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Drake Piperion

Name: Drake Piperion

Nicknames: None

Classification: Trickster, pretending to be an Elemental Battle Mage

Age: 35

Gender: F

Species: Scaler

Job: Magic Teacher, Ettiquette Teacher, (ex-)temporary Deputy Headmistress

Family: Husband: Darius

Character: Drake is extremely opinionated, and always makes sure everybody around her knows it. She's got a short temper, and finds herself angry at something or another most of the time.

Drake also has a dark sense of humour that raises its head at rather inopportune moments, and she doesn't mind a bit of the ol' schadenfreude every now and then. Her hobbies include eavesdropping on Mana Ryushin and doing her best to avoid Dharfi Valcross, whom she does not get along with at all.

Drake presents herself as an accomplished mage of every description, although a specialist in more the aggressive elemental arts than in healing magic. However, she is in reality nothing but a trickster mage, and uses her illusion magic to convince others that she can cast any spell. Her illusions are amazing for random things like elemental spells, but she is absolutely terrible at using illusion magic for their usual purpose of disguising people or counterfeiting money. As well as her illusion magic, Drake is excellent at confusion spells, at least on smaller numbers of targets, and can use blind and sleep magic to varying degrees.

History: As she's able to pass herself off as a versatile mage, Drake has had a variety of jobs, including working on trading ships between the three continents, keeping sea monsters from scuttling boats and destroying cargo for a tidy fee. She's spent a lot of time travelling instead of staying in one place, and though she knows a lot of people, she doesn't really have a strong group of friends to rely on. Drake takes care of herself, and uses her trickster magic to ease her way through the less-than-pleasant situations she has a habit of getting herself into with her prickly personality. Nobody is entirely sure why she's working for Dhark's Hero School now, particularly as she seems to strongly dislike every single person in it, and the pay is nothing special. It doesn't seem to be her first teaching job either, which is surprising considering how much she hates both people and teaching.

The reason Drake has spent a lot of time travelling... is because she's wanted for murder in her home country of Arae. It was apparently justified and a long time ago, but there you have it.

Drake is married to Gardenian royal guardsman Darius, though they have been estranged for a while because of him being an uptight guardsman and her being several kinds of criminal.