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Today's comic, Random Encounter, for Monday 8th of February 2016

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Monday 8 February

Random Encounter has updated! We're bringing the crew back together!! I think a few people probably saw this coming and that's good too. Captain Ellison did not see this coming.

(late) Sunday 7 February

Aaaaand now this week's Death's Door is up! Sorry for the delay!

Just a reminder if you're just now joining us today, The Breaking updated earlier today too!

Sunday 7 February

Here's this week's The Breaking comic! Five of them? Ohhhh nooooo

I'm still working on Death's Door at the moment, sorry it's not up yet! I hope to have it done in the morning, and I'll post it whenever it does get done.

Saturday 6 February

It's done! That Random Encounter page is now fully up! ...I do need a little longer for Death's Door though, I've gotten it sketched but it's not real far along. So that will go up tomorrow, alongside The Breaking!

...Thankfully apart from that I'm actually reasonably ahead on comics this week, so I should be good to play catchup on the weekend!

Friday 5 February

*flails* I tried! But I couldn't get the full page done for today's Random Encounter update! No idea why it's taking so long. So!! I'm going to do the second half of this page and the colour up tomorrow, hopefully alongside Death's Door but if not then Death's Door will update on Sunday with The Breaking.

why is it taking this long i don't knowwww

Thursday 4 February

Here's today's New Game+ update! First proper page of the new volume, woo. Grain having a well-deserved grump.

So tomorrow!! I need to get it together and update Random Encounter properly. These big pages, bwah.

Wednesday 3 February

Who wants some new comic???? It's me, I want some new comic! So without further faffing about, here's the title page for the new comic, Dhark's Hero Stories! In my defence, having a comic that could be shortened to DHS is inordinately hilarious to me.

Anyway! This comic is very special for a number of reasons! The first is that it's drawn by Puyon, who is wonderful! The second is that it's written by Puyon, who is wonderful! I'm really quite excited about this comic youse guys :D

Now, timewise-wise? This comic takes place... hrm... at least a month after the current Random Encounter pages. So... you'll see what it's about- next week, when the first full page goes up! Me, I'm still hype NEW COMICS

Tuesday 2 February

So! Time for a new volume of New Game+! Oh hey it's about time those guys caught up

Monday 1 February

Hi guys! I'm taking the day off because of... tiredness? Laziness?? Poor time management??? Well, whatever it is. I've put a little IOU counter to the side, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up this missed update at some point (even if it'll be like... bonus end-of-volume comics or title pages for future comics)! But right now, super zzzz. I really do want to catch up at some point though, really want to get through 3 story volumes this year! This one, one with a shadow, and one with... new people

NOW! There was something important. The schedule has changed, you might have noticed! What will that mean..? I guess you'll have to see on Wednesday!

Sunday 31 January

Ah, end of another week! Guess that means it's time for an update of The Breaking! Well.. this "Myrthi" looks cranky enough to be Deimi though.

Saturday 30 January

Here's this week's Death's Door comic! Tish is the master of delegation. "Sure you could ask me. But the process is you ask this guy. Then he asks me." Wait why does that seem so familiar... to my day job... it's me im tish in this example

Oh! And Raxuno is a cameo, he belongs to CubiKitsune!

Friday 29 January

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Darius is actually almost as fun to write as Drake is. Tries to be totally straight-laced, extremely easy to rile up.

Mainly this scene with Loki has been great! Because it does not have a giant flock of griffs or all of the other DHS peeps or a big army of Gardenians. Oh dangggg the next pagessssss :B

Thursday 28 January

Aaaand here's today's New Game+ update! And that's the last page of the current volume so next Tuesday: title page for the next one!

Definitely still happy I switched to twice-weekly updates for NG+, it is flowing much better. Even if it's a bit tough to pull off sometimes! Oh hey I'm pretty close to not having missed updates for a month. That's pretty goooood! I did 'miss' a Death's Door day earlier to be fair, but I caught up. Nowwww I just need to start building buffers, for here and for Project Future! Slowly working on catching up :P

Tuesday 26 January

New Game+ will be up... a few hours late! Sorry peeps. It's mostly inked, I'm just super tired today. I hope to get up early tomorrow and get it finished >.> New Game+ has updated! Claw can't leave she's like the token girl here. Her and whatsherface. Ada.

Monday 25 January

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Is it fun to draw Darius's face when he's freaking out? Yes considerably. Also, glad Bana's here because he really brings some colour into this scene, mwaha.

Sunday 24 January

The Breaking has updated! That.... not sure that's right, Dyaris?? Hrmmmm.

Oh and you may have noticed, I brought the buffer-tracker back! If you weren't around here then, I had it up for the first half of last year to make sure I had enough buffer to last me through a long holiday. It's half the size now, to cover 3 weeks instead of the (rather excessive) 6, but I think it might help me build a proper buffer. So I don't miss updates! We'll see how that goes, I suppose~

Saturday 23 January

Mwaha, here's this week's non-catch-up Death's Door! Tish might be the most talkative DHS character already. She's really passionate about her job :B

Also "Tish" is just her nickname! She goes by that because her full name is even more obvious than Raffles's. When she tells people her full name they're like "...oh course that's your name. Of course."

Friday 22 January

Right! Here's today's Random Encounter update! Yes back on the comics-drawing-wagon. For now. And here's everybody's favourite royal guard I'm sure, that one guy who has no sense of humour whatsoever. Oh and I guess Loki is here too, can't forget about her even though she never made it to school :B

Thursday 21 January

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Hoo boy, finishing this one a little late. I really need to get a better handle on my motivation so I can nnnnot procrastinate until the absolute last minute. Yes. But hey! New Game+ update. I'm getting close to the end of this volume too mwahahaaaa just as well these dudes have been standing in the middle of the road holding up traffic for long enough.

Oh and yes, Mr Biker-Mice-From-Mars-looking bakery dude (Kippo) has totally just been standing there the whole time. He was hoping they would fight because it would probably be awesome to watch. ALAS POOR KIPPO instead he just um... well he didn't exactly waste his time, at least he successfully skived off work. A productive day!

Wednesday 20 January

Hey guess what! I decided to do an extra update today for Death's Door to make up for the page I missed on Saturday! Because missing updates is a bit of a bummer *nod nod* and Tish is fun to draw

Tuesday 19 January

Here's today's New Game+ update! Yeah last time they were getting attacked by Ada's crew, not much time to talk...

I'm glad I'm doing NG+ updates twice weekly, I think it's flowing much better! ...but it's kind of tough to get into the swing of, I keep falling behind. I'm thinking about swapping some update days around, to see if that works better. I mean it's either that or get my butt into gear??? Can't have that. I'll think about it, because I am never sure of anythinggg!

Monday 18 January

Sorry I've only got a filler page for today's Random Encounter update! My hand is cramping up pretty bad so... yeah :B Hopefully tomorrow is better!

Sunday 17 January

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Sheesh, you could at least say "on suspicion of harbouring a wanted criminal". It's not like he's hiding her in his pocket.

I'm feeling a bit better than yesterday, so that's good! Well much better than yesterday. Yesterday I could barely stand up and today I am just a little blargh. And to celebrate I didn't catch up on comics. I ended up donking around getting new shelves and rearranging all my consoles instead. Time well spent?? Well it was fun. Time-consuming. And now I've got a long list of comics I want to get done tomorrow oh nooo

Saturday 16 January

Iiii'm a little under the weather today. I hope that I will be well tomorrow. And that I will be drawing comics. Because if I am well then maybe I can catch up! On all the comics. ALL THE COMICS.

Friday 15 January

Here's today's Random Encounter comic! I'm trying to think of something to say. HrRRRMRRMrmrmmm. Oh Shauni. Her psychic powers can't see the future, she just rides on waves of optimism :3

Thursday 14 January

Aaand here's the other New Game+ comic for the week! Ceraph Claw rightfully pointing out that Darkling and Art are both extremely terrible at their jobs

Tuesday 12 January

Here's today's New Game+ update! Alastair: not that likeable. Oh well it happens.

Monday 11 January

Random Encounter has updated! Yeah, Drake. Tell us alllll of your secrets. ALL OF THEMMMM.

Mana's definitely met at least one blackwing hero who was actually pretty cool. ...Donovan? I think that was his name. That was pretty brief though and she and Phoenix Talon did kind of troll the heck out of him and leave him drowning in paperwork.

Sunday 10 January

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Man. Deimi gets up to all sorts of exciting things when the comic's not focussed on her, huh.