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Shauni San

Name: Shauni San

Nicknames: None

Classification: Cleric/Scholar

Age: 26

Gender: F

Species: Feathry

Job: Lingo Literature and Language Teacher

Family: Mother (Lynne) and Father (Wilhelm)

Character: Shauni is what can be called an idiot savant. She is brilliant at anything involving languages and literature, but can seem rather naïve about everything else. More often than not she has her head in a book or in the clouds daydreaming about stories she has read. During class, she is rather focused on the task at hand, often resulting in her missing slacking students messing about during her lectures. She likes to think she is approachable for advice, but she always quotes some obscure text that in theory is good advice, but is so layered in metaphor, it just makes it sound like she is rambling.

Shauni is a devout follower of the god Jude. As with most devout followers, it is her rather obsessive pursuit of knowledge that sets her apart from most other people, however, due to Shauni's rather narrow interest, she only reads stories or language books. She often hangs out in the fiction section of the liberty, often falling asleep with a pile of story books around her.

History: Shauni has taught Lingo at many different schools over her years but has recently been a traveling bard, teaching and singing her way around the country. She is also a published writer, most famous for her "Realm of Monsters" books. She often attends festivals selling merchandise based on her books. She often dresses herself as human when she is selling at Elemental Festivals as she is a clear follower of the god Jude. She uses a little talisman she bought from a certain trickster...

Shauni at some point was gifted with Jude's "third eye". It has helped her work as a diplomat on recent occasion. She has also been called in to help with criminal cases.

Shauni doesn't know what she did to be gifted by Jude. Nothing springs to mind.


Shauni was created by Samantha "Shauni" Lowe, RoM & DHS BFFs <3