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Saturday 20 July

A once again comic will be late. This month, smh

Friday 19 July

Lol yesterday I was just exhausted, but today I am back to bein' sick. Hell of a month for bein' sick. Well. I tried really hard and did get one thing done today, at least. Here's today's Random Encounter update! Well, it is time to start a new volume.

Thursday 18 July

Comic is coming along nice but I just decided to take a nap instead of finishing it, haha. It should be up tomorrow, hopefully. Or something.

Wednesday 17 July

Time for this week's Peony update! Sappy moments never last with these siblings.

Tuesday 16 July

Here's this week's Merc update! Merc asks The Question. Or a question.

Monday 15 July

Heeeeere's today's Random Encounter update! This has been a nice break, though I would've liked to have got through pages quicker, curse this mortal fraaame. I guess I should get to like. Writing the next volume. Haha.

edit: fixed the speech bubbles in panel 1

Sunday 14 July

see any time I say I'm on the mend I immediately become sicker, which is why I should just quietly draw comics. Anyway... I should have at least one page up tomorrow. Fingers crossed

Saturday 13 July

Here's a comic today, a Heretic update! And the title page of the next Heretic volume also. Phew. Still really sick so I'm gonna take it easy. I'll see if I update tomorrow.

Friday 12 July

Sick but slowly on the mend, I think? Maybe?? Comic should be up tomorrow, also maybe.

Thursday 11 July

Still feelin' real sick but here's a Peony update! Petunia confirmed best sibling.

Aaaaand I did get some work done on the next Heretic page, slowly started inking it but we'll seee what updates tomorrow. So sick orz

Wednesday 10 July

Sick = comic late. I got it sketched but Iiiii am sick. And I rewrote some Heretic so maybe there will be an extra page instead of just a title page for the next update so maybe that too will be late well we'll see, hopefully I can get something done tomorrowwwww

Tuesday 9 July

Pfwaaa still super sick... but I managed... to get today's Merc update! Woo I finally managed a week of updates... time to sleep...

Monday 8 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! I guess she was lying about being there to cause problems, she already caused the problems.

Sunday 7 July

Here's this week's Ace update! There's a lot more questions than answers, but oh well at least Ace saved the prince?

Saturday 6 July

Heeeeere's this week's Death's Door update! Well, it's a two-page update, to make up for last week being terrible for getting comics done and for because Tish has to get inside that tower. She was on that countdown for it smh.

Friday 5 July

Wooo finally got a Random Encounter update done! Still sick, as usual hah. Super looking forward to the weekend though I think it's gonna be busy like last weekend. Oh but hopefully with less sewerage leaks lol. Yeah OK this week is better than last week...

Thursday 4 July

Heeeeere's today's Heretic update! Well he did say he was immortal. And that caps off this volume, so... dang! I gotta think about who goes on the next title page hrmmmm.

Still QUITE sick today but also hopefully I can get Random Encounter done tomorrow... we'll see... I still need to like. Write all of the layouts. I'm fresh out of layouts for every comic noooo past Merlin whyyyy

Wednesday 3 July

Still quite sick but slowly getting things done... Here's yesterday's late Merc update! And today's Peony update!

Tuesday 2 July

Super sick today so comic will be a il late... gonna try to get back on track this week somehow though lol

Monday 1 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Saved entirely by the amazing, lovely, AND wonderful Inhuman Interest!

Sunday 30 June

Here's this week's Ace update! That's it Zeph, keep talking at him.

Pfwaaa this week continues to be the WORST.... I mean it's like. Spent so much hassle getting the gas leak fixed, then I come home Saturday and what do I get, a friggin sewerage leak all over my driveway aaaagggggg. I think that is now fixed too at least but like. Come on. COME ONNNNnnnnn aghhghghgh.

Anyway there's a high possibility Random Encounter will be late tomorrow cuz I'm going to a concert.

Saturday 29 June

Alright here is that super delayed Heretic update!! Super busy the rest of this week too but hopefully I'll get Ace drawn tomorrow. HrmmmmMM we'll see! Anyway, real sad fish hours today

Friday 28 June

I thiiiink things are fixed now.... but now I am also exhausted from dealing with everything hahahaha comic will be up tomorrow

Thursday 27 June

Comic is sketched... but I had to deal with a whole lot of aggravating stuff so it's going to be late. I want to try to get Heretic updated tomorrow since I did miss it last week and it's so close to the end of the volume... but we'll see if life wants to let me do that. Anyway so there is a gas leak at my house I hope the gas company fixes it really soon.

Wednesday 26 June

Here's this week's Peony update! As usual, full of really terrific decisions.

Tuesday 25 June

Here's this week's Merc update! Starring Merc. It's gonna be another busy week this week but fingers crossed I can keep keeping up with updates better than last week!!

Monday 24 June

Busy and cranky but also, comics! Here's that delayed Ace update! See now he's caught up and he can have all the same questions we have. Which Opus does not want to rhyme at.

Aaand here's today's Random Encounter update! Since this one is just a lil break volume I'm gonna try and take it easy on it so I can have a tiny break. Wonder how that will go, lol