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Saturday 28 February

End of the month! And here's this week's New Game+ update! Break is finally warming up to Grain. Finally! Best bros! Well... not quite that warm yet. But nicer than Claw, who... well actually she's not too bad for a Ceraph Clan. Bit of a low bar there, though.

Aaaand I'm slowly building up the buffers! Or uh, I've got another one in the New Game+ queue, but I'm going to use it next week as I'm going to be on a holiday that weekend. Ho hum. Easy come, easy go. Actually I'm still a bit ahead, I've got sketches done for the rest of the volume and the title and first page of the next. So, getting there! Just need to keep it up at a better pace until June...

But oof, this weekend... Gonna need to do a Random Encounter page or filler for the buffer to cover that holiday, too! Hopefully it is a page. No more fillers for a while. And as for The Breaking... oh hey I did a bunch of sketches earlier for that too. Excellent. Gotta fill some progress bars this weekend!

Friday 27 February

I FEEL ASLEEP so here's a filler comic instead of a big proper story comic. Because of the asleepiness. I actually have a lot more character sketches kicking around in a little sketchbook somewhere... from like 2011, eheheh. I have an idea of where it is and what some of the pictures were. But these guys... only one of them was there. Can't remember, too far back, mwahh.

Oh but yeah one of those characters has already appeared in Random Encounter, ssh. I had him pegged as a future student before then though... BUT NOW I SLEEP and gain the energy to draw all the comics so that I can draw all the comics.

Thursday 26 February

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Back to Mana Ahmad! Because it's been a little while, once more. Oh Yasir... your brother died recently huh? Yeeesh.

Wednesday 25 February

Site update day! As inferred last week, today I add Orianna to the list of Random Encounter characters!

...That list is getting long. 9 students, 11 staff, 11 others... and I could think of others to add. If only because they are all so fun to draw, mwaha. But I really need to do that New Game+ cast page too. And The Breaking. So... onto other things, maybe.

Tuesday 24 February

Here's today's Way Back Home update! And the last page of the current scene, Thursday we'll catch up on some different people...

Monday 23 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Yes, that comic can sometimes update on time... Phoenix Claw and Paige are suspiciously cute together... Oh but speaking of suspicious... I feel like we've seen those bandits recently, hrrmmmm.

Sunday 22 February

Right! All caught up with theeese comics! Just in time, too. Here's this week's The Breaking! And here's a belated Random Encounter update! Nowwww to rest up well enoguh that I can get another Random Encounter update done tomorrow! ...alongside catching up on a bunch of other comics. Hopefully building up the buffer a wee bit? But more importantly catching up on other things, yessssss.

Saturday 21 February

Just a heads up, this week's New Game+ comic shows what happened to Grain's old mate Zachary and it is a major bummer so if you don't think you'd like to see that you should come back next week for a comic where my second favourite New Game+ character doesn't die. But now that you're forewarned, here's this week's New Game+ update. Yeah, my favourite New Game+ characters are both Zacharies. And yeah I totally play favourites. Also my favourites are almost always tricksters, mwaha... Though I feel I should say, New Game+ is going to have more bad things happen in future. Forewarned is forearmed. Four arms?! my god...

But we will see Zachary again. At some point I plan to have Grain tell his full story without hiding certain key details... and then I can draw Zachary again.

Nowwwwwwwww I am ultra-tired right now. I haven't been to bed before midnight all this week and I may have partied too hardy at a certain charity event last night and am thoroughly exhausted still. SO Random Encounter is not done yet! IT will be done. TOMORROW. Because dangit I may have had a few late updates but I haven't missed an update so far this year and I won't let it happen yet! Maybe later. Definitely later. But at any rate, tomorrow I will finish and update the next Random Encounter page, alongside The Breaking! And... I really need to build those buffers back up sometime and catch up on a lot of other work I missed this week so far. I'll update the buffer image tomorrow too, too tired right now Wheeeeeee

Friday 20 February

Right! I am back, and I remembered, so here is a distracting image until tomorrow when comics will go up!

'tis hard to take a good photo of it myself, my apologies. Tomorrow, comics! aargh so tired

Thursday 19 February

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Hmmm nope sorry all I can think of is that I was watching this really cool old-school horror movie while I was drawing this.. man that movie was cool... so I have nothing sensible to add right now, hehe.

UM but also a reminder, I won't be updating with a comic tomorrow! Because tonight I am out at a thing. If I remember I will try to post a distracting image, but if not it's probably because I stayed out too late and distracted myself instead. At any rate, I hope to have Random Encounter up on Saturday instead, alongside New Game+!

Wednesday 18 February

S-s-s-s-site update day! I know I was thinking of doing New Game+ characters this week, but then I did not. Instead I added another Random Encounter cast page!

Hey it's those guys from volume... uh... siiiiiix? No wait, I mean seven. Volume seven. Becauuuuuse I was going through my notes and realised "oh hey these guys are in at least 3 stories I have notes for if Orianna gets a cast page then so should they"

Then I sat down just now and checked the cast page and made a mental note no, Orianna does not currently have a cast page where did that even come from and now I have something on my to-do list for later :P

I should like to add Scorch the mailmonster and Darla and Lore the blacksmiths at some point too I suppose...

Tuesday 17 February

Wooo Tuesday! Time for a new Way Back Home comic! So. Zamil's not a trickster, Yasir is his brother and apparently could be a trickster? Hmmmm that doesn't seem to bode too well. We'll see what that's about later. For now, more talks around the kitchen table! This scene isn't too much longer. I've actually drawn the rest of it, ready to go!

...Full disclosure, I actually draw both of the weeks's Way Back Home comics on Monday night, otherwise I wouldn't have the time for them, heheh. But I figure since I use them up quick it doesn't count for the buffer tracker. Only ones above the weekly cycle count for that! ...I need to build that up again sooooon. Hopefully this weekend?? Since I am using up one of the New Game+ pages this week, I should probably build that up a bit further again.

Monday 16 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Oh Paige. You're running with the DHS crew now. Odds of things going wrong are at a steady 100%.

Aaaaand... ummm... lemme think. Updates this week will be a lil weird. Thuuuursday night I'm going to a charity thing so I won't have time to draw Friday's Random Encounter update. So what I'll probably do is have that up Saturday instead alongside New Game+ and have to pull one out of the buffer for that. But I'll post some sort of distracting image on Friday anyway. I'd usually post fanart, but I don't have any extra of that what I can think of (or hmm, maybe I do have a Peony picture somewhere) but I will have a thing to post.

Anyway! Other updates should hopefully be as scheduled!

Sunday 15 February

Aaaand to cap off the week, here's this week's The Breaking comic! Guardian status: allegedly got it covered. Monster status: yeah those guys are bigger than the ones from Lavender's forest. And bigger than a yeti. Good job, Travis, A+ storytelling.

Saturday 14 February

Here's this week's New Game+ update! Grain's under-reporting his dumbness, but that's OK, it's Grain. Also, illusions for Grain! Carefully offscreen, because of course we can't tell Claw that... His 'first disguise' is way shorter than his current one. Excuses to draw itty bitty Grain? I'LL TAKE 'EM.

And... yyyyeah that's the guy who taught him magic so unnnfortunately we already know that's not going to end well. Pity, because I like Zachary. So we'll just have to enjoy his charming self while we can. Aaaaand who else is there? It's Alyssa! Finally. When was the last time I drew her in a comic?

Huh. It was only like 4 years ago. That's better than expected!

Ummmmmm and what else... Oh. Kind of failing at filling those dang buffer progress bars lately. Dang all these other things coming in and taking my time away from doing alllll of the comics! Though... admittedly most of those distracting things were other comics. So... OK, still good. Just need to go back to tightening my focus soon.

Friday 13 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! And I suddenly realise while drawing this page.... awesome a Claw-heavy volume where I definitely will not forget to draw her neck-feather because I forget it pretty regularly and have to go back and fix it ahaha. Usually I pick it up before I upload the page. But hey no worries now! Mwahaha!

And...... wait it's Friday the 13th? Hot dang how do I only figure these things out when I write newsposts? Ohhh and tomorrow's February 14th. You know what that means.... that's right, it means Neopets avatars.

Thursday 12 February

Here's today's Way Back Home update! In which Myra tries to spoil the plot. Ssh, Myra, that was a secret!

Wednesday 11 February

Eaaaaaarly site update! Because I was stuffing around. There now exists a Way Back Home characters page and extras page! Why not? Why not. Means next week I might do something similar for New Game+. Maybe! Who knowwwws? Not me!

Tuesday 10 February

Wooo Tuesday. Would that it were later in the week, but here we are. Today's Way Back Home update! Arc handing his card out to random ladies on the street. As you do.

Monday 9 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! For the record, I imagine Claw having a slightly deeper voice than myself. Not much deeper though. Also not terribly helpful if you haven't heard my voice, heheh. But Claw's would be a sort of reasonably deep voice for a lady, but nothing extradinary. Anyway, here we also have.... Mana expecting the worst of Drake. Rather harsh this time, though!

I did also manage to get that New Game+ buffer back up, so that's nice. Didn't do so well with The Breaking, but I made a nice start on several pages so that's OK. There's a lot more stuff I would have liked to have gotten drawn over the weekend. But it was rather hot and so I'm pretty happy with what I got done. There's always more to get done, after all, haha.

Sunday 8 February

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Who is best at telling stories? Travis is best at telling stories.

UMMM I'm also very very behind on stuff this week. I have not had enough sleep, which I think is not helping. So actually we're got 1 page of The Breaking and 1 page of New Game+ less than the buffer indicates buttttttt I hope to get them done in the morning. If I don't then I'll update the buffer image accordingly. But right now, to sleep. If my neighbours will shut up first, anyway...