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Today's comic, New Game+, for Thursday 27th of April 2017

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Thursday 27 April

Still very sore! Ughhh heal faster guts. But there is a New Game+ update today! Uhhh, still haven't been able to do any colour though, sorry! I might try to catch up on colouring the past two day's updates tomorrow instead of posting a Random Encounter update, depends on how things are going.

Wednesday 26 April

Still sore and tired, so it's just inks for today's Death's Door update. But it feels like it's been a very long time since I drew one, so I figure lines are better than nothing!

Chances are pretty good I'll miss more updates in the latter half of this week, got lots to do still and really still feeling knocked out. Really this should be my second week of bed rest, but... endless things to do

Tuesday 25 April

Here's today's New Game+ update! Alastair is the only one here who is kind of having a good day

Monday 24 April

Oof, I can't believe it took more than an entire week to get today's Random Encounter update up and it's only just inked and a little bit of colour... I'll get it fully coloured a little later... still moving extremely extremely slowwwwww agh dang guts heal already!!

Edit: comic's fully coloured now, you might need to refresh if you can't see it. Thanks for sticking with me while I heal up!

Sunday 23 April

Here's today's The Breaking update! Time for a new volume, I guess! I was going to put three more pages in this volume but I ended up scrapping them, they didn't really add very much soooo they get cut!! Unfortunately I only decided on that halfway through inking what was originally going to be 137, so that was kind of a waste of time :V Oh well!

My guts are still pretty sore! I'm still not able to move around very much, which is a bit disappointing. Really want to return to full speed this week! ...but I'm not sure that's possible. Pain still makes things quite slow, oh well. I'll do my best.

...Oh yeah! I also updated The Breaking archives page a little bit while I was in hospital. I updated a few random scripts around the site, but most of them the changes are pretty small. I made some major changes to the Fall archives page, but hrmm I still need to like, start that comic properly. Once I get some of these other comics finished!!

Saturday 22 April

Dhark's Hero Stories is going on a hiatus so Puyon can focus on studies (way more important). I'm working on getting some comics done, but things are still going very slowly my end. Halfway through inking the next Random Encounter page, but unfortunately looks like that won't be completed until Monday, so no extra updates today. Hopefully tomorrow is good and I can get The Breaking done for Sunday!

Friday 21 April

Well, it should be a Random Encounter update I suppose, but I'm still slowly healing and not really able to get one of those done just yet, so here's a New Game+ update!

Gonna be a little bit longer until I'm back to full steam, I think. I've put up a tracker for the updates I've missed so I can eventually catch up though

Tuesday 18 April

Here's the last of my buffer, with today's New Game+ update! Claw to the.... rescue?

I'm very slowly on the mend. I'm definitely feeling a lot better than I was before I got the gallbladder removed, so that's good! Well, that's digestion-wise, anyway. With my guts having all been cut up I'm still feeling pretty poorly around that, but every day I'm seeing noticeable improvements in mobility and the pain is slowly going down. At the moment I'm quite bedbound, I can have a little hobble around the house, but I gotta spend most of my time lying down. I can't really spend much time at the moment even just sitting up, so I can't quite get back into drawing comics just yet. But I'm hoping it won't be much longer until I can sit up and draw!

For now I'm finding it relaxing doing some little marker drawings, which I've been posting on twitter because it's a bit tough to get on my laptop to post things properly at the moment. Also posting lots of pictures of my housemate's cat because he loves when I'm stuck on the couch.

Anyway, ummmm! I'm hoping I'll be able to draw *something* new for the site before Friday. I'm meant to take two weeks off sick I think but ehhhhh that sounds extremely boring, hopefully it is less than one week and then I'm back up and about.

Saturday 15 April

We don't have any proper updates prepared for today, but here's a great filler that Puyon and Tapewolf made for me. Thanks, guys!

So like... life updates, huh? I had been sick for the past uh... pretty much entire month. But I really didn't think about it too much, there were a lot of worse things going on over the past month (that seem to be mostly better or on the way to being better, so that's good). I probably shoulda gotten off my butt and got things checked out sooner, but to be fair it was a pretty long wait to get ultrasounds and stuff... well anyway I'm sort of rambling. SO WHAT IS UP? I just got my gallbladder removed! I'm out of hospital now so that's a bonus, but I'm in a lot of pain and will be for a little while until I recover more. So I'm going to have to take a break from comics until I can sit upright without being in a lot of pain. Not sure when that will be, but I'll seeee youuuu thennnn.

Until then, I'll be on a brief hiatus. Well, I think I have one more New Game+ update in the buffer, so I'll put that up Tuesday.

Thursday 13 April

Extra-early update - y'alls are lucky I got some filler left - because I'm currently sitting in hospital waiting for surgery. I'll be here a few days so there is not going to be any more comic updates until I get out.

Here's that New Game+ update, and I will be back... eventually...

Wednesday 12 April

We've changed the update schedule some, now Death's Door will update on Wednesdays, and Dhark's Hero Stories will go up on Saturdays! So! That being said, here's today's Death's Door update!

Tuesday 11 April

Here's today's New Game+ update. Oh yeah. That guy.

Monday 10 April

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Just lines for now, colour will follow later in the week... Still very ill. 4 weeks and counting :V I'm thinking of starting a betting pool for if I end up in hospital again or not

Sunday 9 April

Here's today's The Breaking update! Don't screw this up, guys.

Saturday 8 April

Trying to get back into the swing of normal updates, here's a Death's Door update! That whole "vampires can't cross running water thing" is like my favourite vampire schtick but how the heck. Would that even work. So goofy.

Friday 7 April

And so ends the first week in April, and so let's get things back to normal...ish. Here's the last of that junk, and tomorrow maybe a Death's Door update? Umm. I guess I'll see how I'm feeling.

Thanks to Puyon and Tapewolf for helping me out with writing some tracts this year!

Thursday 6 April

Phew! Last trick tract of the year is here! This one was written by Puyon! We both actually wrote 6-page fey-themed trick tracts today so that is a weird coincidence. I'll save mine for the next set of tracts another year though.

So as that's the last trick tract... tomorrow will be a little something extra to round out the fools' week updates, then I will try to return to normal updates. Still very sick, life is still a butt, but hey comics are nice to work on.

Wednesday 5 April

Here's another Trick Tract! There's just one more left for this year's batch, then back to some sort of normal updates I think. Not totally sure what tomorrow's trick tract will be but we'll see. Always do these things last-minute, eyyy

Tuesday 4 April

More than halfway through now! Here's today's Trick Tract! This one was written by Tapewolf! And I really should have started drawing this one early instead of spending time cooking fancy dinner for like, lots of reasons. But at the moment mostly because it's 1am so zzzz

Monday 3 April

Time for yet another Trick Tract! Light and dark powers can use other magic than their goddess's, they just don't often tend to bother to.

I'm still pretty sick (3 weeks now, woo) and things are still weird here, but I think I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things so hopefully I'll be able to get a full rollout of tracts done this week and then return to normal updates. We'll see what happens.

Sunday 2 April

Another day, another Trick Tract! A lot of this might be rubbish, but you can make illusions from flower petals. Starring Delly and Keleth! Keleth's a cameo of a friend, and they're both usually seen around HH. Delly is usually seen with a floral crown so that seems appropriate.

Saturday 1 April

Yeah I'm tired and sad but I WANT TO DRAW COMICS. And so comics there beeeee welcome to April!!

Those two are my boys!! Mortimer and Maxwell. Yeah I just love the name Mort, always have. These two are quite old and I have not used them in a long long time. The reference pics I used were from 2008, dang time flies... Back in the day when I used to make my living programming (and doing art for) flash games, my portfolio was all games including these dudes and their particular setting. Haven't used any of that since, though I'd planned to have them cameo in the Way Back Home game before I got all grumpy about the engine and made it a comic instead.

Anyway, March has been a dreadful month, and I sincerely hope April brings good things.

Friday 31 March

Here's today's Random Encounter update. Filler today. And tomorrow... oh I didn't realise how late in the month it was... guess I gotta do something for that. I'll see. It's sort of traditional to do something. But I'll have to see how things are going around here as to what it'll be. I'll... do something

Thursday 30 March

Here's today's New Game+ update.

And... no details to give, but things have kinda gone to hell around here so tomorrow I'll be running a filler, and I'm not totally sure what the next few updates after that are going to be.

Wednesday 29 March

So for today there's an update of Fall, which... well it has been a while since the last one.

As for Dhark's Hero Stories, Puyon has provided some gorgeous art to set as a placeholder until things continue.

Tuesday 28 March

Here's today's New Game+ update. Well... that's that.

Dhark's Hero Stories won't be updating tomorrow as Puyon has had a loss in the family. Please send good vibes, because that is always rough.

There will be a thing updated though. I'm gonna be here punching life for being generally terrible for everybody around me. And burning through comic buffer. Horf. But anyway there's going to be a thing updating. Puyon's drawn some lovely shots of DHS characters and I might have a Fall update so that's a good twofer.

Monday 27 March

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Double-update to make up for what I missed last week, sorry about that.

Sunday 26 March

Aaand finally, here's this week's The Breaking update! Shale continuing to be uncooperative.

My plan is to get two pages of Random Encounter up tomorrow to make up for Friday's missed update! ...we'll see how that goes. I also need to update the buffer because I have burned through things this week, oof. Oh well.

Saturday 25 March

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Leo: resident vampire expert.

Friday 24 March

Random Encounter is going to update a bit late this week - I might make it a double-update on Monday instead - but here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Featuring Mort being extremely punchable. Last week's page is now coloured too!

Still feeling a bit sick, which is the main reason Random Encounter'll be a bit late. Hrrngh body get better already

Thursday 23 March

So, for today's update I decided on a bonus page of New Game+! Because I'm at a point in the story where it would be nice to get some pages out a bit quicker, and it's really all I've got prepared right now since I spent most of last week being a sadsack and not keeping up my buffer (while I've got a spare Random Encounter page I could run early, it's a filler page so I'd rather not run it just yet). ANYWAY. Um... the non-triumphant return of Jinx.

Anyway, hopefully Random Encounter updates tomorrow, but I'm a bit crazy busy right now so um I might switch around updates even more for the latter part of the week. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday 22 March

Dhark's Hero Stories is going to be a bit late again this week, but that's OK because there's plenty of New Game+ updates to go around!

I actually went through a lot of rewrites with the previous volume and this one until I got something that I was happy with. Kind of wavered back and forth on who should die and even whether anyone besides Talon would, but... well here we are.

Also totally spaced on saying so in yesterday's newspost, but I finally finally got around to shading the last page of Fall. I really gotta get around to drawing more of that. Hoping I can add it to the schedule and get it properly started sometime later this year, but we'll see. I always got lots of plans for comics, but they always seem to change...

Tuesday 21 March

Time for the next New Game+ update. New volume, new title page. Nothing terribly exciting, means you have to wait another update to find out what happened in the cabin.

Monday 20 March

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Feels like it's been a while since I drew a lot of Claw, so this is a nice change!

Buffer's dropped a bit too again today. UMMM it was kind of a rough weekend and the next month or so will probably be a bit not great but I'll try to keep up with updates as best I can! And on top of that I'm still sick, what the heck... oh well, it'll go away soon I think.

Sunday 19 March

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Yeah Shale, I'm pretty sure you live in the world too.

Updated the buffer image again today too. Been a busy week of being busy and being sick, so I missed a few this week, whoops. Gotta try to get that back up...

Saturday 18 March

Sorry for the delay, here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Raj has a bad luck curse, but Mort's just an idiot. And Nova's great, just great!

Also super apologies for messing up yesterday's update, I sort of broke the script being an idiot so it didn't appear properly on the front page... it should all be cleaned up now! You can definitely see yesterday's Death's Door update here! Hopefully I will be less of an idiot tomorrow :V

Friday 17 March

Edit: whoops I'm an idiot who only half-updated the comic, sorry! The archive link below worked but yeah, home page did not. Fixed now :X

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Yeah, still more shuffled updates, but hey there's plenty of comics to go around! So it's an anti-vampire campout in the shop, huh? I'm sure that'll go perfectly.

Pfhaha oh yeah, things remind me of things... So last weekend I went to Melbourne for a musical, which was great apart from me getting an awful cold that I'm just now getting rid of. Anyway, today I'm going to a different state for a different musical, then tomorrow: another musical in another state! Well, I guess territories don't count as states, but you know, close enough. Anyway I was going somewhere with this... right! Tonight I'm going to see the Addams Family musical, and yeah Tish in Death's Door, totally named after Morticia Addams. When I first started writing Death's Door her name was going to be Ngaire Fisher, but then I got a song stuck in my head and was like "hrmmm Tish would be a way more fitting name". And that's how come every person in Death's Door has a way-too-fitting name.

...Even Leo, who wasn't a were until sometime around page 40, when I was like "hey why come everybody else gets fitting names, what about Leo he could be a cool lion".