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Name: Bluff

Nicknames: None

Classification: ?

Age: ?

Gender: ?M

Species: Ahri - an offworlder of unknown origin

Roomate: Jared "Jinx" Stone

Family: Unknown

Character: Bluff is usually quite upbeat and talkative, though since he has no mouth, he "speaks" in a form of telepathy that very few LaRaGans can perceive. He tries not to take things very seriously or let anything get him down. When something does upset him, he usually tackles it by not thinking about it. His apparent muteness makes it hard for him to make LaRaGan friends, as people find it hard to relate to him. As such, his only friend is Jinx, who is also the only LaRaGan he's found who can "hear" him talk. Bluff is considered quite violent for his species, and he's only too happy to fight if somebody gives him or Jinx trouble, usually neglecting to take into account whether he can win a fight or not.

History: Bluff is originally from a far-off world where his people are the only sentient beings, and travelled through many dimensions to reach LaRaGa. He hates to talk about his past though, which is a sure sign that something that happened prior to his arrival in LaRaGa upsets him enough to stop him from thinking about it. It's expected that however he got to LaRaGa, he could probably leave by the same means, but he feels he's probably better off staying.

Bluff found his way to Dhark's Hero School despite communication difficulties with LaRaGans because he was told that there was another off-worlder there (that'd be Evo, the librarian). He decided to take his chances and see if it was somebody he could talk to, or even somebody from a world he knew. Luckily for him, even though he didn't know Evo's world, he could communicate with her, and she let him know that DHS would be his best bet (free shelter and people you can actually interact with, wooo) if he wanted to stay in LaRaGa for any length of time.