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Loose Change

A spiritual sequel to Free Turn, this comic is about a snake-taur change priestess, and the unlucky target of most of her misfired spells.

Loose Change is a completed comic!

Loose Change volume 1

Loose Change Volume 1


A high priestess of change rolls into town to prove herself and start a temple. She manages to show off her skills, but not quite with the intended effect...

Loose Change volume 2

Loose Change Volume 2


Why are all the roads around here full of weirdo feathries?

Loose Change volume 3

Loose Change Volume 3


...Customs and border security? What.

Loose Change volume 4

Loose Change Volume 4


Gabe is a jerk, pass it on.

Loose Change volume 5

Loose Change Volume 5


Finally, underground and actually at Silphy's temple! Will miracles ever cease?