The worlds of the DHS Continuum were both created by and are ruled over by a large pantheon of gods and goddesses.

These gods are arranged in a hierarchy. At the top are the "Creation Triad" - goddesses who created everything. Just below them are the "Nine Magic Gods" - the three elemental gods and the other five gods of magic (previously there were nine of them but one got kicked out and they never got around to renaming themselves). Below them are the "Lesser Gods" - other gods and goddesses (such as the gods of luck, the goddess of wishes...). Below that are the "Lower Deities" - mainly deities that serve other gods (such as the reaper of souls who serves the god of death), but also some individual deities (such as the deities of emotion). At the very lowest rung is Jake, the Trickster God, formerly one of the nine gods of magic.

Nine Gods of Magic

Elemental Gods

Ceraph, God of Wind
(also God of Thunder, God of Lightning, God of Birds, interim God of Rest)
Symbols: general symbol: a spiral, healing symol: down feather, animal: elephant
Magic: Wind- and lightning-related attack magic, healing magic to alleviate fatigue.
Notes: Really hates Jake and wants his followers to kill his tricksters.

Leviathan, God of Water
(also God of Ice, God of Fish, Patron God of Merfolk, Patron God of Seafarers, interim God of Cures)
Symbols: general symbol: three parallel lines, often wavy, healing symol: feahter-like spine, animal: sea-serpent
Magic: Water- and ice-related attack magic, healing magic to cure diseases.
Notes: Quite hates Jake and wants his followers to kill his tricksters. Has more chill than Ceraph.

Phoenix, God of Fire
(also interim God of Healing)
Symbols: general symbol: a stylised flame, healing symol: angular stylised feather, animal: bird
Magic: Fire-related attack magic, healing magic to heal wounds..
Notes: Allegedly hates Jake and wants his followers to kill his tricksters. Practically never intervenes in the mortal world directly, though.

Perception Gods

Marie, Goddess of Truth
(also Goddess of Sight, Goddess of Justice)
Symbols: general symbol: a teardrop-like shape, usually with a bowl underneath, animal: rabbit
Magic: Sight-related magic t osee things outside of one's normal range of vision.
Notes: Can curse people so that they can only tell the truth

Jude, God of Knowledge
(also God of Writing, God of Runes, Patron God of Lost Souls, Patron God of Lost Items, Patron God of Librarians)
Symbols: general symbol: an eye, animal: owl
Magic: General utility magic for finding lost items and people, and translating written or spoken language. Is also always used for enchantments, alongside the other magic gods' powers.
Notes: Jude is known for blessing some followers with a third eye that allows them to see things that others can't. Technically all the perception gods can do that, but he's the only one who does so regularly.

Movement Gods

Emelia, Goddess of Time
Symbols: general symbol: an hourglass, animal: snake
Magic: Time distortion magic. Quite rare and difficult to use.
Notes: Grumpy all the time, and likes cursing people to age weirdly

Clyde, God of Change
(also God of Hard Work, Patron God of Taurs)
Symbols: general symbol: two semicircles, animal: frog
Magic: Change magic! Pros: can be used for changing anything into anything else! Cons: ridiculously difficult to master.
Notes: No seriously, change magic is very difficult, pretty much only used well by dedicated priests and priestesses

Altair, God of Death
(also God of Travel, Patron God of Traipses)
Symbols: general symbol: downward-pointing chevron, animal: horse
Magic: Death magic - but the weaker forms generally just wound and cause pain. You can also raise the dead with his magic... but he doesn't like people doing that.
Notes: The reason all full-feathries get black wings when they kill is because of a curse from Altair

Lesser Gods

Felix and Felicity
Felix and Felicity, the God and Goddess of Luck
(that is, of both good and bad luck)
Symbols: general symbol: always 2 of a gambling item - dice, coins, etc., animal: cats
Notes: These two are twins, and nobody but their parents know which is good luck and which is bad luck. One of their dads is Phoenix

Jake, God of Lies
(also Trickster God, God of Nightmares, Patron God of Shapeshifters)
Symbols: general symbol: any type of leaf, animal: raccoon
Magic: Illusions mainly, and short-lasting spells like blind and confuse. His magic can also be used to dreamwalk - but it's a rare power.
Notes: Jake used to be one of the nine magic gods, and since they're "nine" still... kinda is. But he's been ostracised, as have his followers.
Jake sometimes "curses" people to have strange animal ears and tails, word is that it's a curse for his enemies. Really, he gives them as a gift to his favoured followers.

Daryil, "God" of Debauchery
(also "God" of Shiny Pants)
Symbols: general symbol: Daryil Clan Mark, animal: uhh... fox
Notes: Off-worlder who kind of showed up and declared himself god. Everybody else is trying to ignore him in hopes he will leave. Really swell guy.