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Today's comic, Death's Door, for Sunday 26th of June 2016

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Today's comic, The Breaking, for Sunday 26th of June 2016

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Sunday 26 June

OK! Time for a double-update! We've got that belated Death's Door update, and this week's The Breaking update!

Pix looks super stoked to be back here again. And The Breaking is at 100 pages??? That sure happened.

Saturday 25 June

OK! Random Encounter is up! Sorry, but now Death's Door will be late - hope to have that up tomorrow! zzzz

Friday 24 June

It's been/being an incredibly busy week, bwah! So I'm mainly extremely tired and my arm is a little sore (bit worse than usual) so I'm just being lazy tonight. Tomorrow!! I hope to do a stream to get this comic and tomorrow's regular update done. If I do manage that I'll post it on twitter, as usual. But definitely I plan to get a comic done! :V bwah

Thursday 23 June

Here's today's New Game+ update! Grain you'd better not be staring directly at the sun that is really bad for your eyes

Wednesday 22 June

It's time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update~! Oh no. OH NO. STAIIIIIRS. If I didn't already have a nemesis (my nemesis is horselegs. why are they so hard to draw) my nemesis would be stairs. Those stairs look great though.

Tuesday 21 June

It's time for today's New Game+ update! New volume, but yeah still with this crew (for nowww)

Monday 20 June

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! Well, that didn't last long. Good job, Dar.

Does Wrath now think all Gardenians are softies? Yes. Yes he does. But to be fair apart from that whole thing with DHS they have not had a war in ages. They don't really have any enemies. They don't really have that bad of a crime problem neither. Gardenia is very quiet compared to Rei.

Sunday 19 June

The Breaking has updated! I think that's a yes from Dyaris though. He can complain, but he's always there alongside her. Anyway, the last fight was sort of started by him in the first place, if that counts.

Saturday 18 June

It's tiiiiime for this week's Death's Door update! Since we already saw what Tish gets up to in the morning, it's probably also time for seeing the mad bed hair Raff gets in the morning. ...hair? Petals? Psssh dryads.

Friday 17 June

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Darius and Wrath, getting along?? Wonder how long until Darius messes that up...

Thursday 16 June

Yep! Title page for today's New Game+ update! Hmm. Grain features strongly in most of the title pages, huh? Certainly more than Darkling, oops. In my defence... he's really good at stealing the spotlight

Wednesday 15 June

Like I said yesterday, in lieu of a Dhark's Hero Stories update this week, there's a bonus New Game+ page! Yeah. Alastair. Pretty much the worst. But he's gotta be the tall, grey-haired, white-winged feathry with Art and Dark, yeah?? Yeah.

Tomorrow's update is just going to be a title page! Time for a new volume!!

Tuesday 14 June

It's time for today's New Game+ page! Yeah these peeps are just running with that original assumption, huh?

Aaaand probably there won't be a Dhark's Hero Stories update tomorrow but that's ok! I'll post an extra page of New Game+ instead! All comics, all the time!!

Monday 13 June

Here's today's Random Encounter update! And another one!! A double-pager to make up for recent missed updates (sorry about those!). And lots of scene changes!! Since we already heard the story of the living shadow and the shadowslayer from a certain other hero school, no need to bother listening to the rest of Shauni's lesson, mwahaaa

Sunday 12 June

Here's this week's The Breaking update! I'm sure this won't pose any problems later.

Also I am sick of being sick!! Rarrr!!! I've gotten the next Random Encounter page inked so definitely there will be an update tomorrow, but what I really want is to make it a double-update to get all caught up. I don't know whether I will be able to do that or not because I am mainly coughing and sleeping

Saturday 11 June

In between coughing and napping on the couch I managed to get this week's Death's Door update done! That's our Ra. Always definitely never up to any evil. Probably.

late Friday 10 June

OK! I've got up a little bit of a fillery page of Random Encounter! For nowwww.... I intend to do a proper page at some point on the weekend too if I can

Friday 10 June

Still got that sore throat, it is no good. I really wanted to get a page done today, but... I really haven't been able to. I will get it done tomorrow for sure!!! Somehow!!

Thursday 9 June

Time for today's New Game+ update! Nice going Grain, you set Ada off

Wednesday 8 June

Here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update!! Oh, er... that can't be good.

Tuesday 7 June

Here's today's New Game+ update! Well yeah of course he'd repeat it, it's still true

Iiiiii am still under the weather! That's probably not surprising since I last posted 10 hours ago and was sick then. So yeah. Still sick. A little better than I was thismorning (I was absolutely rotten thismorning) but really not real flash. HOPEFULLY... tomorrow is better than today.

Monday 6 June

Tchaaaa I've been really unlucky with getting sick so much this year. My throat is killing my, and I've lost my voice. So I'm going to bed a little early instead of getting this comic done and hoping I'm feeling better in the morning

OK! Still sick. Sicker... bwaaaghhhh. But I've gotten today's Random Encounter update done so that is a start!