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Loki Kiborn

Name: Loki Kiborn

Nicknames: Loco

Classification: Mage x Monster Summoner/Trainer x Swordswoman

Age: 16

Gender: F

Species: Human

Roomate: Nobody (lives at home)

Family: Loki is the last of her family, but she lives with a variety of monsters, and is close to a family of dragons, including her companion Mogki. Her legal guardian is a monster racing agent / friend of the family called Teara, who very occassionally drops in to see how she is going.

Character: Loki has a strong personality that can come across as a bit too much. She's extremely good at projecting an air of confidence, to the point of arrogance. Her primary concern is herself, and as such she's not terribly good at making and keeping friends. But she seems to have bonded with Saturn Techqui, even if nobody else will put up with her. Loki has a predilection for tall tales about herself, that most of her classmates don't believe. Most of her bravado is just that, and underneath she is often troubled.

Loki's only concern is getting to be a stronger swordswoman and greater mage, to throw off the curse of her ancestors. It's the reason she came to Dhark's, and what she spends her time consumed by. She likes being around Saturn though, because it lets her forget about it sometimes.

History: Though Loki likes to tell overblown stories about what she gets up to, she doesn't like to tell meaningful tales about her past. The Kiborn family were rather well-known across the Solnor continent as a legendarily strong clan of Light Powers, until they all began to disappear several hundred years ago. It is said that they are cursed now, which certainly seems to be the case. It's not a good plan to ask Loki about it though, because she's quick to anger and strong enough to come through on threats.

At any rate, Loki knew her parents and her paternal grandfather. She grew up with the dragon Mogki, who lives with her as a close friend. Mogki's mother looks out for both of them on occassional visits, but for the most part they are the only two sentient beings in the Kiborn household. Loki was closest to her grandfather though, and misses him a lot. It's he who taught her magic and swordplay, and gave her the Ragnarok, a sword enchanted with Phoenix magic.

Loki's grandfather was a monster trainer, and he passed on his ranch to Loki. As such, she keeps various monsters around the place and rents them out to monster racers to get enough money to live on. These monsters include (but aren't limited to) a purple Jargyn called Pyumi, a white Duhe called Wonder, and a dun and green Snalion called Zippy.

Loki also inherited monster summoning from her grandfather, along with the large, powerful monster known as Fury.