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Today's comic, Way Back Home, for Tuesday 1st of December 2015

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Tuesday 1 December

So there's today's Way Back Home update! ...I'm still getting used to the new update script that puts the comic above the news, so forgive me if anything looks weird.

Anyway! I thought about linking that song but then I'm pretty sure I've linked it before. It's still in my browsing history, so whether it was here or on twitter... haha in my defence I really like that song, it's a classic for a reason. Also Dr. Strangelove used it fabulously

Ah, and welcome to December! I hear the weather is going to be dreadful. Summer really is the worst, IMO. I miss Canada, the other extreme... But oh I was going somewhere with this. Ah yes, Peony and Way Back Home will both be finishing some time this month. But apart from that, I'm going to try to make it a personal goal to not miss any updates this month. Well, I might do a filler update for the 25th, but apart from that!

I want to start a new comic at the end of this month/into the new year, and reshuffle the update schedule to fit some things in. But I'm not sure if that'll be in the last week or this year or early into next. I guess I'll see how tired I am, and let you know what happens as it happens!

Monday 30 November

Oof, sorry... I know I've been missing quite a few Random Encounter updates lately, but I've just been so busy, and still getting over the last of my illness. Coupled with the fact that the next page has rather a lot of group shots (why did I have Mana call an assembly aaaaa), it's just a bit much for me to finish in time today. So! It will be up Friday, I hope.

Sunday 29 November

Right, so here's this week's The Breaking update! ...I know it's just above the newspost today, but I'll keep up the links in the newsposts. Just feels right!

Hmm... those bandits look a bit chilly. Well the quoll does, scalers don't feel the cold. If not cold though, they look familiar...

Saturday extra, 28 November

Hey peeps! You probably already noticed, but I finally decided to try something different for the home page. So I recoded it so it'll always display the most recent comic, of any of the currently updating comics, up above the news posts! And all the comics other than that one that are currently updating get their "latest page" links just below that.

I mean y'know, most webcomic sites, they display the comic on the homepage. Which is a good idea since yeah the point of the site is to show webcomics. But I'd been hemming and hawwing on it for a while, because I run so many comics I was like "but which one should I put on the home page....??"

So I thought I'd try... All of them! Let me know what you think, feel free to email me, tweet me, or post on the forums.

Saturday 28 November

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Now that he's not running for his life, Grain realises he's having a real bad day.

Friday 27 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Back on track... for now

Ooh, that Mana is such a liar!

Thursday 26 November

Right, here's today's Way Back Home update! Chilling out before starting to get everything tidied up. Probably a lot of paperwork. How does one explain "WELL there was this guy who hired this other guy to kill his brother and then he was murdered by his brother's ghost" but like... without sounding crazy? I'm sure Ben and Donovan will have fun with that.

I'm still a bit sick, but feeling muuuuuch better than this time last week. Just coughing a lot. So with any luck that means I won't miss any more updates soon. That would be great!

Wednesday 25 November

Today seems like a good day to catch up on the update I missed yesterday, so here's that Way Back Home update! The reaper is kind of a jerk. Somebody should replace her with somebody nicer.

Aaaand it's Wednesday so it's time for this week's Peony update! Ssssomebody is unreasonably excited for new illusions. It's me. We have too many Rafes in this scene!! We need to fix it by removing all the Rafes. *nods sagely*

Tuesday 24 November

No update today, sorry. Still sick! I think I'm starting to feel a bit better, so that's a bonus. But I didn't manage to get anything done today, so instead please have my apologies.

I am going to finish up Way Back Home this year though, definitely

Monday 23 November

Still sick, this thing is really lingering... I've lost my voice now, so that's new and fun. Here's what I have for today's Random Encounter update! Just a little bit of a filler page with Claw and Snatch (and Wrath and Kaz) because they're not at DHS and they're missing out on all the fun! That's not OK.

Sunday 22 November

OK, still sick, but working on it. Yeah. Here's this week's The Breaking update! Everybody showed up to listen to Sanders yell at Devi. Devi's easily to rile up, that's probably entertaining for everybody involved.

And I caught up a little bit, and got yesterday's New Game+ update done! Just a day late. Now I'm behind on other things. But that's OK. I'm still taking it easy, really hard to concentrate on drawing stuff with this cold (or whatever it is).

Saturday 21 November

Urgh, sorry, I am still sick. I have been sick most of the week. It is less than ideal. I haven't been able to get a comic finished today, but I did do a little sketch so I guess that is a little better than nothing. I would much rather have done a comic though but it's a bit hard to do anything much with this cold thing. Something that involves my head being terribly swollen and lots of coughing. ANYWAY, A SKETCH

Hopefully, better tomorrow. And then the comics.

Friday 20 November

Alright! Here's today's Random Encounter comic! Wow. Alllll of these people are terrible at diplomacy, just terrible.

Thursday 19 November

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Zamil existing in a state of constant sass. The reaper does not like that. She's got no sense of humour, pshpshshshh

Hopefully I will update Random Encounter no worries tomorrow! But I've gotten much sicker today, so I'm not sure. It depends on how I'm doing tomorrow. Right now is all ... blargh

I DID DO.. something. Oh yeah I realised that I could update the site's background image that I haven't updated in years and was hella old art so I did that. Aw yeah.

Wednesday 18 November

Right! Time or this week's Peony update! Click really needs to be more careful with those wings. And Daisy is always right. And dang we have too many Rafes in this sceneeeeeeeeeee. Will need to do something about that...

Tuesday 17 November

Tuesday means new Way Back Home page!

...I'm sure Yasir doesn't actually care where Zamil is, though. They are not the best of bros

Hmm, what else... Ah! I forgot to mention yesterday that Puyon has drawn some really lovely Random Encounter fanart. Just as well, because she did another really lovely one today! I'll get them posted on the fanart page at some point soonish, but for now take a gander at her art tumblr!

Monday 16 November

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! Val has sage advice, always. And her wings are handy for hiding speech-illusions so certain Gardenians don't see 'em!

It's getting really close to the end of the year, huh? I don't know where this year has gone! I need to draw many comics before the end of the year. I think it might help if I don't stay up until 1am most nights finishing stuff last minute, maybe. But umm.. some days that is harder than others, haha.

I want to try to write longer news posts I think, but writing new ones every day is sort of difficult! There is not much going on here. Just drawing comics. So finding something new to write about every day that isn't "here's a comic" is kind of hard. Pffft.

Sunday 15 November

To cap off the week, here's today's The Breaking update! Dyaris gets rejected. He's done rather well so far though for just some human.

Saturday 14 November

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Surprise! Things aren't going wrong! Oh that is a surprise huh

Friday 13 November

OHhh! What! It's another Friday the 13th! Every time this happens I'm like "man friday the 13thses are rad I should do a thing for them" and then I just end up putting up a normal comic. Going to work. Coming home. Drawing normal comics. ALAS

Anyway! That being said here's today's Random Encounter update! Well. Even if I didn't do anything Friday the 13th-y at least I got to draw dumb faces. Dumb faces are best faces.

Thursday 12 November

Right, here's today's Way Back Home comic! Finally something actually nice.

I thought about cutting the chapter here and going to an epilogue... but nah, I'll just do it all in one chapter so! Next WBH: nice things? mean things??

Wednesday 11 November

Wednesday, yessss, slowly getting through the week... so here's this week's Peony update! ...Aw man. But he looked so manly. That's a pretty brave manoeuvre though, all things considered. Maaaybe she could be taking more care with those wings though :V

Tuesday 10 November

Here's today's Way Back Home comic! Oh hey look it's some short kid whose name is Mana! This is good.

Soon I get to stop being mean to these comic characters?? What is this