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Free Turn

Each odd-numbered volume here chronicles the continuing misadventures of Demi the human and Malo the mimic. Each even volume has a small, unrelated interlude. It's all mainly concerning transformations, though!

Free Turn is a completed comic.

Free Turn volume 1

Free Turn Volume 1

Change     .     Download as pdf (size:6.40M)

Malo the mimic causes trouble for his human friend Demi. I'm sure he means well, though!

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Free Turn volume 2

Free Turn Volume 2

Cat     .     Download as pdf (size:4.37M)

Lore the blacksmith is terrible with customer service. Fact.

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Free Turn volume 3

Free Turn Volume 3

Circus     .     Download as pdf (size:10.89M)

Demi and Malo, running off to join the circus. No really. There's some sort of plan involved.

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Free Turn volume 4

Free Turn Volume 4

Curse     .     Download as pdf (size:3.84M)

Stanza has a curse. I wonder why that is...

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Free Turn volume 5

Free Turn Volume 5

Captive     .     Download as pdf (size:6.09M)

Malo is captive, and due for execution. That's a problem!

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Free Turn volume 6

Free Turn Volume 6

Conjure     .     Download as pdf (size:8.25M)

Val the conjurer creates magic statues for whoever pays. And annoys local residents for various reasons.

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Free Turn volume 7

Free Turn Volume 7

Confront     .     Download as pdf (size:3.75M)

The final confrontation-slash-volume!!

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Free Turn volume 8

Free Turn Volume 8

Combat     .     Download as pdf (size:3.74M)

Er, I guess that wasn't the final confrontation nor battle, because here's another!!

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