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Delta Morningstar

Name: Delta Morningstar

Nicknames: None

Classification: Archer

Age: 16

Gender: F

Species: 'Taur (horse)

Roomate: Previously roomed with Phoenix Claw, currently has no roomate

Family: Mother - Charlotte, Father - Barnaby, Younger sister - Bianca, Half-sister - Lucenda.

Character: Delta is a mostly carefree soul, but can get quite irate when she is pushed into things - as one of the travelling people (or 'traipses') she values freedom of choice above all. She loves children, games, singing and telling stories, and isn't at all keen on responsibility or hard work. Regardless, she appreciates the value of hard work even if she avoids it when she can. She also loves telling people when they're wrong, and though she can get annoyed sometimes, never holds a grudge or sulks for prolonged amounts of time. Delta is adept with the bow, and knows some nigh-inconsequential change and air magic.

History: Delta is a traipse, and so travelled in a caravan with her extended family and friends for most of her life, telling stories and selling nick-nacks. Delta's caravan is known as Northbranch, and her 'position' is simply third star - after her family name. Most LaRaGan towns and cities welcome traipses, though a few don't, so she had a great time seeing the world and meeting new people. Delta was training as a storyteller of her wagon train, and loved entertaining children and adults alike. But there are dangers to travelling, even in a group of wagons, and Delta decided to go to Dhark's Hero School to brush up her archery and learn some new skills to protect her people as a hero. She's only too happy about all the extra stories she can pick up on the way, too.

She's occassionally homesick for the travelling caravan and her family she left behind, but Delta is quick to admit the benefits of staying in one place. For one thing, her legs don't get quite so tired, and another, she doesn't have to take shifts pulling wagons!

Delta was wanted in Gardenia (the country surrounding Dhark's Hero School) for assaulting the princess and helping a fugitive escape the capital. However, things seemed to have gotten smoothed out.