Today's comic, Heretic, for Thursday 28th of September 2023

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Thursday 28 September

Here's today's Heretic update! Having a real shitty one this week so we'll seeee if I update Random Encounter tomorrow. Anything's possible.

Wednesday 27 September

Here's this week's Peony update! Well it's more of an educated guess than actual knowledge.

Tuesday 26 September

Time for a Merc update! Starring Merc. Dom is there also.

Monday 25 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Saturn seems pretty happy to bleed all over the place to make a point.

Sunday 24 September

Woo feeling like drawing comics today! So I've decided to catch up!!

Here's yesterday's skipped Fall update!

And today's on-time The Breaking update!

Saturday 23 September

Iiiiii'm taking the night off!! Zany, I know. So, no comic today. Comic tomorrow?? Well I got today's comic sketched so maybe there will be one or two pages tomorrow.... goodnight!

Friday 22 September

I'm a bit unwell still, so instead of a Random Encounter update, here's the next page of Fluffy Tales, At Journey's End! Ah I love the sunset colours...

Random Encounter is sketched and it's not too heavy a page so hopefully I'll have it done for Monday! Just gotta have my guts let me draw.

Thursday 21 September

Here's a Heretic update! Ain't no process like due process, and this process ain't that.

Wednesday 20 September

Here's this week's Peony update! It's fun to go and redraw old locations

Tuesday 19 September

Time for this week's Merc update! It could always be vampires.

Monday 18 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Aye finally the next page. And next.... I suppose we should go back to Saturn. Maybe. We'll see.

Sunday 17 September

Here's today's The Breaking update! Yeah what does Dharfi want?? Well no time for that now-

Saturday 16 September

Barely on time since I was up to shenanigans, here's this week's Fall update! Ah, Fate. First mentioned a very very long time ago and then I never found a good place for her in the story and thought about just forgetting about her and THEN Puyon brought her up and THEN Keej drew designs for her and with both their help I was able to ... do this! It's more fun to write with friends.

Friday 15 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Well, I'm a bit very unwell. So it's just a little filler page. But I've got the next actual page sketched so hopefully I can get it done on Monday!!!

Thursday 14 September

Here's this week's Heretic update! They're both great at this.

Wednesday 13 September

Time for a Peony update! Ah yeah, those guys.

Tuesday 12 September

Here's this week's Merc update! Merc's just having one of those days. Weeks. Lifes.

Monday 11 September

Aaand here's the back cover splash for that Short Shift volume! Tomorrow it's back to regular updates.... probably

Sunday 10 September

I'm alright just been lazing around all evening instead of working on today's comic so it's gonna be slightly late

Sorry for the delay!! It's been fun to take it easy. Here's today's Short Shift page! And tomorrow.... I'll take it super easy with the back cover splash

Saturday 9 September

Feelin ok today but I'm committed to finishing this volume before I go back to regular updates now lol so here's another Short Shift page!

Friday 8 September

Bit stressy dealing with medical appointments for health stuff this week so Iiiii'm taking a little break! I wrote myself a little Short Shift volume that I'll be working on and posting for the next few days, so enjoy some surprise Short Shift!

Thursday 7 September

Here's this week's Heretic update. Not much ruffles Laguna's feeathers, I guess??