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Friday 25 July

I seem to have gotten a bit sick... thaaaat's not good! I need to be at work and stuff today, of all days! After today, not so much, as I will be ~funemployed~. Which I feel justified making light of since it was my decision and I'm pretty prepared for it if I don't get another job for a little while.... though I'd definitely prefer to have a job.

ANYWAY I've made some good headway on today's Random Encounter page, but it ain't near finished yet. Which is a pity because one bozo is coming back who hasn't appeared in a little while and it's probably not the bozo you're thinking of! Buttttt that'll have to wait until... um.. well, while I will have some more time for a bit and will hopefully be more reliable on updates, this weekend I've got a ton of other stuff going on sooooo not quite reliable yet. HOPEFULLY MONDAY. Or before. Will be when this comic goes up. My apologies for the lateness! Bwahhh to sicknesses. Also hopefully I get the rest of the week's updates done actually on-time.

So! You wanna read a comic? Here's one by Keetah Spacecat that is AWESOME and LOVELY.

And I'll be back tomorrow!

Thursday 24 July

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Like I said, a title page! Things are moving along. To a scene change!

Wednesday 23 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Making up for missing Monday's update seeeeeeeee.... um. I guess that's all I got for now, busy week, better get some sleep! Zzzzz

Tuesday 22 July

Here's today's Way Back Home update! And the end of the current volume! So, next update will be a title page, of course. And then a scene change, I think! Had enough time hanging around these dudes, need to go back to Elle for a bit because she's probably quite busy...

Hopefully I'll be able to update Random Encounter with a comic tomorrow to make up for the one I missed yesterday, but I might have to do another character update instead. Weeee'lll seeeeeeee. Plenty busy this week, bwah. Maybe I'll be less busy next week. Or maybe I have no idea what I'm doing next week. Hrrrrrrmmmmm. Well, whatever happens, there will be some comics some time (hopefully on-time is that sometimes)

Monday 21 July

I'm a bit tired for a comic update, sorry! So here's some character updates:

And that's all the students sorted! Next I'll move onto the teachers. But here' a bonus:

Another minor recurring character profile, because why not. I've got a few guys I could add to that section, like Lore and Sheila, Orianna (who will totally be back at some point), Mia, I dunno, maybe a few others... but dangit I felt like drawing a bear. So here we are :B

Sunday 20 July

Aaand to round off the week, here's the next page of The Breaking! Getting there, wherever "there" is. The next page I'll finally introduce whatever guardian they've been talking about for the last several pages, so there'll be that. Place your bets on who it is! It's definitely somebody who's appeared in another comic, if that at all narrows it down (it kind of does).

Aaaaaaaaand if this is of any interest to you... I've uploaded the first part of the story this set of comics is based on. I wrote it... actually not *that* long ago. Somewhere I do have a foler of realllllly old stuff related to this, but I'm not sure where it is at the moment. AT ANY RATE I may or may not post more of that story. It's not all... done. Parts of it are - the parts of it that came to mind strong enough to be bothered writing down. You know what it's like :B

Almost forgot! Also the latest Random Encounter page is finally coloured, hurrah

Saturday 19 July

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Oh my stars, a female character. What is this?! Followup question: man how long have I been waiting to introduce this lady (it's a while).

Anyway! I was a bit busy... definitely not playing with legos... today, so the Random Encounter colours aren't done yet. They'll be done before Monday's update, anyway.

Friday 18 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Things that were last talked about in volume 20: a bunch of these things. The hazards of shuffling a large cast of 'main' characters! And... you may have noticed a distinct lack of colour to today's update. I've suddenly taken a bit ill so I'ma have to do the colour tomorrow or the day after... Sorry! I figured it was better to go full-page with delayed colour than another half-page.

Thursday 17 July

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Ah, I knew there was a reason they let Mana tag along. And that reason was she's really consistently had the best ideas out of anyone in this comic. Good job.

Wednesday 16 July

OK! It's Wednesday so it's time for Random Encounter character revamps! This week there's just one, because I'm trying to get some other comics done. So, Phoenix Claw!

Claw's a character design I had from before I started any DHS-related comics, actually. She originally had a really terrible storyline that I tried to draw in really terrible comics in the back of a sketchbook in early highschool. I probably still have that sketchbook somewhere, but as I mentioned.... terrrrrrrrible.

Tuesday 15 July

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Is "intolerabler" a word? Because that's what I'm going to use to describe what's happening next here. :B

Monday 14 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Drake's right. All the time.

And here's yesterday's The Breaking update! Which I have now caught up on, so hoorah! All ready to fall behind again this week~

Sunday 13 July

Sorry! Today's update is late. It'll be up tomorrow! I've got it mostly inked so it won't take much longer... but I was really sick today and couldn't do any work on it for most of the day :B Not the most fun ever! But it'll be done for tomorrow.

Saturday 12 July

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Grain still continues to make friends (poorly). But enough of this cryptic talk from him, BRING ON THE LADIES. Wait, that's me, I should do that.

Also, man! It's like all my characters want to punch each other lately. Break wants to punch Grain, Loki wants to punch Drake, Zamil wants to punch Tella, Deimi wants to punch Dyaris, and now Kimha's getting pretty close to punching a bro. This, I swear, is coincidence. But there will definitely be more wanting to punch dudes in future, as it appears to be the default attitude around LaRaGa.

Oh! And before I forget, since I seem to keep forgetting... I've started a new sidecomic at Project Future with Tapewolf, called Heads, you lose. And speaking of DMFA fancomics (nice segue, eh? EH???) I also done a fancomic for DMFA! It has Peony in it because c'mon, Peony.

And I finally got around to moving Daisy over to the 'finished' pile o' comics. I was being a bit lazy about it because I thought I might like to do the sequel, but then I got even lazier. I will at some point do another thing with it, but thennnn I need to decide if it's a properly separate comic or just tacked onto the end... Either way, the full bit about Daisy is done now, so finished it is!

Friday 11 July

Here's today's Random Encounter comic. Aaand... that seems like an excellent way to get out of school. If by that you mean expelled. It's a hero school though, I'm sure they're used to thaaa-- OH NO. That comic I did about how hero schools are magnets for delinquents who first try to solve problems through violence was in the old New Game comics aaaaaa.

Thursday 10 July

Here's today's Way Back Home comic! Tella is very close to getting punched in the face (again).

Wednesday 9 July

Character art updates! I even did two, because they're buddies! Buddies gotta stick together!

Also I can't remember if I said this before, but I'm also posting these alongside the old art on tumblr, because why not? I've also got the old art up on the server which I definitely did post earlier but psssh that's not nearly so fun.