrow, but uhhh let's see how that goes

Wednesday 1 February

Hi! So. Uh. Why didn't I update today? Excellent news, my computer died. RIP. Couldn't even connect to the site to post a news update because uhm, no computer.

Working on a temporary spare at the moment, might take a few days to get things set up and then like, do updates. Sorry! I'll get right back to comicking as soon as I can :B

Tuesday 31 January

Time for today's New Game+ update! C'mon Art, You Got This.

Monday 30 January

Right! Colour's going to be a little late this time, but here's today's Random Encounter update! Zzzzz need more sleep to draw more comics

Sunday 29 January

Time to cap off the week with an update of The Breaking! Yeah. Figure this squabble's gone on long enough. Fights, tch, always annoying to pace. But! Deimi's still injured and she might not really want to fight those traipses she just saved anyway so she's rather at a disadvantage. OH WELL guess she might get closer to finding out just who levied that bounty...

Saturday 28 January

It's time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Ah... Anna I don't think that's the right thing to say...

Also last week's pages are now coloured!

Friday 27 January

More schedule shuffling, today's comic is a Death's Door update! Tish knows what is important, and that is not being mean to Ra because she's a pretty good customer. And also...

There's a new Random Encounter background! I think that covers everything for today, yesss. Tomorrow: comics. Everyday: comics. Yesss