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Saturday 1 August

A new month, a new New Game+ update! In which Grain continues to cement his legacy as the biggest weirdo in this comic. Which he does have some stiff competition for, but he can totally manage it.

Friday 31 July

Once again, sorry for missing Monday's update. I can only hope that today's actually-on-time Random Encounter update somewhat makes up for it! I certainly had fun drawing mostly everything! And mostly mostly Jezel's face, mwaha :3

Thursday 30 July

Here I am with today's Way Back Home update! Arc has the best plan of "if we just do something else we can ignore this big problem right in front us, also ghosts are you serious". Also there's never any problems with splitting up, right? Right. I've seen like a million horror movies and that never goes wrong.

Wednesday 29 July

Here's today's Peony update! Click forgets that Daisy isn't a mouse right now, sheesh.

Tuesday 28 July

Way Back Home has updated! ...Mostly. I'll put the colour up tomorrow or the day after, still verrrry much playing catch-up after such an exciting weekend, woo. For now, I must sleep. Yesssss.

late edit: colour's up. You might need to refresh to see it

Monday 27 July

Yeah I have learned a valuable lesson over the weekend. Never loudly make plans to hopefully not miss comic updates, that just jinxes everything! So I woke up bright and early thismorning after staying up some ungodly hour to get yesterday's updates done, ready to start afresh and draw a zillion pages! And then me and my computer got into a wee bit of a fight.

ANYWAY to cut a longer story shorter... I have a new computer now! But finagling that was the main quest of the day and getting any comics done was way down on the "blargh" list which I didn't get to as I was too busy blarghing. New computer is very flash though, now that it's all set up I am enjoying it immensely inbetween shooting deathglares at old computer.

And so... no update today, I did not have time for it at allllll thanks computer ya jerk. This may or may not throw off other parts of this week's schedule because generally I like to do a lot of prep work and get at least Wednesday's Peony page finished before the week starts but... we'll seeeeee. Jerk computer. tch. From now on, quietly making no plans at all and just flailing through updates!

So to cap things all off I've decided to completely ignore what I said yesterday and post Puyon's awesome Random Encounter fanart TODAY because that seems appropriate and I am kind of bummed I don't have an actual Random Encounter update for you. This picture is awesome enough to remove that bummerness for me though, aw yessss!

Bunches of students! So many students! I've been posting art of future Random Encounter students on Tumblr (some of them are of Puyon's rad design also), so if half of them don't look familiar that would be because they haven't appeared in comics yet, mwaha. Of course severals of them appeared in a filler in volume 39. Two of the new kids have appeared in Random Encounter proper, and one of them's appeared in another DHS Comic, and one of them was killed brutally in a Project Future comic (OK technically in "Heads you lose" but yeah close enough). AND THEY'RE ALL ADORABLE AND I LOVE THEM MWAH. Though it may be like 1-2 years before they appear in a real comic, depending on how many pages I miss (blargh). Or how distracted I get. So many possible distractions...

Sunday 26 July

OK I'm back and mostly comicked! I'm still a wee bit behind, but not on any comics that immediately need to go up so that's a start!

Here's yesterday's New Game+ update! That's the reason the chapter name is "Disarm"... oof Zack is not having a good day :x

And here's today's The Breaking update! Dyaris could still turn his day around, at least. He does run into some terribly nice people around here huh

And... um the thing from yesterdayyyy that I forgot about. Yeah that was actually my own birthday party at my house. Kind of an embarassing thing to forget. I could've sworn I was going to have it the Friday after instead of the Friday before, but uh... apparently not. At least somebody reminded me before everybody turned up. Go team me!

Puyon sent me awesome, awesome pictures for my birthday so I will celebrate by posting those (on the 28th when)! And comics. Comics all the time comics. 100 years comics. Comics.

Saturday 25 July

"I hope to not miss any more updates this year" I say yesterday, completely forgetting what week it is. But I totally thought I was doing this thing next week not this week and... UM ANYWAY today's update won't be up until tomorrow. There was this whole thing. I dunno. Sorry about that! I've got it sketched and started a bit but TOMORROW. The comics will update. Yes.

Friday 24 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Yikes, Gav. Messed up if true!

Sorry again for the wait on this one. I hope to not miss any more updates this year! But that could just be wishful thinking :P

Thursday 23 July

Here I am with today's Way Back Home update! Elle is taking this very well. I guess it just hasn't sunk in yet, it's... rather an unusual situation.

Wednesday 22 July

Here's this week's Peony update! Can't have things going right for too long, that's generally true. But yeah, illusions are a trickster's favoured trick for a reason. Nice and flexible, you can do all sorts of nifty things with 'em.

Tuesday 21 July

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Elle's got some catching up to do. Hopefully sooooomebody can tell her what's going on.

Not gonna lie this Elle/Zamil reunion is what I've been looking forward to drawing most out of this whole comic, yessssssss

Monday 20 July

Sorry, everybody! I'm still fair out of it. So I'm taking today off! Random Encounter is just too big a comic for me to tackle today. Should be back to normal tomorrow I THINK/hope. But for now, a little picture to tide you over until next update!

Sunday 19 July

Here's today's The Breaking comic! I'm updating it very early today because I'm still quite sleepy and might forget otherwise, oops. Anyway! Finally I get to draw that guy! His name is short, cranky, budgie-wings. OK I lied that's not his name, that's just who he is. And I last drew him... in 2006. So it has beeeeen a whiiiiile! He's fun to draw indeed.

Saturday 18 July

Everybody in today's New Game+ comic can fly and has grey hair. I think I may have pointed that out previously thoguh, I can't remember.

Wooo first comic drawn since returning from far-off lands! I am trying not to let jetlag get to me. It's not working too well so far, but ummm it'll pass. Eventually.

Friday 17 July

Happy Friday! I am feeling hecka jetlagged, zzzzzz. But hey today's a fanart update! I have two lovely pieces ACTUALLY.

That's an awesome Peony from Keej again!

And another fantastic Claw piece from Puyon that I stole from twitter, mwahahahahaaaaaa

Wednesday 15/Thursday 16 July

OK I am back in Australia finally! Wooooo... it took a little while. And I am right tired. But here I am! So updates should start to be more reliable from now on. Once I get back to actually drawing comics, haha. ANYWAY! Time to catch up on updates!

Here's yester/today's Peony update! Continuing Project Future cameos, aw yuss. Which reminds me of comics I need to draw, but nevermind, I need a bit more sleep before I work on comics...

Here's today/morrow's Way Back Home update! ...oof. Awkward, to say the least.

Tomorrow! More fanart. The day after! I actually still need to draw New Game+ for this week but it should be good. And Sunday will be The Breaking, and next week I'll adjust the schedule back to old-normal to make Friday's update Random Encounter again! Which means... more drawing comics! Yes excellent.

Sorry if I am a bit rambly, long flights always throw me off a bit. I just need... rest... and to not be jetlagged. Heh. It was an amazing vacation, Anthrocon was wonderful and meeting so many great people was the best! But I am glad to be home as well.